Super Dancer Online-Xtreme


Super Dancer Online-Xtreme Alternatives for Xbox 360

#1 Guitar Hero Live


Guitar Hero Live is a Single and Multiplayer, Rhythm and Music video game created by FreeStyleGames and published by Activision. The gameplay is almost similar to its previous installments, but it offers some new tracks, features, and Modes that make the game more entertaining. In the game, the player requires a guitar-type game controller to play it with strum bar and buttons to produce the music.

In Guitar Hero, the player can play the game with five buttons, but in this installment, the player can control the game with six buttons that arranged in two rows of three. The game offers various tracks and also allows the player to add some additional tracks that the player wants. At the start, the player can play the Tutorial Mode to learn how to play the game. When the player can complete several levels, various events, and TV shows will unlock.


#2 Rez


Rez is Music, Rail Shooter, and Single-player video game developed by United Games Artists and published by List. The player controls a protagonist, who starts his journey through a predetermined way.

The game world is full of powerful enemy creatures, and the only aim of the player is to create unique music and try to destroy them all. The player can control the position to target the enemies.

#3 Bandfuse: Rock Legends


Realta Entertainment Group develops the Bandfuse: Rock Legends. It is Music, Rhythm, Single, and Multiplayer Simulation. The game is available to play on Xbox and PlayStation platforms only.

The game targets those players who love music and wants to become a professional musician in the world. There are lots of musical instruments which the player can use to create enjoyable music tracks. The game also allows the player to connect his real music instruments such as guitar and piano etc. to the game to experience the realistic gameplay experience.