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Sooqr is a powerful site search platform that provides highly relevant results in an instant. Its robustness also aids you in gaining conversation rate for your business to enjoy further growth and expended search. With the help of this application, shoppers can still find the product they are searching for despite spelling errors, that is because the solution has a high error tolerance that still yields appropriate and pertinent results… read more

14 Sooqr Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Datafari

Datafari is a leading open-source enterprise search engine that was released under the Apache License with the multitude of connectors. The solution features a big data architecture that means it can handle a massive volume of information. As such, you can access information wherever they are and no matter how many files the solution has to sift through. Datafari more than just a search solution, it can also act as a content management platform as well as a building block in the creation of third-party products that make it stronger and better than others. The ultimate objective of the solution is to be a search application that is easy to use and is accessible to everyone. To do this, it uses paradigms and algorithms with widespread use among search engines. Because of that, the platform requires no training or familiarization period to be utilized comfortably. Datafari site search ensures you that only those you have authorized can see the information that the results pages bring up. You can make certain of this by integrating your Active Directory or LDAP with the search tool to enforce roles and permissions. Admin interface, connectors, autocorrect, suggestions and semantics these also feature of the solution. Try it out.


2. Hulbee Enterprise Search

Hulbee Enterprise Search is another powerful site search solution that intelligently retrieves information and documents regardless of their source or location. While it does that, the software also ensures the security of your data, and thus, only those with the right roles and permissions can view certain files. As such, you can also confirm the access setting to make certain of the security. With this search system, you can easily access on the web as well as on the internet. The search application assures you that wherever you seek for files, you get highly relevant results, you can also tailor and customize your search in order to adapt to your specification using the API and SDK. Hulbee Enterprise Search is a simple yet powerful search platform and known as the information and file retrieval engine that can source both the internet and the web as well as the organization’s database. Because of its broad indexing abilities, you can cross-search for the knowledge and documents that are most relevant to you, regardless of their format. Unlike Commvault and all the other similar site search platforms, it also includes a key feature such as SDK and API access, fuzzy search, multiple formats, active directory, semantic search and more. There are more than four different price plans are available to use on this platform, each one has its own feature and cost.


3. SearchSpring

SearchSpring is an intelligent site search solution that designed to help e-commerce retailer save time and deliver a seamless shopping experience that increases customer loyalty and boost productivity. The solution comprised of tools for site search and navigation, product discovery, visual merchandising, conversation optimization e-commerce reporting and analytics. It comes with e-commerce site search and navigation feature that simplifies how online shopper looks for the product and items they need regardless of whether they are using a desktop or mobile devices. SearchSpring has a natural language processing capability that automatically interprets and analyzes the semantic construction of every search query. It can also personalize the ways by which online shopper search and navigate through product category listings and pages, tailoring them to their own preference and personal tastes. The solution can gather data related to the activity and behaviour of online shoppers. Users can leverage such data to gain insights into the popular search choirs and terms, top-performing products across the category. As a part of navigation capabilities, the application allows the setting up of various options that can be customized, because the online shopper can sort products using multiple attribute or criteria such as price, size and date etc. SearchSpring also has a list of a core feature that makes it more powerful.


4. Funnelback

Funnelback is a website search software designed for higher educations, government, finance, media and publishing and legal industries. It is a powerful solution and contains all the major tools and services that to deliver the complete and more realistic experience. Funnelback is an innovative search system that solves all the information problems such as simple website search and multi-faceted enterprise search etc. The solution leverages the best of breed machine learning technology to automatically tweak the algorithm of a website thus allow users to search numerous data repositories and files simultaneously. It is ideal for search applications and is typically implemented as an enterprise search or vertical search solution. It presents powerful auditing and advanced analytics that empower users to pinpoint opportunities and problems within the content. As compared to the others, it offers fast and pertinent results, and it can easily be customized to meet the search requirements of any organization. Some of the notable features of this site search solution include tunable ranking algorithm, flexible results, app development, metadata quality reporting, content optimizer, SEO and document level security.


5. Dieselpoint

Dieselpoint is a leading enterprise search software that combines the power of advanced full search and data navigation capability. It is a powerful, robust search and navigation solution that allows users to visualize corporate content including document collection, document database and XML. The solution also allows businesses to endow their end user not only to search for information but also to traverse it intelligently. It integrates advanced search with guided browsing to lay the foundation for next-generation information access. Dieselpoint is a powerful solution that performs beyond the limitations of traditional search software to ignite endless search possibilities. The search engine was originally built to process engineered industrial product data but has developed into the more reliable solution, especially query features such as full-text search, auto indexer and web server. It comes as the alternative to Commvault but introduces lots of new features that make it better than others. Dieselpoint most prominent features include auto indexer, analysis, application development and administration, special query feature and much more. It is a commercial platform and has different price plans; each plan has its own features and cost.


