Steam Link

Steam Link is an application that allows the users to Steam games to their phones, tablets or TV. The app helps the users to connect their Steam Controller over Bluetooth along with their mouse or keyboards to play games. It works in a simple way, and users just have to download it on the device where they want to use it.

After connecting it to the device with the computer, users can pair their controllers, including the Steam Controller. The app works better if the internet connection is fast and performing better. Moreover, it uses the same technology that is being used by the Steam Link hardware.

The solution allows the users to adjust their settings according to their needs to perform better, such as users can tune streaming resolution for the best experience. Steam Link is a free app, and there are no additional charges for any extra service.


Steam Link Alternatives

#1 DeviantArt


DeviantArt is the official website of the popular social network of the art of the same name, which will allow you to enjoy its full potential from the comfort of the Android terminal. Registered users can access their account and manage it without any problems.

It offers all features, including uploading images directly from the terminal memory. Unregistered users can easily register from the application, but also can explore without doing so.

On tabs, you will find the most popular of the moment, art that has not yet seen and of course, the option of personalized search. DeviantArt is excellent at the height of the social network that represents the application.

DeviantArt founded in 2000 and known as the most prominent online informal community for artisans and craftsmanship aficionados and a stage for developing and set up specialists to show, advance, and impart their attempts to an energetic, artistry driven group. It is a hugely helpful hotspot for extraordinary outline fields like painting, model, body craftsmanship, and pixel artistry.


#2 Behance


Behance is a platfrom for showcasing and find imaginative work. It is one of the most significant online portfolio platfrom for fashioners of various sorts to flaunt their outlines and extends and get input. This platform resembles Pinterest on steroids as the substance is generally top-notch, giving you contextual analyses, work in advancement, and different redesigns.

Behance is an Adobe application that gives you a chance to investigate the arrangement of probably the most intriguing specialists existing apart from everything else. On the off chance that you are innovative yourself, you can make your record and impart your work to different clients.

Behance’s primary advantage can investigate the work of the absolute most fascinating craftsmen of today. You can effectively take after the ones that are fascinating to you, compose remarks on their profiles, assess their work, and so forth.

A portion of specialists on Behance are artists for film and computer games, and you can look at virtually the more significant part of their work. As a rule, the pictures have enough determination for you to utilize them as a backdrop for your gadget.

Behance is an incredible method for staying the work of the absolute most skilled craftsmen on the planet. On account of the capacity to tail them using this application, you can monitor their ventures.

#3 Dribbble


Dribbble is a web application designed for originators, engineers, and different creatives to showcase and share their plans, bits of knowledge, and work with the world. One thing that makes Dribbble emerge from various sites that offer the same sort of administration is the way that provides little screenshots of plans and applications that showcased or that fashioners or engineers are dealing with.

With the help of this application, designers can easily share their creativity with others and communicate without any limitations. You can take different engineers and see what they are going to. Another extraordinary element of this web gateway is the way it does not want signup. Users can see your stuff without any registration.


#4 We Heart It


We Heart It is an application that permits you to discover photographs of that you like most and spare them later in the mists (in your record We Heart It) on your Android gadget. It works with other picture sharing locales like Pinterest. You can pick marks that interest you most and discover all pictures transferred by different clients that contain these names.

When you discover a photograph you like, you need to tap the heart catch. In this way, you will add your particular pictures to the site, and you will see them when you need to get to your record. Likewise, you can spare them on your gadget.

We Heart It is a vibrant photography-based informal community. You’ll discover vast amounts of pictures identified with your tastes: felines, nourishment, design, felines, felines, and more felines. We Heart It, a picture bookmarking administration famous with teenaged young ladies, is out now with its second versatile application called Easel.

We Heart It serves as an approach to rapidly make pictures utilizing cites that can be shared on We Heart Its administration or somewhere else on online networking, including Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

#5 Dudepins


Dudepins is a web application for men to discover and share everything. In this platform, you can easily find the coolest images, videos, and other kinds of fantastic stuff. It is designed for those who love to share and discover new things that organized into various personal montages and interest categories.

Dudepins is genuinely simple to utilize. You should join, alter your profile, transfer a picture of you, and you’re prepared to make a montage. Presently, why the name Dudepins? The answer is self-evident. The fellow benefactors felt “man” was illustrative of male-arranged substance, and “pins” was synonymous with substance sharing.

The platform comes as the alternatives to Pinterest and offers all the features and services. Now it has millions of users around the world who can use it to find and to share amazing things for men. As compared to others, it is simple to use, and you can enjoy its service anywhere around the world.

#6 Fancy


Fancy is an application whose primary target is to permit you to find and buy new items. It is an impeccable informal community for aficionados of style and outline. With its interface that incorporates a site, a magazine, and an accumulation of Fancy’s, you’ll make an exhibition hall with your style and identity, which will be an extraordinary approach to demonstrate the articles you cherish and that adjust to your style.

Does it work? Extremely straightforward, you should search through the images on Fancy, and discover you like you snap “extravagant.” For whatever length of time that the item is marked down, you can purchase it to appreciate it then.

An incredible element on this application is that it gives you a chance to make a gathering blessing with articles that can be acquired, a perfect choice to blessing a companion among a few individuals from a gathering when it’s a precious blessing.

You should make the gathering blessing, and you’ll have seven days for your companions to pay their part. Also, on the off chance that you end up in the pickle of having not bought a blessing, Fancy is an incredible instrument that will spare the day as its blessing area has somewhere in the range of 24-hour conveyances.

