Spongebob SquarePants: Diner Dash

Spongebob SquarePants: Diner Dash is a Management, Cooking Simulation, Role-Playing, and Single-player video game arranged by Playfirst. The theme of this edition is to play the role of hotel manager at Mr. Krab’s Foo chain startup and your job would be to keep all the customers served in a better way. There are a number of challenges over here as some foods are available for the customers but some of the clients may want a different taste. Start making an order queue from each of the tables, and start providing delicious meals to the starving customers.

During the gameplay, all you need to do is a touch over the table, make the list of the foods, and put on the order in the kitchen, show some professionalism but enjoy all the way through the management. Various characters such as Sandy Cheeks, Squidward, and Patrick are the famous characters to be discussed along with other features like hand-drawn avatars, easy to control, multiple foods, and plenty of objectives are also available.


Spongebob SquarePants: Diner Dash Alternatives

#1 Cooking Frenzy


Cooking Frenzy lets you feel the cooking fever and embrace the joy of cooking if you want to manage your restaurant and get to know how to cook and serve right using your cell phones and tablets. Cooking Frenzy – A Serve and Collect Cooking Game lets you get relaxing yet fast-paced cooking to enjoy a mix of popular collecting as well as cooking gameplay styles altogether.

The app lets you become a passionate chef and take part in challenges to have real fun and exciting time. Cooking Frenzy: Madness Crazy Chef Cooking Games lets you enjoy making delicious meals to become a MasterChef and enjoy everything in a way like never before.

The app provides its users with the ability to get the opportunity to make the album complete by accepting the challenges and start the treasure hunt. Cooking Frenzy – Crazy Chef game lets you travel across countries, conquer the addictive and creative levels, cook and serve in various restaurants. You can have the exotic taste of fantastic cuisines, master the secret recipes, and enjoy everything with great graphics and sound.

You can also claim exciting rewards and generous gifts for your victory and get endless fun from the engaging progression. Cooking Frenzy – A Serve & Collect Cooking Game lets you enjoy Cooking (awesome meals by getting ingredients), Serving (serve meals to the customers ordered), Collect (exciting cards and exciting boxes), and Level Up (unlock challenges in exciting levels).


#2 Cooking Hot


Cooking Hot is a fast-paced cooking and restaurant game that brings you the truest cooking experience right on the palm of your hands. Cooking Hot – Craze Restaurant Chef Cooking Games is a fine cooking gaming developed in the market by FlyBird Casual Games Inc. that enables its global users to come to different cooking cities to feel the madness and craze of cooking game lovers.

It brings coherent as well as high tense gameplays to provide a fascinating experience that helps you make your time filled with awesome dash moments. The app features top current ingredients to cook the food, serve food with right side dishes, cook in the correct order for special food, complete multiple cooking targets to pass engaging levels.

It lets you open new restaurants and learn new cooking tactics and get rewards for completing daily tasks and achievements. So just download Cooking Hot – Craze Restaurant Chef Cooking Games in your mobile phones and enjoy cooking and serving food in one of the simplest yet engaging ways.

#3 Cooking City


Cooking City is one of the most addictive and fun cooking game where you can not only enjoy making delicious meals and cuisines but also experience the management of your own restaurant. Cooking City: Crazy Chef’s Restaurant Game bought in the market by Magic Seven Inc. that enables its global users to join the fever of cooking by tapping as fast as they can to enjoy the fast-paced gameplay along with the mix of simulation and strategy fun.

The game lets you cook delicious food and open your own restaurants to fulfill the needs of your customers in a fun and exciting way. Cooking City: Cooking Restaurant Game brings a fabulous time management experience for you to cook offline and open your own kitchen anywhere you like.

It helps you in building your own empire of cooking in a free kitchen game. You can precisely cook hundreds of delicious meals, including burgers, chips, pizzas, drinks, waffles, and plenty of others, according to the need of your customers.

The app also supports engaging updates of hundreds of delicious meals using dozens of ingredients to getting to know them better. You can also upgrade your ingredients if you want to maintain the top ranking in the cooking restaurants.

It contains more than 300 levels, time-management meets fun challenges, fantasy strategies, rewarding combos, exclusive bonuses, and the endless fun of new cities. So download Cooking City: Crazy Chef’s Restaurant Game in your cell phones and tablets to build a classy cooking empire in this free kitchen and cooking game.