6. Varonis DatAnswers

Varonis DatAnswers is a leading enterprise search and discovery platform that deliver secure and relevant searches for authorized NAS, Windows files servers and share point users. It is an alternative to Commvault and offers and major tools and services. The solution provides efficient and secure search capabilities for human generated content, with minimal infrastructure requirements. Unlike all the other site engine, it also uses metadata to understand the relationships between data and people, profile access activity and behaviour, and predict incorrect permissions. With Varonis DatAnswers, the user can enjoy extensive search experience as the system delivers highly relevant search result while protecting or sensitive content and efficiently indexing standard hardware. The application is also best for those companies who want to boost their productivity and expand their business by engaging more customers. Varonis DatAnswers includes a prominent feature such as accurate and relevant search, easily integrate with DatAnwers, customizable rules and much more. Do try it out, it is an excellent search engine for your site.


7. SearchBlox

SearchBlox is a simple and affordable enterprise search, analysis and content analytics solution that revolutionizes how companies, businesses and departments find information and content around different source and infrastructure and make them accessible for clients to capture and understand. The solution is considered as a viable alternative to Google Search Appliance, an appliance-based search program used by organizations to search for locally stored documents. It can quickly, and security deployed on-premises or in the cloud, supporting both public and privately searches. SearchBlox delivers fast, agile and content from websites, database, wikis, portals and event from custom generated contents. The solution use crawler which scans, reads and collects information and content from the website and other sources so users will be able to index up-to-date information and content and deliver all the relevant search results. It also introduces some advanced technology tools, which is used to collect information from surveys, reviews, emails and social media platforms. Unlike other solutions, it also includes prominent features such as enterprise search, cloud search, flexible crawler, automated metadata indexing, text analytics and more. Do try it out, it is a modern search engine for all kind of sites.


8. Wiser Search

Wiser Search for Lightspeed is a robust software created to provide reliable search functionality for e-commerce website owners. It is a lightweight and fast search plugin that gives web shop owners the possibility to deliver clear and fast results to all customers. The plugin allows customers to filter search results intently to find the product they are looking for fast. Wiser Search provides complete control of your search engine and permits you to filter and sort products from inside the personal configuration mode. It’s easy to install application provides a simple API in order to streamline the integration of the search base into the webshop for unprecedented flexibility. The platform adds scripts to your Lightspeed webshop to index product and content automatically. As compared to all the other similar site search it is highly responsive and is built to adapt to the display size of the device used to search products by the customer. The solution has customizable search widgets that make it better than others. Wiser Search (lightspeed e-commerce) also includes core features such as fast searching, intelligent filer, beautiful search layers and more.


9. Unbxd Commerce Search

Unbxd Commerce Search is a smart site search solution that is specially designed for e-commerce websites and online stores to dramatically improve their conversation rates and boost their revenues by providing visitors, browser and online shoppers with search results that are both highly relevant and extremely personalized. The solution is created with machine learning capabilities that allow it to automatically understand the shopper’s intent and deliver contextually relevant search results. Unbxd’s visual guide auto suggest capability predict visitor’s purpose and display images of products that the visitor will be likely interested in. It is a simple and complete e-commerce search solution that comes with all the major tools and services such as merchandising workbench, predictive analytics, optimized for mobile device and more. Unbxd is a commercial solution and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


10. Commvault

Commvault is a site search platform that helps legal or compliance officers and corresponding end users to explore and retrieve files and email across different applications, storage devices and computers. It is a major part of data of Commvault data protection and information management software’s product suite; the site search solution reduces security risk and exposure using the central integrated system for both internal enterprise search and external eDiscovery. The information can be accessed more rapidly and easily from the platform’s intuitive virtual repository. There is a cloud-hosted option that provides access to users anytime anywhere they need to as long as their device is connected to the internet. Information searched by this module is stored in the central, accessible repository. It’s deployment options allow users to choose which work better for their sites search requirement and a web-based system that can conveniently be accessed via any web-enabled device. One of the best features of this platform is that it has a unique backup and recovery system that easily merge the platform’s eDiscovery and functionates. Even those who have not been indexing data can use the application to return at any point in time. They can then automatically index all enterprise data in order to help organizations be more search ready and eDiscovery-prepared. Overall, Commvault is a complete site search solution as compared to the others.


