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SMS Workflow is another cloud-based text message marketing software designed for small to midsize businesses. The software offers outbound broadcasts, workflow management, scheduling, keyword management and reporting functionalities within the suite. SMS Workflow feature triggered campaigns that allow users to send personalized messages to the customer after they have opted into services… read more
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20 SMS Workflow Alternatives & Similar Software



Mobiniti is an SMS marketing solution designed to helps engaging new and existing customers through drip messages, feedback, mobile coupons, contests and more. It powerful automation tools allow users to schedule campaigns and personalized messages based on the event as well as send time messages after contact join groups.


SendHub is a leading SMS and voice solution designed for all size of businesses. It is quite simple and easy to use the platform, includes all modern features that businesses and organizations need to their online communication.


Pyze is an all-in-one cloud-based SMS marketing solution that relies on artificial and business intelligence to offers multiple tools for analytics, customer experience, segmentation, and text messages. It is known as the world’s best text-based marketing solution that comes with lots of new features, tools, and services.


CallHub is a cloud-based telephony solution with text and voice message services specially created for political campaigns, grassroots advocacy companies and businesses around the world. This marketing solution integrates with modern CRM solution and offers complete phone banking, call center, and SM marketing.


SlickText is a text-based marketing platform that allows enterprises and organization to build and steer traffic to their business through the effects of SMS campaigns. As compared to all the other similar platforms, it is a very user-friendly interface that offers a plethora of text messaging marketing tools and reporting capabilities that is created to give your campaigns a boost.


Zingle is a business text messaging software that allows users to engage their customer in two way such as real-time communication and interaction via text messages. With this solution, businesses can organizations are able to receive and respond to their customer’s requests, queries, and suggestions among others via dedicated telephone numbers or existing landline.


TextMagic is an all-in-one Mobile Marketing software solution for businesses and all of them to send notifications, alerts, and reminders and run SMS marketing campaigns. The mass text-messaging solution also helps businesses grow by offering a range of powerful features that enable sending messages to customers, suppliers and staff members.

Texting Base

Texting Base offers a scalable text messaging marketing solution that comes with scalable package option all the way up to enterprise-level deployment: companies sending 1250 messages per month, all the way up to those sending more than 5 million that can access the system which promotes a spam-free approach in order to reach out within the customer base.


SimpleTexting is a text marketing service designed for all sizes and types of businesses. It comes with a complete toolkit for launching effective SMS marketing campaigns. With this, you can easily create multiple users and use unlimited keywords.


TrueDialog is a cloud-based SMS texting solution for businesses of all sizes. The software assists users in sending both one-to-one as well as bulk messages to customers. It provides special administrative controls for educational institutions, and with these controls, users can easily track and manage multiple conversations, enroll new students, raise awareness for volunteer activities and manage their student database.


Teckst is a cloud-based SMS marketing tool and two-way texting solution designed for contact centers and customer service companies. The software allows users to choose and send messages from a pre-written message database.

Call Loop

Call Loop is an SMS marketing software and voice broadcasting solution for businesses that enables for the effortless creation and sending of marketing SMS, voice broadcasts and alert to contacts. The powerful solution for business enables them to create their own contact lists using different options such as text-to-join keywords, web forms, and integration partners.

Ytel Contact Center

Ytel Contact Center is a comprehensive solution designed to power business communications. Currently, the software offers a contact center module and a communication API application. The ultimate objective of the platform is to help companies of different sizes simplify lead generation and boost sales through the optimized communication options — the start with a very basic level and not trusted by more than 7500 customers in more than 7 countries that make it one of the leading communication software available on the market.


TXTImpact is a cloud-based text messaging marketing solution suitable for multiple sectors such as health care, real estate, educational and institutions, etc. It comes as the alternative to MSG91 and offers all the key features with new tools and services.


TXT180 is a mobile marketing or text marketing solution for businesses of all sizes. The solution allows commercial entities to reach their customers in one go through the SMS and helps create and retain loyal and lasting relationships.


MessageMedia is a business mobile messaging solution provider that allows business to all sizes and industries to deliver and manage SMS text messaging from PC, Web, or API. It provides a range of mobile messaging solutions such as appointment reminders, alerts and notifications, promotions as well as marketing, billing and payments and roistering.

EZ Texting

EZ Texting is an excellent text messaging solution that provides easy to use, self-service mass texting services to thousands of compaines across the US and Canada. The platform specializes in helping local businesses grow and retain their revenue through proactive outreach and engagement.


Textedly is a flexible test messaging marketing solution that comes with lots of new tools and stunning interface. This application assists businesses in reaching their targeted audiences on their mobile phone.


Avochato is a cloud-based text messaging software that is specially designed for sales, marketing, and support teams. The software helps to streamline the operations for business by enabling them to deliver advertisements that offer personalized customer support and coordinate workforce.


MSG91 is an enterprise SMS solution provider that comes to elevate the standard of express SMS services through the world’s best panel and robust mechanism. The platform gives you the power to boost the way your business communicates.

More About SMS Workflow

SMS Workflow is another cloud-based text message marketing software designed for small to midsize businesses. The software offers outbound broadcasts, workflow management, scheduling, keyword management and reporting functionalities within the suite. SMS Workflow feature triggered campaigns that allow users to send personalized messages to the customer after they have opted into services. Users can also roll out offers to opted-in customers. The product also helps users across industries such as field service industries by enabling them to receive referrals while in the field via text message. It also features a workflow design that allows users to pre-qualify leads by sending bulk messages to customers. The input method is via shortcode where the input keyword decides if a lead needs to be qualified. SMS Workflow includes core features such as team inbox, language translation, custom filed, analytics and API, etc. Do try it out, it is an excellent SMS solution.

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