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SureMDM is a powerful enterprise mobility management software used by startups and small and medium-sized businesses in order to secure, monitor and manage both company and employee-owned mobile devices. It supports Android, iOS and Windows phone devices and delivers a complete experience on each device… read more

10 SureMDM Alternatives & Similar Software


1. MediaContact

MediaContact is a powerful enterprise mobility and remote device management software that simplifies tasks and ensure remote device security. It is specially designed for mobile and fixes remote computing and allow users to manage device management services and data sync from a single platform. The solution allows managing corporate mobile devices including smartphone and tablets, corporate data and business apps. MediaContact is also best for managing remote devices such as POS devices, desktop workstation and all kind of embedded systems. It is a complete solution and contains all the major mobile device management and mobility tools to work well for a variety of industries and activities. The solution comes as the alternative to Microsoft Intune MDM solution, but it introduces some new features and tools that make it stronger than others. MediaContact most prominent features include a mobile device, application and content management, app updating, device monitoring, application kiosk, retail POS management and inventory management etc. It is a commercial MDM solution and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and key benefits.


2. Countly Analytics

Countly Analytics is an open-source data analytic solution specially designed to the platform for Mobile Analytics, Web Analytics, Mobile Performance Management and Mobile Marketing. It collects all the information from devices and clear image of this data that provide you highly actionable insights from your users that you can use to improve your product further. The solution enables all the marketing officers, IT administrators and product managers to discover ways to greatly enhance their marketing campaigns, client engagement and app performance by delivering complete insights into how their application behaves in different scenarios. By giving companies critical information about their users and their mobile applications, Countly Analytics allows them to bolster customer loyalty and retention further, improve the usability and spot bottlenecks, resolve issues an achieve advantages over the completion. The solution is known as the one the best end-to-end platform for mobile application, web and game analytics. Countly includes key features such as enterprise analytics, complete user profile, crash reporting and segmentation etc.


3. SOTI MobiControl

SOTI MobiControl is an enterprise mobility management software that secures, remotely supports and manage iOS, Android, Linux, macOS and Windows devices through their entire lifecycle from deployment to retirement. It is a most powerful solution that controls all aspect of business mobility, and IoT tracking all the physical assets, manage all the application content as well as keep all the data and applications are safe and secure. The solution has a proven track record for managing rugged, special-purpose and IoT devices used in key industries including healthcare, retail and filed services etc. It also removes the complexity from managing a multi-OS and multi-purpose business mobility program. The solution is specially made for those who want to make their increase their employee productivity and make sure they are set up according to the company mobility policies through the integration with device OEM rapid enrollment solutions. With SOTI MobiControl, the company can employ a complete suite of mobile content and application management tools to empower their workers. Organization use its content management in order to get secure access to the business files on the device, regardless if the files are situated in the cloud or within the company’s network. Unlike Intune and MDM solution it also has a list of key features that make it stronger than others.


4. PeakMobile

PeakMobile is an all-in-one MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution that helps businesses reduce costs, save time and enhance visibility. It takes care of the routine MDM and gaining tasks as well as optimizes carrier billing. It has an easy to use dashboard provides real-time information for all carriers that helps prevent unnecessary charges such as data overage and international roaming. Information of all line is viewable in real-time, which includes all the U.S. carriers. Finding high usage in a matter of few clicks, while allotments can also be easily created for specific users. It also delivers notification when certain allotment reaches the threshold that makes it easier to avoid overage and enable businesses to cut costs down and effortlessly monitor data, international and another cellular usage. PeakMobile offers order to support service, which includes newline orders, upgrades and more. It keeps an eye on the special promotions and packages, which can help to reduce cost. The billing reports can be customized according to company billing and other departments while detailed monthly reports save time that otherwise might be spent on manually enter data. It ensures that businesses are taken advantages of the best available pricing, and their routine rate plans are optimized to trim downs cost. Overall, PeakMobile is a power that manages your all the major tasks.


5. JimmyControl

JimmyControl is user-friendly mobile device management or classroom device management software that assists teachers in gaining control of the usage of the device by their students during the class time and focusing their attention on their academic, despite the platforms being different. With this MDM solution, IT professionals and teachers can monitor their student’s activities from a single device. The solution is automatically setup though administrators have the option to configure the system manually. In addition, it has access to built-in documentation in case they need quick technical assistance. In order to make it user-friendly and easy to use, it introduces a simple yet powerful dashboard where users can access it all features without any limitations. Unlike other, it also includes key features such as streamlined lesson destitution, device enrollment and management, automatic setup, token renewal, web filter, app-lock and multi-platform support etc. JimmyControl is a really a powerful educational solution that helps the school in their digital transformation, try it out.


