Super PhotoCut

Super PhotoCut is an online interactive cutout tool that allows you to separates the foreground objects form images. It uses built-in algorithms that can remove complex backgrounds immediately and provides white and transparent backgrounds with ease.

It is free and easy to use; no technical skills requires to operate the tool. You need to mark the object and background, and it will automatically cut the object by providing you specific results. It improves the design time, enhances the quality and design process of your work.

Top key features of Super PhotoCut include smart algorithms, instantly remove and replace backgrounds, support all formats like PNG, separate foreground from background, transparency export processing, and many more.

Additional features are unlimited undo-redo options, configure auto-brush-size dynamically to zoom the level and increase conversion rate with images that conform to the Amazon, eBay requirements level. The tool provides a pro version to upgrade full features.


Super PhotoCut Alternatives

#1 Trace by Sticker Mule


Trace by Sticker Mule is an advanced online trace tool that helps you remove the background from your pictures instantly. It provides a simple interface, including an editing facility. It is a free tool, and you need to sign in to get started.

It can remove background from images by uploading your desired image. The slide option allows you instant removal of background, and you can download editing pictures with ease. It offers to add color and images to your images that enhance the tool’s compatibility.

It allows you to print images on buttons, coasters, stickers, and more available in paid plans. One of the core features of Trace by Sticker Mule includes Custom labels which give free worldwide shipping, free proofs facility with different die-cut rolls, oval sheet labels, rounded corner sheets, and many other label options.

An additional feature of Trace by Sticker Mule has custom magnets that offers you to create magnets in any shape especially fridge magnets, and car magnets, with multiple design discounts following the idea that larger order is equal to a larger order discount. It also gives custom buttons and custom packaging as well.


#2 Edit My Ex


Edit My Ex is an online editing tool that comes with a unique name to remove your Ex from your pictures instantly. The tool is the part of PhotoRepairer that uses digital technology to transform images into white and black colors. This tool can handle multiple pictures at the same time and ensure to remove your Ex form pictures on this valentine’s day. It is an easy and straightforward interface for uploading images with drag and drop options on a specific area and get instant upload up to 15MB.

The tool works on pictures deeply with the help of an expert Photoshop designer facility. Once the editing is completed, the tool will email your editing picture in PNG, JPEG, and other formats. Core features of Edit My Ex include Photo Restoration, Photo Manipulation, and Colorization facility as well. Edit My Ex provides Add-to-Cart and quantity of pictures option to remove a person from your pictures with pricing plans. It also has restored features that allow genealogy, memorial, gifting, and many other facilities.

#3 Polarr Photo Editor 3


Polarr Photo Editor 3 is an editing tool that covers many aspects of editing includes effects, filters, and background removal and many more. It gives free and pro features that use digital technology to transform images efficiently with ease.

The tool has spectacular control of details and colors, artistic tools, and effects to enhance image representation, emulate weather or flares and clouds, etc. It allows you to share and create your own filters easily and quickly.

Top free version core features of Polarr Photo Editor 3 include auto-enhance for all adjustments, draw mask with edge-aware capability, custom and premium filters, smart enhance and face detection, Layers, utility, and many others.

It offers custom overlays and double exposures and provides advanced options with a simple design. Polarr Photo Editor 3 supports all types of platforms such as web-based and mobiles. It integrates with multiple APIs for the sake of enhancing the ability of the editor.


#4 PurePhotos


PurePhotos is an advanced online tool that removes any background form your photos automatically for free. It processes the images in no time and provides you preserve details while doing background extraction. It has AI-based technology that works for even complex projects.

It gives a simple interface with drag and drop facility to upload your pictures up to 15MB. The core features of PurePhotos include face recognition, color recovery, noise removal, PSD layers and elimination of defects with ease.

It can find a person form your images and align them on the same level. The tool also works as an online store at the same time that provides payable pictures during editing. There is no need for extra clicks; it can put automated exposure on your images. It offers 100 images every month for free and gives pricing plans to upgrade full features.

#5 PhotoBlend


PhotoBlend is a unique photo montage tool that helps you to make quick photo compositions. It can combine parts of different images into a single image quickly and efficiently. After making composition in an image, it offers the facility to export your work in a 2D format as well as make 3D anaglyph and stereography image.

It provides automatic color adjustment, applies masks on your images automatically with batter analysis. The tool focus on artistic and creative sides to make your picture-perfect. It has a stage light studio feature that changes the whole look of the picture.

Top core features of PhotoBlend include object reorganization technique to create a mask in seconds, auto edge/hair mask brush, lens flare and camera lens bluer, 3D support with the adjustment of composition, and many more. It supports the window versions of 32 and 64 bit.

It offers automatic and flexible masking feature that enable you to use LIVE effects that can be removed or change any time. It is not only a photo editing application but also a photo composition tool for free.