11. FACT-Finder

FACT-Finder is a comprehensive suite of on-site search, navigation, and merchandising solutions that are created by Omikron Data Quality GmbH, especially for eCommerce businesses. It is a powerful solution that boasts an industry-leading and error-tolerant conversion engine. The solutions are known as undoubtedly one of the most popular onsite search solutions for small online businesses across Europe. The best fact about this platform is that it integrates seamlessly with the underlying eCommerce platforms in order to support cross-channel strategy as well as ultimately increase sales. FACT-Finder is a robust solution and comes with features that support different specialties, including onsite search, faceted navigation, guided selling, personalization, and omnichannel and multichannel support that make it better than others. There is also has a powerful recommendation engine that also helps to boost their sales by suggesting new products. FACT-Finder core feature includes campaign manager, guided selling, personalization, customer service desk, onsite search, and predictive basket, etc. It is a commercial tool and offer multiple plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


12. Google Cloud Search

Google Cloud Search is one of the most popular and market-leading search solution used by organizations and business professionals in several industries in order to easily search data and content across the G Suite products that they are using which include Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Google Calendar, etc. The best thing about this solution is that it is a component of G Suite’s Business and Enterprise editions that utilizes the powerful search capabilities of Google, helping users to quickly enter queries, view search and look for answers and content that are relevant to their questions. Whether the users are searching for specific documents, emails, events, or business directory profiles the solution help to access what they are looking for quickly. The great fact about Google Cloud Search is that it is equipped with assist cards that allow users to retrieve recent files that they previously worked on as well as continue working on them and keep track of their schedules, meetings, or events. In terms of searching contacts, it also permits users to reach out to the people that they are searching for as soon as the solution delivers their profile. In order to make it a professional tool, it offers a mobile app that makes it easy to find content and details from any location. Get help with files, meeting cards, protect your privacy, search operators, view search result, customize search queries, and find and contact people these are also key features of the solution.


13. Coveo

Coveo is a simple yet powerful site search and indexing software solution that is designed for business services, financial, high tech, media, manufacturing, and telecommunications industries. It is an AI-powered solution that consolidates detail repositories securely around numerous social, enterprise, and cloud-based platforms. This site search solution ensures that all employees, corporate clients, and partners can access applicable information with context at each interaction that helps organizations to deliver a custom-made experience at scale. As compared to all the other similar solutions, Coveo is more powerful information consolidation solution that delivers fast, secure, and global access to regulated and unregulated details in multiple systems throughout the business. Also, the software has one of the strongest strategic partnership with most of the leading system integrators and vendors. For instance, its seamless integration with Salesforce and Sitecore that makes it easy for mutual customers to achieve optimal value. Coveo also includes core feature such as admin experience, connectivity, usage analytic, JavaScript user-interface, text analytics, indexing, full search page, and query engine, etc.


14. Apache Lucene

Apache Lucene is a powerful and feature-rich text search engine library that is uniquely created to empower mobile apps, solutions, and websites, with search capabilities so they can provide a seamless search experience. It is an official part of an open-source project that is initiated by Apache Software Foundation and its community of open-source platform developers that are committed to designing and enhancing innovative technologies. The platform comes with all the leading features and tools in order to make it perfect solution all kind of businesses. It is written in Java, and its functions as an indexing and search technology enable the execution of full-text search capabilities and efficient indexing processes on apps and websites that are running on several platforms. One of the most interesting facts about this platform is that it is equipped with search algorithms that ensure that application users and site visitors are able to quickly find the exact content that they are looking for, permitting users to allow and support multiple types of search queries, rank and group results, use fielded searching, and much more more. Apache Lucene also using the Apache License, an open-source license that enables users to use and modify as well as distribute the software for business purposes or development projects. It also includes core feature such as result grouping, easy to understand, powerful and accurate result, ranked searching, multiple index searching and configurable storage engine, etc. Apache Lucene is cross-platform, and you can enjoy it anywhere around the world.

More About Sooqr

Sooqr is a powerful site search platform that provides highly relevant results in an instant. Its robustness also aids you in gaining conversation rate for your business to enjoy further growth and expended search. With the help of this application, shoppers can still find the product they are searching for despite spelling errors, that is because the solution has a high error tolerance that still yields appropriate and pertinent results. In addition, to get better longer, a user employs the search engine to look for shop items. The site search tools in an intelligent one that integrates machine learning in order to provide better and more appropriate merchandise options. Sooqr introduces a new result list control feature that offers more control over the search results, and you can alter the rules in your administrative page. You only have to tell the engine what products you want to highlight and they are automatically bumped to the results lists in the next search process. The solution also includes core features such as error tolerance, facets and filters, sorting, multiple views, site search metrics and more. If you are looking for a powerful search engine for your site then try it out, it is specially made for you.

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