#4 Happy Cooking


Happy Cooking is one of the most addictive, time-management, and highly engaging cooking game where you can not only enjoy cooking exclusive meals right over your cell phones elegantly. Happy Cooking: Fever Cooking City Chef Diary is a fine game developed in the market by JOYNOWSTUDIO Inc. that brings you the best cooking experience.

The game does not need any internet connection to provide its features so that you can enjoy cooking delicious meals without having any internet connection. Happy Cooking: Chef Fever game allows you to enjoy the time-management experience while cooking hundreds of meals using tons of ingredients.

The game lets you enjoy cooking sushi, burgers, hotdogs, barbecue, and plenty of yummy meals and drinks that you have never seen before. Happy Cooking: Fever Cooking game lets you upgrade all the ingredients and accessories that you have in your digital kitchen.

The app brings unique tasks and more than 200 challenging and exciting levels that let you have real fun of cooking right over your cell phones. The game brings delicate graphics to enjoy cooking and managing restaurants. So just download Happy Cooking: Fever Cooking City Chef Diary game in your cell phone where tons of challenging levels are waiting for chefs to have fun.

#5 Cooking Hit


Cooking Hit is a fine cooking game that lets you cook and prepare delicious dishes and meals without even having any cooking ethics or background. Cooking Hit – Chef Fever, Cooking Game Restaurant is a superb cooking mania presented by Connect Mobile Inc. that lets you make delicious meals and serve fastidious customers in a way like never before.

The app lets you have more than 400 exciting levels to challenge (mix, grill, and cook) and play the fast cooing game anywhere around the globe without having any internet connection. Cooking Hit – Cooking Game Restaurant is a time management game that supports almost 6 languages, and you can select anyone you want.

It enables you to enjoy cooking more than 100 tasty dishes from cuisines, stakes, noodles, ice-creams, pizzas, coffee, grill burgers, hotdogs, and donuts to the regular meals. The app lets you have the ultimate experience of cooking, along with having lively sound and awesome graphics. You can get gems, use beautiful package and fantastic boots.

Cooking Hit game lets you enjoy discovering hundreds of cooking dishes along with opening more than 5 food countries that include Japan, China, Mexico, and Italy, etc. So just come to Cooking Hit – Chef Fever game to cook hundreds of amazing recipes and meals as well as own the chain of the world’s largest restaurant.

#6 Rising Super Chef


Rising Super Chef app lets you dive into the master chef’s fever of cooking delicious meals, feeling the cooking craze of serving customers, and dash for cooking yummy burgers and pizzas in a kitchen right over your cell phones and tablets. Rising Super Chef 2 – Restaurant, Bakery, and Cafe Game is a fine game to enjoy making all kinds of foods and meals to amaze your customers in the best possible way.

It is a time-management cooking game with over 1K exciting and engaging levels to indulge yourself in a fun cooking game. Rising Super Chef – Craze Restaurant Cooking Games is a fine product introduced in the market by Mini Stone Games Inc. that lets you earn new cooking skills from the cooking academy and manage your restaurant.

Rising Super Chef 2 – Cooking brings more than 25 maps over 600 food (from the cook and bake to real recipes), more than 200 ingredients, over 1K fun craze levels, and hundreds of upgrades for dresses and kitchenware. You can also enjoy cooking offline and do whatever you want without any hurdles.

The app lets you enjoy tasty recipes, such as fruit salad, king burger, hamburger, coffee, toast, omelet, sausage, grilled fishes, green salad, tacos, waffles, cakes, pizzas, ice creams, scrammed egg, and hundreds of other meals. Rising Super Chef 2 – Restaurant, Bakery & Cafe Game lets you experience cooking yummy food and drinks in a food truck around you.

#7 Cooking Rush


Cooking Rush lets you cook delicious meals, prepare tasty drinks, and become the cooking star in a way like never before. Cooking Rush – Chef’s Fever Games is an elegantly developed product introduced in the market by Tirion Fordring Inc. that enables you to enjoy a craze mobile game to enjoy cooking elegantly.

It enables its global users to enjoy cooking delicious meals in all the restaurants where you’ll discover and cook iconic but amazing dishes from all around the globe. This cooking game brings plenty of extraordinary, engaging, and an endless amount of levels that are loaded with a diversity of orders to have fun cooking.

Cooking Rush – Chef’s Fever Games is a fast-paced cooking game that lets you have plenty of engaging activities and exciting levels where you can cook delicious meals and cuisines and amazing stuff to drink. The game lets you unlock new restaurants that push your cooking dreams to the upper level and helps you fulfill all of those in an awesome way.

