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SpeedFan is a system monitor program for MS Windows that is used for reading temperatures, voltages and fan speeds of computer components. The advantage of using SpeedFan is that it is capable in changing fan speeds depending on the temperature of different components… read more

12 SpeedFan Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Fan Control

Fan Control is a fan speed manager for Mac Books for monitoring the performance of Mac OS X. Fan Control is a free and hassle-free fan speed manager for Mac. By using Fan Control the users of Mac OS X operating systems can get and instant access to the voltage being used by the Mac’s Fan, their temperature, hardware position and many other ancillary services for free. It is a way of getting full control over the Fan by monitoring its positions and temperatures. If you examine that your Mac Fan is running at very high speed or it is running hot then give the Fan Control a chance and then it will make you able to control the voltages, temperature, and speed of your Mac Fan. It is an application that automatically adjust the hardware settings of the Mac Fan and then lets the users adjust the Fan speed according to the CPU temperature. Automatic and manual speed, both are the part of the setting of the Fan Control. Base speed, lower threshold, and upper threshold all are possible in the Fan Control.


2. Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware Monitor is a core temperature and fan speed manager application to check what is going on in your system. Open Hardware Monitor can be used for temperature monitoring, fan speed managing, fan voltage checking, etc. It is basically a multipurpose and multifunctional temperature and fan speed control that tells about the temperature sensors, voltages being used, CPU temperatures, fan speed, load and clock speeds of the system and many other functions. The best about Open Hardware Monitor is that it is highly compatible with all modern hardware that’s why it can control the activities of all type of system hardware. It utilizes the technologies of S.M.A.R.T to provide an in-depth detail to the users about their system hardware performance. Either it is AMD processor, Intel processor or anything else, all will be intelligently monitored by the Open Hardware Monitor. After monitoring all values of hardware, Open Hardware Monitor will display all in the shape of the main window where there will be complete detail about the fans, upper front, lower front, upper back, voltages, temperature and many other important data that I important for maintaining the best performance of the systems hardware.


3. smcFanControl

smcFanControl is specially designed for Mac Books for controlling the speed and temperature of Mac’s fan for keeping it cooler and normal. By using smcFanControl, users can set a minimum speed for the built-in fans of Mac Books. By using smcFanControl, Mac users can get full control over the speed and temperature of their Mac fans from stopping it running in hot condition. The users of Mac can control the speed of the fan to keep the internal environment of their machine cool and smooth. However, there is only one drawback of using the smcFanControl and that is if you want to set the minimum speed for your Mac then maybe you would not be able to do if the speed being set by you is minimum them the default standard set by the Apple for its Mac OS X operating systems. The problems of wrong temperature displays and no changing of fan speed in prescribed limits that were common in the previous versions of the smcFanControl have been now successfully fixed in the latest version of smcFanControl. The users can now enjoy the maximum benefit of the smcFanControl as it is highly compatible with the default factory setting of the fan.


4. SSD Fan Control

Sometimes Mac users have to heavily rely on the external hardware system in order to control and monitor the performance of the fan of the Mac. There is also an application named SSD Fan Control that provides the Mac users the features and functions of fixing the noise issues, provides a full control & management over the speed and performance of the fan, highly configurable & adjustable with the internal hardware components, supports the SMART temperature information and best above all that SSD Fan Control is totally free. SSD Fan Control is based on the system of SMC system that basically collects the data by reading the internal hardware components of the Mac and then provides all details to the users regarding temperature and speed. It lets the users to automatically and manually configure the fan speed. Moreover, it runs in the background and controls the entire fan management. Whenever any setting is made in the system, SSD Fan Control automatically adjust the fan settings according to the new settings. The users can also automatically find the noisy fan and control the fan in the SMART or Manual mode. So, install the SSD Fan Control and enjoy the silence in your device.