6. GO Enterprise MDM

GO Enterprise MDM is a multi-platform, flexible deployment mobile device management for an empowered mobile workforce. The solution is created by Globo Plc to support not just Android and iOS but Windows and BlackBerry as well. With this board range, businesses can reduce costs in electronic appliance acquisition as they can find ones that fit their budgets needs the most. One of the best features of this solution is that it as a graphical dashboard where all device managers can monitor how employees utilize their provided appliances. This lets the company ensure that their personnel are performing work-related tasks with the company resources, especially during work hours. In addition, this is a way for companies to prevent anomalous activities. GO Enterprise MDM also has the secure app and file distribution that enable employees to retrieve sensitive information from the corporate database. These require utmost protection that is why this program affords companies the tools for securing classified and confidential data. Real-time statistics and report, simple dashboard, policies and compliance management and device transitioning these are also features of the solution. GO Enterprise MDM is a commercial solution and has different price plans.


7. Amtel MDM Solution

Amtel MDM Solution is a leading mobile apps management solution that helps enterprise customers oversee over both company-owned and private mobile devices throughout an organization. With this, users can utilize it integrated, full-featured mobile apps management functionalities to ensure policy compliance, increase cost savings and boost productivity etc. The program is capable of restricting app usage and blocking certain programs. App access can be controlled based on device location and time windows, while app data can be protected by sharing in secure containers. It also sets up and manages enterprise app stores and pushes apps and updates. Amtel MDM Solution is a complete solution and contains all the major tools and services to manage all the tasks and deliver a realistic experience. The software solution can also manage a mobile application’s lifecycle from purchasing and remotely provisioning, to running management task including configuration, distribution, updates and removal. Amtel MDM Solution also includes prominent features such as public application management, Apple VPP management enterprise app store and more. Overall, it is one of the best MDM solutions compared to the others.


8. MobileIron EMM

MobileIron EMM is a modern and secure software for enterprise-wide management of mobile devices. It allows companies around the world to transform their business by enabling BYOD in order to for them to become Mobile First entities. The solution supports this by applying policies to Android and iOS and Windows devices as well as offers all the high level of flexibility for companies and their employees. MobileIron EMM is an alternative to Microsoft Intune and offers all the major features with some advanced services in order to more realistic experience. With this mobile device management solution, organizations are assured of a strong platform that increases overall employee productivity while securing sensitive corporate information. As compared to all the other same solutions, it is more secure for an employee by allowing companies to selectively configure settings for emails and other similar application across different operating systems. By implementing this, it can rest assured that corporate data are inaccessible to the unauthorized application and are safe from potential threats. MobileIron EMM also has lots of exciting features that make it more interesting for your company. Do try it out, if you need a secure Mobile Device Management solution.


9. Miradore Online

Miradore Online is a free and easy to use Mobile Device Management software, which allow users to fully secure their mobile devices, and automate multiple tasks like the configuration or modification of email accounts, Wi-Fi setting and password remotely. It the case that a device is lost or stolen, the solution lets users remotely wipe all the information contained within the device, change the password and more. It comes with a clean and user-friendly interface that makes utilization a breeze, even for novice users. With Miradore Online, managing mobile device becomes less complicated. Users can enjoy total visibility of all the mobile assets listed with the system such as the name of users, time and IP. The free version packs a wallop allow small businesses to secure the unlimited amount of devices without shelling out a single cent. Its free version is the perfect introduction for businesses that want to experience the benefits of securing their mobile devices, providing them with a free taste if how mobile device management can benefit their business. It is one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Intune and offers all the major features and services. Miradore Online most prominent features include automatic device recognition, deploy management, inventory management, remote update, location tracking and much more. Try it out; it is best for all size of businesses.


10. Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune or just Intune is a Mobile Device Management software. It is a part of the Azure portal and can be acquired as the standalone program or as inclusion in enterprise mobility and security packages. As compared to the other similar MDM solution, it is a cost-effective platform as the price per user is not prohibitive. Intune is an HTML-based console, so it is easily available from the cloud through any up-to-date browser. All the tools are seamlessly accessible from its uncluttered and user-friendly dashboard, enabling the users to find or generate the information they need swiftly. The best part about this application is that it offers secure productivity. The secure protocol has a way of disrupting employee productivity. But with the help of this solution, businesses allow their personnel to go about their tasks professionally while resting assured that their data are protected against all kind of cybersecurity. Intune offer flexible data control; organizations have the ability to secure important information in devices provided for by the management, employee devices enrolled in the network and those owned by associates and third-parties. This way, it can enable different kinds of users in order to complete their responsibilities and go through the workflow effortlessly while ensuring that access to confidential files is limited to a certain group of people. It also has lots of interesting facts that make it better than others. Try it out.

More About SureMDM

SureMDM is a powerful enterprise mobility management software used by startups and small and medium-sized businesses in order to secure, monitor and manage both company and employee-owned mobile devices. It supports Android, iOS and Windows phone devices and delivers a complete experience on each device. The solution is comprised of multiple components that include MDM (mobile device management), mobile application management and mobile identity management etc. The best thing about this application is that it allows the user the capability to enrol devices quickly through QR code scanning, enrol multiple devices at once, perform app and device provisioning that tracks device locations in real-time through the aid of a map and monitor the health of the device. Its mobile application management also allows administrators to specify the application that employees can access as well as control access permissions. With regard to mobile content management, it enables organizations to have their employee securely access business-related files and documents from a different device to help them increase their productivity.

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