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System Frontier is a simple software solution that simplifies privilege management for Windows operating system. With this solution, you can restrict users’ access to certain processes, services, schedule tasks and more in order to ensure that only those with proper skills and authorization can control and modify them… read more
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12 System Frontier Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Neuron ESB

Neuron ESB is the fastest growing application integration and SOA platform for Microsoft .NET Stack that connect a line of business systems and application in the cloud or on premises. This comprehensive solution built for companies on Microsoft .Net stack, the enterprise service bus aims to helps developers to easily deploy new integrations as for as possible and facilitate quick adoption of service-oriented architecture. Its tool for project management, messaging, workflow and reporting are provided to assist with integration connection and deployment. Neuron ESB is a comprehensive solution that comes with all the major tools and features in order to deliver a complete solution in one platform. Utilizing it’s management tools, developers can manage integration projects from end-to-end, tracking activity in real-time and monitoring the health of existing operating tools. By leverage Microsoft’s server infrastructure, the solution also enables to manage their integration using the same features and capabilities. Neuron ESB’s most prominent features such as drag and drop, data connector, activity tracking, auditing, routing options, remote monitoring, search functionality and activity dashboard, etc. If you are looking for a feature-rich IT management solution, then try it out, Neuron ESB is an excellent option for you.


2. Scribe Online

Scribe Online is a powerful, robust iPaaS Cloud for services such as migration, replication, and integration and from cloud-based and on-premise application. It is specially designed for system integrators, SaaS providers, IT professional and businesses analysts, etc. The solution offers a graphical code-free interface and pre-built connectors in order to accelerate your integration products. Scribe Online comes with the aims to take the hassle out the integration process and deliver creators and business analysts with the nimbleness they need. Dozens of built-in connectors for different technologies and apps help accelerate integration projects, while the cloud-based service makes the whole process easier and quicker. It enables the business to create real-time integrations including ERP and CRM or marketing and helps in unified migration of data between compaines applications and from one system to another. Scribe Online is known as an all-in-one platform that is able to satisfy all cloud integration that need to ranging from loading text files to data sync around several apps. The replication services also enable businesses to easily copy their data to the premise-based database for analysis, while migration service helps load, extract and transform data from one app to another easily. One of the best thing about this solution is that it comes with real-time data synchronization that makes it better than others. Scribe Online prominent features include graphical UI, read to go connectors, integration, self-documenting interface, cloud, and on-premise app integration and high-performance processing, etc. All-in-all, Scribe Online is an excellent IT management and Data integration tool for all size of businesses.


3. K3

K3 is a powerful data-integration solution for use with both clouds and on-premise applications such as CRM, general ledgers, trading systems, order management, and operating systems, etc. It offers users a library of off-the-shelf adapters to connect an application from modern, cloud-based to on-premise data legacy data systems. With this users can make changes to integrations from within the graphical user interface without any need for coding experience. K3 comes as the alternative to Bedrock Data and offers all prominent features with some new tools and services in order to deliver enhanced the experience. An email alert is generated in real-time in response to user access issues, failed data transfers and configuration errors, the data is encrypted with 256-bit salted encryption and K3 capture all user action in a full audit trail. Just like other, K3 also includes key features such as adapter templates, cloud software integration, business rules engine, email alerts, routing, protocol conversation, and streaming ETL, etc. If you are looking for a feature-rich data integration solution, then try it out, it is designed for you.


4. Bedrock Data

Bedrock Data is software for cloud-integration and data management software with the solution for CRM. ERP, Sales, Marketing, Email Marketing, Finance, and support Integrations, etc. As compared to all the other data management solution, it is a bit different and offers all the core features with some new tools and services. Its dashboard shows the volume of data synchronized over time, recent activities and breakdown of unique records synced and enable users to manage all of their integration in the single but powerful interface. The software enables users to set up continuous integration between multiple business systems using API or login information including Zoho, Salesforce, and Zendesk, etc. Users can automatically create field maps with names, emails, and phone numbers and create unlimited custom mappings for data sync. Bedrock Data’s custom workflow enables users to specify and limit that records should be synchronized such as limiting record synched to their CRM based on lead quality or scoring. The integrations can be set up to only sync data going forward in time or also sync all historical data, and the user can choose a custom sync delay between runs. Data filter, sync limits, finance integration, past, and future data sync and add custom filed these are core features of the solution. Bedrock Data is really a powerful Cloud-Integration as compared to the other.


