12 Apps Like Stacheify

Stacheify – Mustache face app developed and published by Apptly LLC. It is a mustache mirror, just hold up the app and go to trying different follicle accurate stache styles. Stacheify is an addictive but funny app that allows you to easily change your hair colour, add bread and mustache to surprise someone special. The app allow you to choose your hair colour for ultimate realism and try novelty mustaches from stubble to walrus. It is also known as a funny photo editor application that offers lots of new funny items, effects, background, and stuff to create funny photos to pranks with your friends. Stacheify core features such as live record videos, add ultimate mustaches to any photos, try different colours, combine effects and directly share your images with the others. It is free to use the app, and no require any registration or sign up, just install it into your Android or iOS device and enjoy it all features without any limitation.

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1. Funny Photo Editor

Funny Photo Editor is a one of best and most leading funny photo editing application as designed for those who are looking a best funny face editor application to make pranks with their friends. With this application, you can easily change your friend photos with funny hundreds of funny stickers, hairs, moustaches and lots of other things. You can save, send and share your creation anytime anywhere on any platform…

2. Bubblee

Bubblee – Add Speech Bubbles, Funny Captions and Photo Notes to Photos and Selfies is free to use an app developed and published by Tomasz Charytoniuk for Android and iOS devices. It is specially made for those who want to send some message for her/him. The app lets you easily add speech bubble your photos. Choose from 9 professionally designed bubbles, customize it with different colours, add one speech and…

3. Afro Pimp

Afro Pimp – FREE Comic Pic Creator with Bling Teeth, Cap and More is a free funny photo editing application that allows you to create funny photos by using its lots of exciting, funny items including teeth, eyes and costumes etc. First, you need to download the app and install it into your mobile device, choose or take a photo from your camera and let its teeth matching algorithm take…

4. PhotoTone Editor

PhotoTone Editor – Change Skin Tone, and Edit Photos with Candid Effects is free to use photo editing application developed and published by Renjith N for Android and iOS devices. The application allows you to edit photos or selfies with tons of skins and apply hundreds of custom effects that make your images more attractive and stunning. PhotoTone Editor comes with all the major editing tools such as cropping, resize,…

5. Cut Copy Paste Photos

Cut Copy Paste Photos is a very useful app to make an album of images by cutting images of your wishes. The application is developed and published by Alvina Gomes for Android and iOS devices. It allows you to cut and paste the photo in another photo by selecting from your mobile gallery or capture via the camera of Android phone. With this, you can easily create a very funky…

6. Looping Video

Looping Video- Best of infinite Loop vid GIF maker is a powerful app that allows you to create captivating mini videos and GIF that loop back and forth, then easily share them with your friends. With this help of this application, you create 1 to 15 second long videos and let them play over and over again in forward and reverse in a never-ending sequence. The application comes as the…

7. Videohance

Videohance – Video Editor, Filters is an ultimate video editing application that gives you complete control over your how your video power previously only available in photo editing apps. It is an advanced level video editor that comes with lots of new features and tools such as filters, effects, and automatic textures. The application feature real-time GPU engine that lets you adjust multiple looks and layers on the fly and…

8. Crazy Bug Eyes Changer Booth

Crazy Bug Eyes Changer Booth: Funny Eye Makeup is an all-in-one funny photo editing application that changes the way your eyes will look in a video or photos. The application uses face detection with the camera to give you a live preview of the effect it will create. It has hundreds of attractive options to choose from such as funny, big, small and different shaped eyes, different eyeshadow and liners,…

9. Deal With It

Android iOS
Deal With It is a simple fun app that allows you to create your own Deal With It GIF photo or normal photo with Thug life glasses. You just need to choose your photo and put deal with it glasses on it, and you can save it as GIF or PNG. The application also has a massive list of funny items that make your images funnier. The application is specially…

10. Bubbled

Bubbled – Photo Editor is an all-in-one photo-editing application that brings charm, fun and feeling to your photos through captions. The application has a massive range of unique speech bubble designs, each one has its own colours and shapes as well as allow you to design your own shape according to your photo that makes it better than others. Bubbled editing app also allow you to decorate your own photos…

11. Mustache Bash Free

Mustache Bash Free is a true Mustache app that allows you to enjoy an ultimate range of stunning and funny moustaches. Just need to choose an image from your camera roll or take a new one, put a mustache on it and simply share your ridiculous or disgustingly handsome creation with the world. With the help of this application, you can easily design your image with an assortment of classic…

12. Toothless

Toothless is a free and fun mobile application that automatically remove the teeth from any photos. The app is developed and published by AppyBoys for those want to make their teeth-free pics with its lots of editing features. With the help of this application, you can easily add and customize unlimited hilarious captions, crop out the unfunny with direct in-app image cropping. It is also best for those who want…