5. Lubbo’s MacBook Pro Fan Control

Lubbo’s MacBook Pro Fan Control is for monitoring Mac hardware especially its fan. By using Lubbo’s MacBook Pro Fan Control, users can set minimum and the maximum speed of the Mac’s fan. Two fans at a time can be controlled by Lubbo’s MacBook Pro Fan Control. Lubbo’s MacBook Pro Fan Control make it easy and simple for the Mac OS X users to adjust the fan speed according to the GPU and CPU temperature of the system and in that’s why it align all hardware components of the system. However, it better works with those Mac OS X systems that contain NVIDIA GPU. The other users can also test the software but the smooth working of application is not guaranteed. Lubbo’s MacBook Pro Fan Control is highly compatible with the MacBook Pro Unibody, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. In all these version, it is doing well by allowing the users to control even two fans at a time. Lubbo’s MacBook Pro Fan Control lets the Mac users to adjust the speed of their Mac fan according to the temperature of GPU and CPU and in that’s way it actually ensures the same working level among all hardware components. Moreover, it generates he reports as well about the performance of the system.


6. xScan

xScan is an application for viewing the behavior of your computer and Mac. It is for checking the health of PC. It is for checking the performance of the processor, memory, network and other hardware of the system including fan and battery. It keeps an eye over the component of the system to ensure that everything is going on best. If you are looking for an application using which you should be able to control the various components of Mac and their performance then xScan will never let you down in all these situations. It will provide you an in depth detail of all of the hardware component including fan speed. There are many advantages and disadvantages of using xScan. The main benefits that are the part of this application are the pack of one dozen different widget that is about the different components of the system and regarding their controls. Then there is the recording alert system in all these. The users can arrange the widget according to their own requirements. However, if talk about the alarm system in an emergency situation then this must have feature is lacking in xScan.


7. Argus Monitor

Argus Monitor is for monitoring and analyzing the temperature and the health status of the hardware parts of the system. A program that is based on the attributes of S.M.A.R.T. Argus Monitor is the best one alternative to Fan Control. The advanced features of Argus Monitor are not restricted to only few hardware only. It is an application that is considered as the doctor of the entire operating system. That is the best quality of Argus Monitor that it keeps an eye over all hardware components of the system including the fan. The main technical features of Argus Monitor are monitoring of hard disk drive temperatures, utilization of S.M.A.R.T technologies to monitor the performance, warning system in case of emergency, graphical display of reports about system health, control fan speed, show the speed of system fans, compatible with modern ATI-AMD and NVIDIA graphic cards and control their fan speed as well, monitor the hardware components, overall analyzing of the system temperature and voltages and much more. In short, Argus Monitor can be said as a multipurpose and multifunctional system monitoring tool that can be used in any case. From controlling speed to monitoring the activities of the internal component, Argus Monitor provided the best monitoring and setting performance.


8. iMac HDD Fan Control

iMac HDD Fan Control is an HDD fan control for the Mac operating systems by using which the Mac users can control the speed and noise of the fan of the Mac. iMac HDD Fan Control basically provides a full control to the users over the fan of their Mac operating systems. By using this, the users can ensure that the fan is not always running at the high speed. It basically adjusts the speed of the fan according to the internal temperature of the internal components of the machine. It will never modify the settings of the internal hardware, in fact, it will automatically adjust its settings with the internal hardware structures. In addition to working as a fan control, iMac HDD Fan Control also protects the disks and drives from overheating. The main advantage of using iMac HDD Fan Control is that it works with all type of SSDs and HDDs. If your fan is creating a lot of noise or got overheated within few minutes of running then here is the iMac HDD Fan Control that will make it sure for you that you will never go again temperature sensor or cable to fully control your fan. The intuitive features of iMac HDD Fan Control are controls hard drive fan speed directly, adjust fan speed according to the hard drive temperature, runs at startup, status bar monitor, custom temperature setting and much more.


9. Macs Fan Control

Macs Fan Control is an iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini and Mac Pro fan control that is the solution of two basic issues namely noise problems and overheating problems. Something it happens that the after replacing the HDD, the fan of the Mac start to create noise or roaring then Macs Fan Control is a free solution that will automatically eradicate both of this issues. Macs Fan Control provides the users a comprehensive mechanism to control the fan speed by setting any contrast value of any Mac fan. The users can also control the fan speed that has direct relation with the temperature sensors or third party HDD. In short, Macs Fan Control can be said as fan controlling and management application that in addition to working independently, also integrates itself with the other hardware components of the system as well. It is important to note here that Macs Fan Control is only for the high and serious Mac users who want to control the fan speed without harming their Macs. The other features that are the part of the Macs Fan Control are real-time monitoring & reporting, display of tray icon, running in the background, and compatible with Windows versions as well, available in over thirty international languages, etc.