5. MozyPro

MozyPro is a cloud backup solution that enables you to run backups and schedule them without any limitation. With this, you can set it and forget it, and it will be automatically doing backups daily, weekly and monthly. It is an official product of EMC, the most leading and largest data storage platform. This scalable and secure platform is able to safeguard your important files, just as it does for millions of other users and thousands of organization worldwide. For these, the solution utilizes high tech servers in top tier data centers that implement round the clock network and system monitoring and robust facility protection. MozyPro gives you the option to have your backups managed by MozyPro’s extensive network of partners with expertise to deliver top of the line service that enables you precious time to focus on your business. It also delivers managed corporate or personal encryption keys so only you have data access. MozyPro also includes core features such as schedule and automatic backup, customization, backup of the server, data seeding, data recovery and restore, file syncing and mobile support and access, etc. Try it out.


6. Clearlogin

Clearlogina is a cloud-based IT security management solution that delivers features and tools for the administrators to ensure safe and risk-free access to the cloud for its authorized personnel. The most prominent feature of the solution includes access management, identity management, password management, branding of users login pages, data visualization, and reporting, etc. With the help of this security solution, administrators and managers can give or revoke the complete access from a person with just a single click. Also, its user-friendly interface for the administrators shows all the login activity in the form of snapshots, statistics, and reports. Clearlogin is an excellent solution that also enables users to manage all the access management tasks and security action from anytime any location. It is fully optimized for the mobiles and tablets devices that enable managers to do all the task without worrying about location. Also, the risk-based authentication enables the administrators to improve the security measure before any security breach happens. This application’s ability to seamlessly integrate with all the major 3rd-party applications, services, tools and platforms that make it possible for the users to improve the capability of their solution and customize its functionality according to their requirements. Clearlogin is a commercial IT security solution and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and benefits.


7. WaveMaker

WaveMaker is a leading IT development solution that allows businesses and organizations to create custom applications for their business in order to streamline their workflow, enhance overall productivity and efficiency without the need to deal with any codes and the complications they bring. The solution is designed to help users develop and deploy applications that address their needs and requirements without spending a significant amount of money, time and effort. It is a powerful solution and comes with all the key features that enable you to create your own applications with own infrastructure and create them on technologies they can trust such as LDAP, Oracle SQL, and PostgreSQL, etc. On the top, developers and managers can collaborate via its communication and sharing tools in order to ensure that the applications they build meet their requirements and specifications. WaveMaker Rapid delivers you with API-driven development and supper Microservice-based app deliver. The app provides consumer-grade user experience even though they have enterprise-grade security and architecture. Unlike others, it also has a list of core features that make it more powerful. Try it out; WaveMaker is a comprehensive IT Development tool for everyone.


8. OnGoBuyo

OnGoBuyo is a powerful IT development solution that allows businesses to create native e-commerce application for Android and iOS devices. The solution help businesses to easily connect with their buyers and prospects, simplify their shopping processes and deliver them with the perfect customer service experience through their mobile and tablet devices. With this comprehensive development solution, users can get a complete white-labeled solution that they can use to create applications that are designed under their company’s name and include all the brand elements such as logos, colors for absolute brand control. It also offers real-time cart management and selection of payment gateways you can embed on your application to further create a similar mobile shopping experience. The best thing about this developed solution is that it comes with lots of new customization options and to help them create an application that has their corporate elements such as custom color to match the theme of their site as well as promotions from their store. This tool also now offers support for multiple currencies and languages that is a useful feature for the store which caters to international clients, businesses organizations. Through this, you can set your mobile store to maintenance and construction mode. This is a very functional feature especially when you are still building your mobile e-commerce application or in the process of instructing changes to your store. OnGoBuyo also includes core features such as mass push notification, custom color selection, personalized offer notifications, Maintenace and live mode, customization and much more. Overall, OnGoBuyo is a powerful IT Development solution for all size of businesses.