The game lets you upgrade your kitchen’s stuff, suits, textures, and level up to become the super chef. You can also compete with your buddies and other global players in the cooking tournaments to become the top chef of the world.

You are allowed to cook plenty of delicious dinners, breakfast, and lunch in the form of stakes, cuisines, BBQ, desserts, drinks, and plenty of other meals to satisfy the needs of all your customers and make them happy. So just download Cooking Rush – Chef’s Fever Game in your cell phone to have real fun if you love cooking and making delicious meals flawlessly.

#8 Chef Fever


Chef Fever is a fabulous product introduced in the market by Mini Stone Games Inc. that allows you to bring your inner chef out and enjoy cooking in a way like never before. Chef Fever: Crazy Kitchen Restaurant Cooking Game enables its global users to enjoy a delicious blend of a frantic mobile kitchen, restaurant, and cooking empire building.

It is an addictive, time management cooking game that brings endless play for everyone who loves cooking. The game lets you join Emma and helps your customers whenever they appear in your mobile kitchen restaurant. You can take the crazy fate of mobile restaurants right in your hands to keep your customers happy by prepping everything from Fries, Pizza, Burgers, and plenty of other things.

Chef Fever: Restaurant Cooking Games is a playful cooking paradise that keeps you in your toe, time you as you learn and cook multiple dishes using various ingredients and recipes. So just download Chef Fever: Crazy Kitchen Game in your cell phone and get ready for making exclusive food and managing restaurants in a way like never before.

#9 Kitchen Life


Kitchen life is a fabulous cooking game developed in the market by Funmotion Casual Game For Kids Inc. that brings classy graphics, amazing gameplay, stunning sound, engaging levels, and awesome scenarios to enjoy cooking elegantly. On this platform, users can either run a Western crazy kitchen or Chinese restaurant to experience the madness of cooking.

Kitchen life: Chef Restaurant Cooking Games lets you cook amazing recipes and food meals such as hamburgers, yummy cake baking, seafood, sushi, noodles, pizzas, stakes, and plenty of other stuff right away. You can simply tap to cook yummy and delicious food recipes using your in-game cooking skills along with the highly addictive time management experience.

It lets you cook and serve in your diary of the cooking games to have more fun in food making with this cooking simulator in my café. It never lets you miss any opportunity to become the best chef in the world. Kitchen life: Chef Restaurant Cooking Game lets you fulfill all your cooking needs and create or manage your own scramble in the kitchen has it.

#10 Cooking Rush – Food Games


Cooking Rush – Food Games is the latest cooking game that is far more engaging and exciting than some of the traditional cooking games because of its dedicate pics and smooth operations. Cooking Rush – Time Management Game developed in the market by JoyMore Game Inc. that contains hundreds of free and exciting levels to enjoy cooking intuitively.

You can precisely enjoy cooking almost all the delicious meals from burger hot dogs to BBQ, such as seafood, ice cream, cakes, desserts, donuts and plenty of other stuff elegantly. In this cooking game, you can earn more and more rewards by the combo of serving dishes.

You can also upgrade kitchen utensils and ingredients, higher profiles, faster output, and loads of other stuff that you have over here. You have to make food instantly according to the needs of the customers to get their praise, earn more coins, improve foodstuff, unlock more restaurants, and upgrade tableware, etc.

It does not need to connect to the internet for cooking your delicious meals or enjoying everything else that you want. Cooking Rush – Time Management Game in 2019 app brings rich props that help you complete your level goals more effortlessly and engagingly.

#11 Indian Cooking Star


Indian Cooking Star is an exceptional cooking game developed in the market by TheAppGuruz Inc. that allows you to make Indian dishes and cuisines to serve all the Hindi customers and become the top chef. Indian Cooking Star: Chef Restaurant Cooking Game is one of the most engaging time management game that enables its global users to manage their own restaurant in their phones and serve their customers with quality food and service.

The game allows its global users to enjoy hundreds of levels to feel the enthusiasm of cooking for customers. You have to cover all the levels by creating recipes and serving customers and never let the magic of fun faded.

It lets you become a star by preparing, cooking, and service Indian meals and dishes in this fun cooking mania that is equally engaging for girls, kids, and adults. Indian Cooking Star is one of the top-rated cooking games where you can cook pasta, burger, pizza, Indo-Chinese, and plenty of other cuisines and drink to serve customers in the best possible way.

