SnapPea Alternatives for Android

#1 Cheetah Sync


Cheetah Sync is a lightweight and convenient app that gives you a chance to combine an envelope on your Android gadget using an organizer on your PC. In the first place, you need to introduce the app on your PC and your Android telephone. At that point, ensure that handset recognizes the PC, and can set up an active association.

Every one of the means in the app is clear, and you need to work with your telephone while leaving the desktop app. Select an envelope from your PC and another from the cell phone, and relegate a name to the recently made undertaking.


#2 AirDroid


AirDroid is a simple to utilize program that empowers clients to get to and deal with their Android telephone or tablet from the PC through a remote connection. This simple project permits you to deal with your Android apps right from your PC. There ought to be a remote association between your Android telephone or tablets, so you can exchange records, read messages, view call rundown, and answer to approaching SMS.

Clients can remotely oversee particular elements of his Android telephone or tablet. For instance, he can exchange documents and organizers from PC to Android or Android to PC. He can likewise see call lists, got messages, missed calls, and answer a short message utilizing the physical console of the PC.

#3 Wondershare MobileGo


Wondershare MobileGo is a dependable and convenient app that can help you to reinforcement or exchange information from your Android mobile phone to the PC and access particular applications to deal with your records effortlessly. To get advantages from Wondershare MobileGo for Android, you need to interface your telephone utilizing their special USB link.

At the point when the product identifies the Android phone, it demonstrates its model name, the variant of Android, and the battery level. The client can get extra points of interest of Android through his PC, much the same as processor sort, screen size, bearer or baseband, accessible memory, and bootloader. Also, you can utilize the application to get a review of its involved space on the gadget and the SD card.