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StarLancer is a Space-based, Single-player, and Multiplayer Simulation published by Crave Entertainment and developed by Digital Anvil. It takes place in the sci-fi setting where humanity becomes colonized, and two powerful entities suddenly emerge, such as the Coalition of Russia and the Alliance… read more

6 StarLancer Alternatives & Similar Games for Mac OS


1. EVE Online

EVE Online is a space adventure game. The video game is a player driven MMORPG having a crazy level of depth. EVE Online is a game of freedom enabling gamers to approach the game in the manner they need and obtain their own place in this ever expanding universe. The video game functions a large number of different star systems that are linked by stargates enabling players to simply jump from location-to-location. These techniques all have lots of planets, moons, stations along with other space anomalies just ready to be explored. The game is set far into the long term (approximately 20,000 years) in a time where humanity has improved into the Milky Way searching for assets. Ultimately a wormhole is discovered to a distant galaxy called New Eden. Just after its finding the wormhole creased leaving the new settlements to fend for themselves, which is the arena of EVE Online that you simply join. Your character abilities in a number of mechanics may also develop with time and even proceeds while you’re offline to make sure progress is definitely being made.


2. Astro Lords

Astro Lords is a free to play 3D space MMO that encourages you to explore, fight as well as control your own human negotiation in a distant galaxy. Using a large numbers of several routes to consider and real-time battles to make action. Astro Lords adventure begins on your personal asteroid which works as your home base as well as stronghold from the dangers which are in the game world. These asteroids move across the Oort Cloud which is the section of space that the video game takes place in. This specific base is your main hub in Astro Lords where you will build factories, produce resources and create your space boats. Gamers can ultimately capture other asteroids floating in space to improve resource manufacturing but will need to be on alert for other players who can state these asteroids as their own if they’re able to defeat your defences plus capture it. Astro Lords is well in front of similar choices out there with remarkable space graphics along with a countless number of depth it’s the very best free to play choice for space MMO followers.


3. Star Conflict

Star Conflict is a MMO experience that allows you to take control of your personal starship and explore the huge depths of space. The video game features stunning 3D graphics having a focus on massive scale Player vs Player battles. Players can decide on a variety of ship kinds to use each using their own feel and goal in the game world. While non-combat ships do exist most gamers will find it hard to fight the wide array of weapons that consist of some truly mind-boggling large scale weapons. Star Conflict of course provides a number of factions using their own back story, objectives and bonuses to offer you a feeling of goal in the huge game world. These bonuses consist of enhanced shield regeneration, better speed, improved experience, difficult hulls, increased damage and a lot more. In relation to space simulation games you will find Star Conflict offers it all and it is packed full on content that just continues to expand, like the universe itself.


4. X3: Terran Conflict

X3: Terran Conflict is part of the X number of video games. The adventure is set far into the future (2938) and takes place after Earth has become reconnected using the larger system of jumpgates within the X universe. This kind of connection to Earth while an occasion of joy also developed many new tensions and conflicts that is what the main story line of X3: Terran Conflict explores. X3: Terran Conflict is a single player only experience that unleashes players around the world with countless different star systems to discover. Within these star systems are a large number of planets and space channels for players to take quests and buy upgrades for their ship. Combat looks incredible in X3: Terran Conflict and it is usually action focused and also very strategic due to the weapon number of the game. Not simply will players get to participate in dog-fights against small amounts of opponents they can also take part in larger scale battles with a lot of ships. For followers of the X series of space video games the purchase of X3: Terran Conflict is definitely a distinct decision but it’s also one of the most easily accessible games for fresh players too.


5. X3: Reunion

X3: Reunion continues the series of X adventure games using the 3rd game in the franchise. Similar to the games before it the game is a single player space experience including trading, combat and lots of universe exploration. The storyline of X3: Reunion goes on from where X2 ended with gamers once again moving into the mind of Julian from the previous video game. The video game is set fair into the future in the year 2935 at the same time where the complete universe has opened up to humans through space travel. X3: Reunion follows Julian as you handles the remnants of the war against the Kha’ak that still rages on while also searching for several mysterious artefacts which will help create a jump gate capable of achieving the lost home arena of Earth. If you have previously played a game in the X series you may expect a very fresh experience with enhancements to HUD elements and in specific the graphics engine that makes the exploration side of gameplay even better. Such as though the AI has been modified and also the economy is now a lot more advanced enhancing the realism and in turn difficultly of your X3: Reunion adventure.


6. X Rebirth

X Rebirth is an Action-Adventure, Sci-fi, Open World, Sandbox, Trading, Strategy, Space and Single-player Simulation created and developed by Egosoft. X Rebirth is the 6th edition in the series of X Universe video games.

The game provides open-ended gameplay and lets you immerse yourself in space trading experience. Set in a Universe that will remain active even you are not present in the game. You can do Trade, Combat, Piracy, and many other things in the game.

More About StarLancer

StarLancer is a Space-based, Single-player, and Multiplayer Simulation published by Crave Entertainment and developed by Digital Anvil. It takes place in the sci-fi setting where humanity becomes colonized, and two powerful entities suddenly emerge, such as the Coalition of Russia and the Alliance. The Alliance offers many forces, such as American, Spanish, Australian, and more.

At the start, the player faces a surprise attack, where a peace treaty tries to transform into a bloodbath. In the game, the player needs to take control of one of twelve fighter ships to advance through the world. During the game, the player can explore different areas and unlock different skills, such as an increase in agility, enhanced speed, and brilliant shield power.

While accomplishing various goals, the player can get a set of hardpoints that he can utilize to mount weapons, including missiles and rockets. While playing, the player has to control different ships and perform various tasks. The game obliges the player to fly in over twenty-five gripping missions that range from free POWs to escorting marine boarding ships.

It requires the player to lead an assault on the space station and jump into an electrifying journey through several cosmos. StarLancer includes some prominent features, such as Superb Mechanics, Indies, Fiction, Brilliant Graphics, Soundtrack, Excellent Controls, and more.

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