10. TG Pro

TG Pro is basically a tuner for the Mac OS X that provides the in-depth analysis of the Mac system regarding fan position, fan controlling, fan monitoring and detailed internal temperatures. TG Pro is an application that provides the Mac users with an opportunity to peek into their Mac operating systems to check for what it is going on in their system. The best about TG Pro is that it always displays the detailed temperature sensors and is integrated with various options regarding controlling fans speeds and displaying notifications. By using this application, the Mac users in addition to knowing about the performance of the Mac can check for which internal hardware is getting hot or potentially overheating. In the case of undesired noise or overheating, simply on the TG Pro and it will automatically cool down the speeds of the fan and other internal hardware components. Moreover, this application is also integrated with various other fantastic features as well in which most prominent is the alert and warning system in case of high temperature and potentially overheating of the fan. The features that are the part of the recent version of the TG Pro are monitoring the current & maximum recorded temperature & speed, control the fan speed, auto boost system, manual control system, notification system, monitoring of remote servers, built-in diagnostics system, log all reports in a CSV file, run in the background and compatible with all version of Mac.


11. Temperature Gauge

For those who care about their Mac are highly advised to use the Temperature Gauge to control the speed and temperature of their Mac OS X operating systems. If you are looking for a highly customized fan control application then here is the Temperature Gauge that gives the users a full command and control over the speed and temperature of their system. Temperature Gauge is a fan and temperature controlling application that basically monitor and generate the reports over the internal hardware temperature and fan speeds inside of the Mac. The best about Temperature Gauge is that it never slow down the performance of the system despite the fact that it runs in the background. All information will be displayed in the menu bar. Moreover, the users will be provided with two options of viewing the temperature either in Fahrenheit of Celsius for every temperature hardware and sensor in the system. The users can also monitor the current, minimum and maximum speed of the fan in the Mac and can also manually set the values for the same as well. In the case of hot or potentially very hot temperature, it displays the notification on the screen in addition to normally giving the status of good or bad temperature situation. Moreover, Temperature Gauge is fully compatible with all Mac OS X operating systems.


12. iStat Menus

iStat Menus is for monitoring the performance of the internal component of the system right from the menubar. The best about iStat Menus is that it provides its monitoring and controlling services in entire components of the Mac. Either it is about controlling and monitoring the fan speed, disk usage, CPU performance, RAM situation, network situation, component temperatures, Bluetooth functionality and anything else, iStat Menus is a multipurpose and multifunctional tool to perform all kind of activities. So, iStat Menus can be said as Mac performance monitoring application rather than saying as the fan speed controlling application as its function is not limited to controlling and adjusting the speed of the Mac fan only. In addition to performing simple and easy tasks, iStat Menus is an application that provides the comprehensive reports over the internal situation of the system components and makes it easy for the users to know what is going on in the internal structure of their Mac. It is not ended here; iStat Menus is highly compatible with all models of Mac OS X from old to the latest one, so there will raise no compatibility issues whenever you will try to use the iStat Menus for your Mac OS X operating system.

More About SpeedFan

SpeedFan is a system monitor program for MS Windows that is used for reading temperatures, voltages and fan speeds of computer components. The advantage of using SpeedFan is that it is capable in changing fan speeds depending on the temperature of different components. If you think that your system fan is making too much noise then here is the solution for that in a shape of SpeedFan. SpeedFan basically works as a software for monitoring and analyzing the voltages being used by the system components, individual temperatures of all system hardware parts, fan speed and many other important issues that are otherwise often overlooked by the users. The best about SpeedFan is that it also operate for checking the hard disk temperatures as well to maintain the good health of the hard disk. SpeedFan provides a digital access to the users over their all hardware components; they can change fan speed according to the temperature of the system and thus can minimize the noise as well. When for the first time you will install this application it will automatically collaborate with the digital sensors of the system by which it will monitor the activities of all components. The users can then set the parameter for low and high fan speed depending upon the situation.

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