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Speedof.me is an HTML5-based speed test that is lightweight and intended to repeat true perusing and downloading conditions by asking for a progression of documents in expanding the size and recording the speed of which they’re downloaded. Not just does the site show a diagram of paces accomplished continuously, additionally permits you to track your outcomes against past tests… read more
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12 Speedof.me Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Speakeasy Speed Test

Not at all like numerous speed testing destinations out there, Speakeasy concentrates on American servers just and requires that Adobe Flash be introduced and running for the test to begin. This dispenses with the utilization of Speakeasy for stages that don’t bolster Adobe Flash innovation. That being said, this is an administration that is more straightforward to explore and perform on contrasted with others out there. The format, choices and steps are a great deal, not so much confounding but rather clearer so you can better comprehend the consequences of the speed test gave by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Concentrating on four primary procedures amid testing – line speed, download speed, upload speed and percentage completion – Speakeasy permits you to remain avant-garde amid and after your broadband testing. Beginning with the percentage completion, they allow you to stay overhauled in advance as it goes through the testing schedules of your gadget from starting to the end utilizing the typical 0–100% setup. Their Upload Speed and Download Speed Test, both measured in Mbps (Megabits every second), perform in inverse techniques. This being said Speakeasy is a highly basic rendition of numerous other speed tests on the web. Requiring just Adobe Flash usefulness and having you pick the server nearest to you for the test physically, it gives a report of the information accumulated all through the test that you can download in a CSV spreadsheet organization to contrast past and future tests with a guarantee that you can ultimately use your ISP’s data transfer capacity.


2. TestMy.net

In case you’re searching for a test that offers a greater number of information than the normal speed locate, TestMy.net runs a progression of tests and gives a ton of valuable examination information. There are separate choices for both download and transfer tests, so make certain to attempt them both. At the point when it’s set, the outcomes demonstrate your speed as evaluated against other late clients, so you can get a smart thought of where you stand. It likewise shows a diagram with your connection after some time, so you can check whether you experienced difficulty managing a decent connection the entire time. On the off chance that these numbers are somewhat new to you, there’s additionally a lot of documentation and straightforward aides that can help you better recognize what the issue is with your web connection. Check the download transfer speed of your Internet connection. Substantial tests, irregular information and no outsider applications guarantee exact connection testing. Check the transfer transmission capacity speed of your Internet connection utilizing a similar program shape accommodation transfer that famous locales like YouTube use. Benchmark Internet connection data transfer capacity consequently. The programmed speed test is a simple approach to ensure your supplier is conveying what you’re paying for.


3. MySpeed Visualware

VisualWare’s MySpeed web test isn’t the meaning of easy to understand, yet it is an efficient, quick, and point by point device for more than simply measuring how quick you can download that new computer game or stream a film. The test gives an extensive variety of information excluded in different tests recorded here, including system consistency rates, inactivity, jitter, round outing time, TCP settings, and even room for giving and take for its planning, so you know whether information didn’t exactly get recorded efficiently. Myspeed’s site additionally permits you to check for system execution given various assignments, such as utilizing VOIP and video benefits or to check for firewall settings and potential issues. While this is incredible for expert testing in distinct zones, Visualware is demonstrating its age a bit, and won’t chip away at a few programs like Chrome. Visualware is in an exciting position and contending in the $3.0 billion Network Application and Performance Assessment showcase with 15% compound yearly development rate (CAGR) and as of now the one and only in the business that offers this basic system appraisal apparatus. It gives equipment, programming and cloud arrangements and with its innovation stage measures an application’s information stream while segregating the center system issues that upset a positive UX.


4. Bandwidth Place

Bandwidth Place HTML5 speed test innovation permits you to test your data transmission on any PC, portable PC, telephone, tablet, or “phablet” without redesigning your program, downloading a different versatile application or introducing Flash. Rather than downloading an extensive record to add a different versatile speed test application, just bookmark Bandwidth Place to check the speed of your home or work ISP, rapid information plan or WiFi hotspots. Whether you are trying your broadband at home, at work, or on your tablet or cell phone – just get to Bandwidth Place. Next, you will see that the speed test and site naturally identify your gadget and your screen estimate. Tap on “begin” and the speed test will run. Checking and dealing with your broadband connection is that simple! It prescribes testing your Internet speed as often as possible to gauge the data transfer capacity you are getting at various times. Have a go at utilizing the diverse servers to perceive how your data transfer capacity executes as it goes to fluctuating areas that host the sites you visit. On the off chance that you are running applications, or gushing more broadband than you have on your present arrangement, consider overhauling or taking a gander at different choices. You should simply tap the beginning catch and unwind. Bandwidth Place will do a test for your download and also transfer speed. Amid the test, the speed will be shown on a simple speedometer. Once the tests are finished, you will see the paces your transfer speed connection has for downloads and transfers in KBPS or MBPS.