#6 Digital Film Tools EZ Mask


Digital Film Tools EZ Mask is a secure background eraser and interactive image masking tool. It can extract any object from the image and capable of dealing with smoke, reflections and hair details. The process of extraction creates white or black cut-out masks.

The core features of Digital Film Tools EZ Mask include stroke based masking, interactive finesse the mask to refine mode, edge color estimation prevent fringing for the sake of seamless composite creation, green/blue spill suppression, and many more.

It has the ability of foreground position, scaling, rotation, corner pinning, and color correction as well. The tool has license options that allow it to run in Adobe products such as Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Lightroom version also.

It supports Windows 7 64bit and other higher versions. The tool is available in web-based and mobile platforms and ensures not to compromise on the privacy of images.

#7 PhotoScissors


PhotoScissors is a background remover platform that provides an interactive cut-out facility for foreground segmentation. The platform invents new ways to remove background from still images and make them transparent within a few clicks.

PhotoScissors handle the image pixel by pixel and complex semitransparent objects such as hair. It provides a cut-and-paste option that allows you easily move objects. There are no professional skills required for this platform to remove backgrounds.

It allows you to replace your image background with many other scenes, and its magic marker tool deals with transparent objects efficiently and quickly. The top features of PhotoScissors include preparing pictures for products for online shops, supporting all graphic formats such as PNG, and creating isolated images with transparent and color objects.

Other additional features are swapping backgrounds, moving an object on the photo, and removing backgrounds from the listing on Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. It offers a pro version to upgrade features and is available on mobile and web-based platforms.

#8 XSplit VCam


XSplit VCam is an online tool that helps you replace, remove and blur background images. It eliminates the need for complicated lighting setups and expensive green screens that are time-consuming and costly.

It allows you to add a high-quality blur effect to a webcam that replaces the extra hardware burden and gives your webcam a portrait style or DSLR effect with an adjustable blur slider. It improves the production value of broadcast and ensures maintaining privacy.

One of the core features of XSplit VCam includes replacing your background with the web page or image. It supports JPG, PNG, GIF format, and even full web pages with unlimited opportunities for background replacement.

It has the ability of quality background removal effect that is perfect for content creators’ whether you stream on Facebook, YouTube, or any social media platform. It also works with streaming apps like OBS and many more. It offers lifetime updates and 24/7 support for your business or personal use.

#9 PhotoEditor SDK


PhotoEditor SDK is a photo editing tool that allows you to customize your images with many built-in and comprehensive creative features. It uses a customizable photo editor into the app that gives easy access to anyone anywhere.

It is highly flexible and integrated with a fast rendering engine, customizable UI, wrapped into elegant and SDK as well. It is available on web-based platforms as well as mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. It can build mobile and web app images and allow you to match your requirements with comprehensive APIs.

The Core features of PhotoEditor SDK include Adjustments, Filters, Transform, Overlays, Focus, Library and many more. Additional features are stickers, Brush, Frames, Text and Text design which is a Pro feature of the tool.

The tool empowers you with top of the line image editing tools that is ideal for maximum performance and usability. It offers the white label, easy setup and cross-platform options that specially designed for developers. Top users of PhotoEditor SDK are Shutterstock, flicker and many other reputed organizations.

#10 Photo Background Remover


Photo Background Remover is an advanced online tool that helps you to remove background form digital pictures with smooth cut-paste options. The tool erases the background using common formats such as PNG, JPG, and GIF with the facility to add logo watermarks and text as well.

One of the core features of Photo Background Remover includes smart object selection with smooth edges that handle the object blend with a new background. It is smart enough that identifies the main object and background easily and quickly.

It allows you to keep your desired objects from images and clear the remaining parts. If you want to save more objects in the image, then the tool will guide you with green, red cautions. It can remove the background form a bunch of images at the same time as well.

Photo Background Remover secures your work and data with the help of an optional watermark that allows adding custom text or image. An additional feature of the tool is to burn libraries instantly with background burner.

#11 Clipping Magic 3.0


Clipping Magic 3.0 is a background eraser tool that helps you to create masks, clipping paths, cut-outs efficiently with ease. It provides you automated support with the facility to drag the image on a specific area and get a transparent background immediately.

Once you upload your image, the tool allows the undo options for an existing picture with a search facility. It has magic Auto-Clip AI that clips the pictures in no time. It supports a Seamless editor that gives the smart remove, keeps, hair touchup, and scalpel feature for the sake of precision control.

It is capable of handling low contrast edges with perfection and separate-out hair from distinct backgrounds. The tool claims that it provides better facilities than Photoshop and also better than outsourcing with direct control.

It is compatible with Businesses, e-commerce, Graphic designs, and many more. The core features of Clipping Magic 3.0 include a Snappy app, Powerful Algorithm, Smart Auto Crop, Comprehensive Color Control, Adaptive brush size, Sticky settings, etc.

