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Super Cloudbuilt is an Action video game with a 3D Platform twist offered by Coilworks. It has an only single-player mode, letting you assume the role of Demi, a soldier who finds himself in the empty shell of a smashed building amid a strange new world… read more
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7 Super Cloudbuilt Alternatives & Similar Games for Mac OS


1. ClusterTruck

ClusterTruck published by tinyBuild is a Platform and Single-player video game. It enables the player to control a character and jump into exploring the entire world. In the game, the player keeps himself busy in executing several actions such as numerous truck pile-ups, jump onto a moving line of trucks, avoid multiple obstacles, and crashes.

During the gameplay, the player can touch anything and earn scores based on how fast he reaches a goal line. The game proposes lots of style points to the player upon the accomplishment of many goals. While playing, the player performs numerous tricks, such as jump off the truck in mid-air and many more.


2. Hover

Hover is an Action, Cyberpunk-themed Open World, and Single-player video game developed and published by Midgar Studio and published by Dear Village for Multiple Platforms. It comes with a perfect mix of Multiplayer Parkour and Fast-paced game elements, taking place in the futuristic 3D world.

It set in ECP17, a highly advanced city located on a distant planet. Control a team of rebels, who are fighting against evil guys invading the high-tech city, called Hover. Your character is fully armed with high-tech gears enabling you to perform fantastic speed and jumps while roaming the environment to sabotage the propaganda of opposing forces, help citizens, and locate a way to approach the end of the orbital station.


3. Ninja Pizza Girl

Ninja Pizza Girl is an Action Platform, Side-scroll, and Single-player video game developed by Disparity Games. It offers a 2D world where you control a female protagonist from a side-scroll perspective. The introduction of the woven storyline will let you follow a female character named Gemma, a 16-year-old girl who is working in a restaurant as a pizza delivery ninja.

The world is invading by mega-corporations, exploiting the poor, and the quality of the pizza is decreasing day by day. You, as the protagonist, must maintain the quality and time of delivering pizza for your family. There are lots of challenging levels, and each one comes with countless hurdles that you need to overcome to become the mater.


4. Refunct

Refunct is a 3D Platformer, Parkour, and Single-player video game developed and published by Dominique Grieshofer for Multiple Platforms. It takes place in the breathtaking world where the player can experience the relaxing gameplay with expansive levels.

During the gameplay, the player can move across the world from a first-person perspective, and his ultimate objective is to approach the end of each level to make it complete. While playing the game, the player has to run and jump his way through a variety of challenging levels and try to collect several items to fulfill the requirements.


5. Windlands

Windlands is an Adventure, Virtual Reality, and Single-player First-person Shooter video game developed and published by Psytec Games Ltd. The game offers an exciting world that contains huge mountains, stones, and flying platforms.

It is about a first-person grappling hook exploration and lets the player soar through the ruins to reveal the mysteries of the ancients. In short, it appeals to those players, who love to navigate the breathtaking vistas with VR twist.


6. SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell

SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell is an Action-Adventure, Puzzle-Platform and Single-player video game created by Pine Studios and published by Headup Games. The game takes place in the hell where the player can take on the role of a protagonist who starts his adventure to get his beer back. The gameplay of the game consists of multiple levels, and in each level, the aim of the player is to reach on the certain location by solving numbers of puzzles. During the play, the player must collect all the power-ups and special items that will help the player to progress. Be careful after completing the numbers of levels the game unlock some demon creatures that will try to kill the player. The player must use his arm power and kill all the deadly creatures to complete his objectives. SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell includes core features such as deadly game world, power-ups, well-written storyline and stunning visual details. Try it out.


7. Valley

Valley is a First-person, Exploration, Action-Adventure, and Single-player video game brought by Blue Isle Studios. It lets the player navigate the entire world by utilizing the L.E.A.F. suit that is a brutal exoskeleton offering the speed and agility along with the ability.

Throughout his journey, the player must explore the death and life of the living things and receive different points. At the start, the player can jump into the role of the protagonist and find himself within a secluded valley. During the gameplay, the player can utilize the power of L.E.A.F. suit that assist him in running, jumping, and attacking lots of monsters and enemies his way through dangerous ruins.

More About Super Cloudbuilt

Super Cloudbuilt is an Action video game with a 3D Platform twist offered by Coilworks. It has an only single-player mode, letting you assume the role of Demi, a soldier who finds himself in the empty shell of a smashed building amid a strange new world.

There are many challenges, and each one allows you to overcome obstacles to advance through the story. During the gameplay, you have to complete feats of sharpshooting and free-running, while exploring the world through several worlds floating above the abyss.

It introduces action-packed running gameplay with lighting fact elements, where you require to use your reflexes and speed to compete against others. Explore the world from a third-person perspective and try to complete all assigned tasks to become the master.

Run and jump your way through complex courses and show off your abilities while fighting against enemies. The main character can use the jet to fly in the air and advanced weapons to shoot down enemies. As you achieve challenges, the difficulty level will increase to make the game tough to master.

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