5. Speedtest.net

Speedtest.net is a web administration that gives free examination of Internet gets to execution measurements, for example, connection information rate and inactivity. The administration measures the data transfer capacity (speed), and inactivity of a guest’s Internet connection against one of 4,759 topographically scattered servers situated the world over. Every test measures the information rate for the downloaded course, i.e. from the server to the client PC, and the transfer data rate, i.e. from the client’s PC to the server. The tests are performed on the client’s web program or applications. Tests were already performed utilizing the HTTP convention at Layer 7 of the OSI show. To advance enhance exactness, Speedtest.net now performs tests using direct TCP attachments and utilizations a custom protocol for correspondence amongst servers and customers. The site additionally offers nitty gritty measurements in light of test outcomes. Various productions have utilized this information as a part of the investigation of Internet get to data rates the world over. The Ookla Speed Test additionally has an apparatus called “My Results” which lets you graphically look at your transfer and download speeds and also the various servers you have tried. Clients who have been through numerous network access suppliers, or that have more than one, may discover esteem in this instrument and could utilize it to pick the most useful.


6. Fast.com

Fundamentally, it’s a disentangled speed test site that exclusive spotlights on download speed – as this is the metric that decides your video quality. The objective of the site is to help you make sense of who’s at fault when you have an issue with your Netflix connection. It won’t be Netflix’s blame, yet rather your ISP backing things off. The site itself is extremely fundamental. When you dispatch the website page, it quickly starts running a test. There’s nothing to try and snap. The numbers increase in the dark while the test is in progress then turned into a strong dark when it finishes. Not at all like other speed test locales on the web, is Netflix’s website not covered with advertisements to deface the experience. On the site, you can likewise click a connection that gives you a chance to contrast your speed with Speedtest.net. Apparently, different sites are better for the individuals who need to comprehend their connection speeds, as they can give the capacity to choose a server, and in addition see download and transfer rates, pings, and the sky is the limit from there. Fast.com is an easy-to-utilize route for purchasers to test what speed their ISP is giving. It is not a system specialist’s investigation and demonstrative speed test suite. To ascertain the download speed, Fast.com plays out a progression of downloads from Netflix servers. On the off chance that outcomes from Fast.com and other web speed tests regularly demonstrate less speed than you have paid for, you can get some information about the outcomes.


7. nPerf

nPerf qualify your web connection’s exhibitions precisely. This speed test depends on a restrictive calculation permitting you to gauge precisely download bitrate, transfer bitrate, and idleness of your connection. nPerf utilizes overall devoted servers arrange, which is enhanced to convey enough bitrate to soak your connection, with the goal that we can gauge its bitrate precisely. nPerf is perfect with all broadband and portable connections: ADSL, VDSL, link, optical fiber FTTH/FTTB, satellite, WiFi, WiMAX, cell 2G/3G/4G (LTE). nPerf Speed Test is an application that gives you a chance to test your Internet speed in only two minutes or somewhere in the vicinity. In that time you can do an exchange test, a perusing speed test, and a spilling quality test. The application first checks the greatest transfer and downloads speed of your Internet connection. After that it checks the perusing speed, perceiving how quick you open website pages like Google, Facebook, and Wikipedia. At last, by opening a YouTube video, it checks the gushing velocity at various video qualities. After all that, nPerf Speed Test gives you a chance to spare the outcomes, so you can contrast them and those of different clients, and check contrasts between administration suppliers. nPerf Speed Test is a fantastic approach to check on the off chance that you have the Internet speed you ought to have. It does not just offer intensive data right away; it additionally gives you the opportunity to spare the outcomes.


8. OpenSpeedTest

OpenSpeedTest is a cross-stage web speed test application. So you can test your web speed in different web programs inside various working frameworks without introducing any extra applications or modules (no flash or java need!). That implies you can run a broadband speed test through any gadget, for example, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Linux, and so forth. (any desktop, laptop, mobile and tablets). At the point when contrasting openspeedtest.com and other speed test website it is utilizing the most up to date innovation accessible for testing your web speed. This application is intended for testing any kind of connection speed from 1 Kbps to 1 Gbps+. Its calculation naturally recognizes the steady connection speed by running a few document download and transfer demands from your web program itself. Openspeedtest.com is sufficiently shrewd to discover your web speed more precisely than any time in recent memory, its new calculation is fit for selecting the best server for you and run a speed test for you and that server. You don’t need to do anything, simply click begin speed test catch and sit tight a few moments for the last results. Every broadband administrator has distinctive arrangements they gives diverse speed. Some of them give steady and stable speed; some of them give great speed at beginning and it drops down to a low stable speed. Most time Unlimited connection having this issue your download begins at fast, however following a few moments it will come down to a low speed yet that is steady. Openspeedtest.com is intended for identifying your steady speed not your top speed. Remember most data transmission requesting applications require stable speed. For instance, consider YouTube on the off chance that you have great top speed and a low, stable speed your video playback begins buffering after a couple seconds.Openspeedtest.com is 100% web program based speed test applications so our test will help you to choose a decent program for speedier web perusing.


