Sugar, Sugar


Sugar, Sugar Alternatives for Mac OS

#1 Oik Reloaded


Oik Reloaded is a Destruction, Puzzle, and Single-player Physics-based video game developed by Crew Lab for PC and Mac. The game takes place in the 2D world, where physics rules are applied. Many challenging stages are there, and each one requires you to remove all available red obstacles from the screen and try to hold blue cubes on the platform for 2 seconds. In the game, you may simulate real physics.

Up to sixty interesting puzzles are there to solve, and each one comes with a stylish interface. The game increases the difficulty level as you reach high stages. You can complete each puzzle using the physics rules to smash red blocks from the platform to win. Oik Reloaded includes core features such as Beautiful Music, Stylish Interface, Sixty Stages, and more.