#7 Pearltrees


Pearltrees is a Pinterest like a site. It gives you a chance to search through various trees, which are an accumulation of different connections, recordings, and items identified with a point of intrigue. To control the calculations behind this administration,

Pearltrees depends on the information it can extricate from a vast number of bookmarks and records its clients have effectively sorted out. Pearltrees is a spot to compose every one of your interests. This free administration gives you a chance to arrange, investigate, and share all that you like. Additional website pages, documents, photographs, or notes and compose them. Investigate astounding accumulations that identify with your interests and subscribe to their overhauls.

Access your record whenever and offer anything from your PC, versatile, and tablet. Pearltrees is free! You can have a spot to sort out every one of your interests for nothing. Be that as it may, Pearltrees additionally offers a few propelled components and more stockpiling to premium individuals. Accumulations are unmistakable to everybody.

This is the thing that makes the social abundance of Pearltrees: you can investigate new accumulations around your interests, and team up with different devotees. On the off chance that you turn into a premium part, you’ll have the capacity to turn a few or the majority of your accumulations private.


0 gives clients a chance to gather photos of their enthusiasm at one place or discover the images of their advantage. The site encourages the simple procedure of transferring them and sorts those utilizing labels that help clients see the photos of their strength effectively.

The site looks truly like Pinterest that can be considered as one of the best Pinterest options and gives extra usefulness mix alternatives. Utilizing the mixed choice, clients can facilitate the experience of the photographs transferred by the group. While you are surfing the net, you discover a few pictures that you would need to bookmark, and that is precisely the administration offered by over again and energizing site called is an expansion for Firefox, which will permit you to deal with your bookmarks, the renowned picture bookmarking service. When you introduce it, you’ll see a little catch by the location bar, which we will have the capacity to get to our account.

Then, pick the alternative ‘Add a picture to’ and pick the photo, in a brief moment you’ll have the photo added to your account. All these components make a superb extra for Firefox, which will cause us to have the best pictures on the web dependably close.

#9 Toonator


Toonator is a platform that enables users to create animation with the help of various tools. The platform allows users to develop cartoons and also enables them to edit them with its editing tools. Users can make their profiles on the website and can start creating cartoons and different kinds of animations immediately.

The website has a user-friendly interface where all the latest cartoons and animations are being displayed while it has other different pages such as the new cartoons, or the popular ones. The platform also contests among the members of the websites, and members of the platform also decide results.

Every cartoon creator has his own profile, and if he has won any awards on the website are also attached to his/her profile. Other users can comment on his/her animations, and while all the animations on this website carry the name of the creator and by opening the website, their rank status can be seen. It is a completely free platform, and anyone can start using it just by making their account on the website.

#10 FoodGawker


FoodGawker is different from other sites as it primarily deals with food items of all types. It is a platform that allows users to discover new delicious recipes, techniques, and ingredients to increase their cooking adventures. Its editors review all recipes and techniques submitted by food bloggers, and only the highest quality recipes are displayed in the showcase.

If you think you are a good chef, then prove your talent at FoodGawker. Who doesn’t love radiant sustenance pictures? We unquestionably do! FoodGawker is a Pinterest like a stage that will make you feel hungry.

The site highlights vast amounts of excellent pictures of various dishes with formulas from the group. All the substance is sorted under different menus like breakfast, starters, supper, and veggie lover, and so on. You can likewise look at the “most stared” pictures. There’s a comparable site for beverages too named Liqurious, so if you are to a higher degree a beverages individual, look at it.

#11 Pinterest


Pinterest is one of the most popular web and mobile applications designed to enable finding and saving the discovery of information on the internet using images, videos, and GIFs. There is no doubt about the ever-growing demand and popularity of Pinterest. It shares a new distinguishing way to share on the web.

The best part is that you can improve your board and the visit and peruse through different sheets made by kindred clients. You can leave remarks to tell them what you think and “repin” things to convey them to your particular load up. On account, you can take a photo and promptly stick it to your board to impart to every one of your supporters.

It’s a great approach to share your every day encounters quickly. Pinterest is an interpersonal organization with a large number of clients, where you can discover photographs and pictures worth a look. On account of this application, you can do it wherever, at whatever time, the length of you have an Internet connection.

#12 Portfoliopen


Portfoliopen is a web-based application that helps you create and manage your portfolio website. The platform is specially designed for designers, photographers, and all the other similar service providers to showcase their creativity easily. With the help of this solution, you can easily create a professional-looking portfolio without any coding or programming.

The platform features more than seven hundred ready-to-use templates that are created by an expert team of designers. You can freely choose and customize each of its templates without any limit. There are also a lot of themes that you can choose and modify by using a range of premium tools that make them better than others.

As compared to all the other similar platforms, it is much powerful and offers plenty of space for your work. Portfoliopen is a freemium portfolio website builder and offers three different price plans. Each plan has its own cost and core features such as the custom domain, modern templates, unlimited customization, and much more.

#13 Juxtapost


Juxtapost is an online platform where you get all favorite things that you need, either it is about apparel, arts, crafts & DIY, education, pets, products, humor , or the internet, all will be here side by side. You can easily save all the things that you browse on the web and can share all your fashion, design, ideas, and interests with friends and family. Juxtapost is a Pinterest knockoff yet positively.

It was initially imagined as a superior rendition of Pinterest, filling in a significant number of the openings that existed in Pinterest at the time: just welcome participation, an absence of private loads up, sending out substance, and so forth.

After Pinterest made up for lost time, Juxtapost lost a considerable measure of its recognizing highlights, however its group is as yet going solid. The component users like best in Juxtapost is the “More Like This” catch. In case you’re scanning down the front page and see a delectable formula, you can tap on that catch to right away view more heavenly formulas.

Likewise, posts can be ordered and labeled in many distinctive ways, making it simple to find a new substance that interests you. Use Juxtapost if you need to utilize a Pinterest-like site with a large number of the same elements yet introduced in an unexpected way.