9. Speed.io

Speed.io is a current DSL speed test to break down your broadband web gets to. On the off chance that you find that your web connection is too moderate or you are simply inquisitive how quick it truly is – speed.io is a flawless instrument for a quick speed check – around the world. Speed.io measures your present web speed to the server nearest to you. We test your download, transfer, and connection. All tests are performed inside your program over HTTP (TCP) and require no further programming other than a more up to date program with enacted Flash. You can test all sort of connections (LTE, UMTS, GPRS, ISDN, DSL, VDSL or link). The speed test from Speed.io lets you know exactly how quick your connection is in today’s advanced age, the quality and speed of your web connection is a vital piece of expert and private life. Whether broadband, fiber, 3G, HSPA or 4G, the speed test from speed.io tests your connection, permitting you to check regardless of whether your supplier is giving you the administration you’re paying for. The speed test is additionally valuable for the individuals who need to analyze web bundles. Equipped with the test comes about because of your speed test, you can streamline your connection and get the most out of your online experience. The speed test gives you the devices you have to run the test altogether in your program. All you need is a Flash module—Speedtest deals with all the rest. Essentially guarantee that your PC or cell phone/tablet is connected to the web either specifically using a switch with a system link or using a WiFi system and press the beginning catch on the speed.io site. The test program then sets up a connection with three close-by servers and measures the speed of your broadband/fiber/remote connection.


10. MyConnection PC

MyConnection PC or MCPC plays out a scope of critical connection tests to give a point by point execution investigation of a system connection. MCPC bolsters computerized testing to distinguish blockage, over membership and other discontinuous system issues. Connection tests are performed to servers in the US and UK. The new MyConnection PC Quality Speed Test exceptionally measures bundle stream and parcel wellbeing to distinguish connection mistakes that cause moderate throughput bringing about a poor client encounter. The apparatuses menu offers you access to the intermediary settings, which empower you to set up a server through which to reroute your connections, alongside its port and login qualifications. Be that as it may, by doing as such you may bring about the application to yield mistaken results and show off base information about your connection speed. In spite of the fact that the quantity of elements is seriously constrained, MyConnection PC Lite Edition displays a better than average measure of data about your download and transfer speed, and in addition a couple of other little points of interest. On account of the instinctive UI, the application can be a decent decision for those of you who are searching for a lightweight answer for keep an eye on your Internet connection speeds.


11. DownTester

DownTester permits you to effortlessly test your Internet download speed in numerous areas around the globe. It consequently tests the download speed of the URLs that you pick, in a steady progression. It moves to the following download URL after the predetermined number of seconds has been slipped by or after it downloads the predefined measure of KB – simply as per your inclinations. The establishment operation takes little time and negligible exertion. To the extent the GUI is concerned, DownTester chooses an established window with a perfectly sorted out structure. It is conceivable to debilitate chose downloads, send out information to petition for nearer examination (TXT, HTML, XML, CSV), utilize an inquiry capacity when managing a lot of information, and additionally to design propelled choices with regards to as far as possible, connection timeout, FTP downloads mode, and others. The device is undemanding with regards to CPU and memory, so it doesn’t concern the machine’s general execution. There was no sort of issues all through our assessment, as it didn’t hang crash or appear blunder messages. All in all, DownTester conveys a basic strategy to testing download speeds for connections, and it can be effortlessly made sense of.


12. CloudCheck

Tired of web video streaming and downloading, ceasing, and just generally not working? Don’t know where the bottleneck in your connection is? Try not to need to invest hours on the phone with your web internet supplier attempting to alter it? Cloudcheck is your client benefit specialist to help you analyze and cure your network issues. Cloudcheck arms you with noteworthy data about your web connection and gives suggestions to enhance your experience without squandering hours on the telephone with client benefit/bolster. Cloudcheck dissects the connections inside your Wi-Fi and broadband administration supplier arrange, utilizing methods that the world’s biggest administration suppliers trust. Utilizing the Wi-Fi Speed Scan highlight of the application Cloudcheck additionally finds the quickest and slowest Wi-Fi areas in a room so you can streamline your Wi-Fi router as well as associated gadgets and accomplish ideal execution. It is simply the best option to check the health status of your internet speed.

More About Speedof.me

Speedof.me is an HTML5-based speed test that is lightweight and intended to repeat true perusing and downloading conditions by asking for a progression of documents in expanding the size and recording the speed of which they’re downloaded. Not just does the site show a diagram of paces accomplished continuously, additionally permits you to track your outcomes against past tests. Instead of selecting an area, the site computes the speediest and most solid server from 59 available servers, and all documents are downloaded and transferred in sequence–rather than simultaneously–to emulate genuine web perusing conditions. At the point when the download test is finished, the comparable incremental system will be utilized to send back information to Speedof.me test server. The transfer test begins with a littler example record and will bite by bit increment until it takes over 8 seconds to transfer a specimen document. With a specific end goal to ensure that your Internet connection is tried altogether, Speedof.me tests your transfer speed in a few passes. Test document sizes increment bit by bit until it takes longer than eight seconds to download the specimen record. Therefore, Speedof.me dissimilar to other speed tests can quantify connection speeds in a wide range. From a moderate 10 Kbps Mobile GPRS to a quick 100 Mbps link client (or much higher) naturally. If you are behind an intermediary server or firewall, you may encounter issues with transfer test. It may not function admirably, or it might give you incorrect results. In these cases, you ought to utilize another program as various programs respond diversely in regards to this issue.