Super Dancer Online-Xtreme


Super Dancer Online-Xtreme Alternatives for PC

#1 Soundboxing


Soundboxing is a Rhythm, Music, and Single-player video game published by Maxint LLC. It is one of the best VR (Virtual Reality) boxing video games with an emphasis on music.

During the gameplay, the player can develop the beats using various instruments. The game challenges the player to score as many points as possible by completing a set of levels. To complete the challenge, the player has to punch the beat to make sound and then earn points.


#2 Incredibox


Incredibox is a Single-player Music video game created and published by So Far So Good. The game offers simple gameplay which consists of drag-and-drop sound icons on multiple characters to create music. Each icon will generate a different sound that creates different music. The game allows the player to find combos of music to unlock animated bonuses and record mixes to integrate the ranking.

Incredibox offers different modes, and each game type contains challenging gameplay as compared to the previous one. Record mode of the game is the best mode that allows the player to record his music on his computer system. With addictive gameplay, fantastic game mechanics, and beautiful visual details, Incredibox is a lovely game for all music game lovers.