Indian Cooking Star: Chef Restaurant Cooking Games app lets you upgrade all the accessories of your kitchen to lift it a set higher and achieve maximum work by boosting your efficiency. You can beat all the other restaurants available in the game and become the best chef by providing delicious meals and ultimate service.

#12 Cooking Talent


Cooking Talent is a superb time management game for people who love to play restaurant games over their cell phones by making exclusive meals and serve customers. Cooking Talent – Restaurant manager and Chef Game is a fine product of MobiGreen Inc. that allows you to enjoy making thousands of hamburgers and serve the whole globe.

You can precisely discover different types of hamburgers, pizza, hot dogs, milkshakes, drinks, soft drinks, BBQ, and plenty of others. Cooking Talent – Restaurant Manager game brings hundreds of engaging levels that are updated constantly not to let you get bored with things that it brings.

Cooking Talent – Chef Game lets you upgrade the accessories as well as furniture to your kitchen game to attract and satisfy more customers. So just download Cooking Talent – Restaurant manager – Chef game to join the restaurant fever and luxury kitchen and make delicious meals to become the top best chef.

#13 Food Truck Chef


Food Truck Chef lets you cook tons of delicious meals, including bagels, pizza, bacon, pasta, pies, tacos, noodles, chicken, noodles, hotdogs, steaks, tofu, sushi, shrimp, and plenty of others for the customers. The game lets you build your empire and get the taste of running your own food truck experience in a way like never before, developed by Tilting Point Inc.

Food Truck Chef – Cooking Games Delicious Dinner game allows you to experience more an awesome gameplay containing more than 700 tasty dishes from all over the world. Apart from this, the Food Truck Chef Game also brings more than 600 colorful and fun levels to enjoy cooking in the best possible way in almost 17 astonishing locations.

Food Truck Chef game features upgrades and level ups, decoration of truck, food wars, gems, and addictive time management gameplay. So download Food Truck Chef – Cooking Games Delicious Dinner game in your cell phone to enjoy cooking delicious meals, bake yummy cupcakes, roast tasty marshmallows, serve aromatic coffee, mix colorful jells and a sweet muffin, and more.

#14 COOKING DASH – Cooking Game


COOKING DASH lets you sharpen your skills of cooking, preparing, and serving menu items in each exotic restaurants available in the game. COOKING DASH is a fun cooking game developed in the market by Glu Inc. that lets you enjoy cooking delicious stuff in fronts of a live studio audience, such as quirky customers, fast-paced kitchen action, superstars, VIPs, and TV fame awaits.

It lets you hear them gasp and applaud as you earn profits in each engaging episode of the game. This time management cooking game lets you excel as the chef to beat the Series Finales and compete in the Trial of Style. You can also earn and upgrade adorable things such as pets, accessories, outfits, kitchenware, and more.

Cooking Dash game lets you cook your way to stardom by controlling the fast-paced chaos as you prepare the meals for your customers and dash your way around the kitchen. You can also grab tons of learning tips and hacks for the excellent service and boost your rank intuitively.

You can spend your profits over the upgrades regarding appliances, food, or restaurants if you want to be famous and get more success in the game. Cooking Dash Game also brings Prize Wheels features where you can spin the wheel to win exciting prizes such as Gold, Prep Recipes, Outfits, Pets, Auto Chefs, VIP Tickets, and more.

#15 Chef’s Life: Crazy Restaurant Kitchen


Chef’s Life: Crazy Restaurant Kitchen is an exciting cooking game where tons of fancy levels and exclusive meals developed in the market by Cupcake Studios Inc. Chef’s Life: Crazy Restaurant Kitchen is a game where restaurants never close as well as waiters help you in all your needs happily.

It is one of the best cooking game that lets you start, manage, and expand your restaurants by making more and more customers. The game lets you cook all your desired dishes, awesome food, and classy drinks in this restaurant fever cooking game.

In this time management cooking game, you can set off to play the master chef game in the magnificent restaurant by providing delicious food and speedy service. You can play everything without any internet connection and cook your delicious meals whenever you want.

Chef’s Life is a multilingual cooking game where you can also upgrade your kitchen appliances to speed up the food line. Chef’s Life: Crazy Restaurant Kitchen features endless play to enjoy cooking like never before and level up to become a super chef.