#12 InstantMask


InstantMask is a powerful masking and background remover tool that helps to gives you a transparent background with a few clicks. You need to mark the object and background, and then the tool will do all remaining tasks.

Top Features of the tool include smooth edges, robust segmentation algorithm, and fast processing time approximately 2 seconds for 10 megapixels. It is the part of graphic apps category and editors subcategory. The tool can be installed on Windows XP and other higher versions.

It is available with a file size of 5.60MB in version 1.4. It allows JPG, BMP, and PNG file formats for your edited images. The core functionality of InstantMask includes two markers, such as Keep Marker and Remove Marker, that increases its efficiency and quickness.

It offers Unlimited Undo and redo facility and allows you to use the features of background as well. It is also available in the Pro version with pricing plans.

#13 Background Burner


Background Burner is a tool to remove the background from any photo or image for free. It is easy to use the tool by drag-drop the image on a specific area and start the editing. It makes your image background transparent or white instantly.

It works in three phases such as upload the image than Background Burner will do all processes and finally provides you edited image in JPG or PNG format. The tool also gives you built-in features to choose a new background for your image and replace it.

The core features of Background Burner include Advanced editing tools for the control freaks, Pan and Zoom, Remove white Backgrounds, Works with images or clip art, Unlimited Undo, Social sharing, and Fully-automated batch processing.

It is a single-page interface that saves alpha transparency. It can integrate with eBay, Amazon, Shopify, or another platform if you sell online by providing you custom website features.

#14 Exacto


Exacto is an online tool that helps you to erase the background of images for free with the help of a pen selection facility. It is available in advanced desktop systems, recently also available on iPad and iPhone with efficient implementation.

It uses to remove background or to create cut-outs instantly. It becomes an essential part of professional toolbox, artists, and photographers because it provides many optional features for customizing pictures. It allows you perfect pixel selections and set contrast in no time.

It has the ability to improve the user experience, such as instant preview, auto-save option, unlimited redo/undo, and many others. Top features of Exacto includes Image Editing, Right-click drill down, PNG Compression facility. The tool can insert and delete points in anywhere selection that make it different from others. Exacto offers a free trial as well as secure paid options.

#15 Fluid Mask


Fluid Mask is an online cut-out tool that allows you to separate objects from the background with automatic analysis of colors and deduction. It helps you to create intricate images with batter compositions. It also focuses on the gradients and texture of the pictures.

The tool works as a Photoshop plugin and freestanding application in which you need to select segments to keep, then auto-fill with delete and finally create cutout quickly and efficiently. It is a still-image cutting tool that allows you to select the blurred, undefined areas and cut them without affecting the original state of the picture.

The core features of the Fluid Mask tool include Brushes, Localized edge options, color-based selection with edge finding, and intelligent edge blending facility. It also gives you onscreen help and guidance during editing in the tip popup screen.

It offers a limited free trial and a paid version for photographers and professional designers. The tool provides a full description of itself in the form of offline videos as well


0 is an online tool that helps you Remove Image Background. It is free to use, and the core functionality is to remove the existing picture’s background with ease. Upload an image or drop a file to begin the remove-image background process. The tool gives the facility to remove the background of images without any extra clicks; you need to put the image on the specific area, and the tool will automatically remove the background instantly. can integrate with your software workflow including WooCommerce, Adobe Photoshop, and also compatible with Web-based systems as well as mobile platforms. It is specially designed for Photographers, Marketing, Developers, Car Dealership, eCommerce as well as for individuals. The tool provides multiple features such as backgrounds that are available for free to add to your transparent background. It gives one free credit for a free account and offers subscription plans as well as custom plan facilities.

#17 Unscreen


Unscreen is a web-based application that automatically removes the background from your video. The application uses advanced technology that automatically detects and removes the background from all video sizes with just a single click. You need to upload your video and hit the OK button. Within a second, your video is ready that you can freely save and directly share with others.

The platform supports almost all the leading video formats, including mp4, MOV, gif, WebM, etc., and you can easily remove background from all sizes of videos. Unscreen also comes with an advanced-level video editing feature that allows you to make your video more by applying filters, effects, and all the other things. Unscreen is a commercial background remover that offers multiple price plans.

#18 Inpaint


Inpaint is a web-based application that allows you to remove unwanted objects from your images with minimum effort easily. With the help of this, you can easily remove background and all kinds of objects with just a single click. The application can work with almost all the leading image formats, including JPG, BMP, PNG, etc.

The best thing about this solution is that it uses the surrounding pixels to remove an unwanted object from your photo without leaving any traces, regardless of thinking about the watermark, and text, etc. The object selection of the application is quite easy to understand. You need to enter the object; it will automatically select the object.

It also comes with a built-in photo editor that offers a range of effects, filters, and all the leading photo editing tools that make it a comprehensive solution. Inpaint is free to use the application, and you can access its service anywhere around the world.