9. Shoonya

Shoonya is an advanced level IT Security Management software solution that is designed to help enterprise secure their enterprise devices via the full stack platform that scans hardware, operating systems, cloud connection, and all the other security threats. With all these base covered, developers can easily able to create and deploy applications on trusted devices and other hardware without putting too much thought on managing all their device fleet and update on operating systems. It is a feature-rich security solution and designed for all size of businesses. The solution has a specific focus on retail and transportation industries and with this retailers can leverage Shoonya’s security capabilities in order to help them create ultimate and very secure shopping experience of their customers. With the help of this solution, you can easily select and label specific vendors, brands, hardware, and ODMs as Trusted. This functionality allows you to create a network of trusted hardware endpoint that helps secure your devices form all integrity issues and failure. To make it a comprehensive solution, Shoonya comes with all the core features. Such as device cloud, secure mobile OS, full disk encryption, automatic device lockdown rules, intelligent attack surface reduction, and enhanced network security and monitoring, etc. Try it out, Shoonya is an excellent IT security management solution.


10. MQTT Buddy

MQTT Buddy is a free comprehensive IoT application that provides you absolute control over your IoT devices. It is a new MQTT Client specially designed for Android, iOS and Windows mobile users and available to use in multiple languages such as English, Chinese and Russian, etc. The solution makes connecting to MQTT Broker quite fast and simple; you can easily subscribe to multiple topics and publish your messages with ease and speed. On the top of that, it’s Pro version comes with numbers of new tools and features that increase your app’s functionality and adds more benefits to the users such as auto connect, a huge collection of icons and lots of new kind of buttons. MQTT Buddy also provides users with the unique option of automated actions, whenever they are connected to the server, users can easily create the numbers of scenarios of actions without the home servers. Another major fact that should be a highlight is that MQTT Buddy provides its own public MQTT Broker that make it better than others. There is also a list of core features that make it a simple but efficient IoT application for all size of application developers.


11. Cloud Defender

Cloud Defender is a feature-rich IT security software designed by Alert Logic to help DevOps security professionals and application owners protect cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environment. This a robust threat management solution that combines threat intelligence, an industry-leading security solution, and expert capabilities in order to deliver unmatched insights and optimal threat coverage around all environment. It adopts an integrated, hands-on, knowledge-center approach to security that protects sensitive data from all kinds of advanced threats. Cloud Defender is an ideal platform for users looking to reduce security risk and remedy suspicious activities expediently. It is a continuously advanced solution that employs machine learning and seamless threat management approach in order to implement an even-stronger and ever-smarter security coverage. Some of its key features include Asset discovery, Threat risk, and index, threat hunting, incident response assistance, and attack prevention capabilities, etc. Try it out; Cloud Defender is an excellent security feature as compared to the others.


12. Dell Boomi AtomSphere

Dell Boomi AtomSphere is an IT Management solution that you can use to connect your data, applications and people seamlessly. It is a powerful solution that utilizes the power of cloud technology to handle your workflow from end-to-end. The solution empowers digital transformation in your organization by taking care of complex technical challenges in order to leave you focused on driving businesses growth and success. Through a hybrid IT landscape, you can integrate your applications and data sources with ease. As compared to most of the leading IT management solution, it is more powerful and offers essential functionalities to leverage connection, and these tools include a master data hub, workflow automation, API design and management, application development and business-to-business management. The solution also gives a 360-degree view of your business powered with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) for smart insights. Dell Boomi AtomSphere is a comprehensive enterprise integration Platform as a Service. There is no hardware or software required to manage, all the upgrades are automatic, and the solution is scalable and secure. You can easily create, deploy and manage your integrations with effortless ease. Build, publish and manage APIs throughout their lifecycle. It is a feature-rich solution and has different price plans for all size of businesses.

More About System Frontier

System Frontier is a simple software solution that simplifies privilege management for Windows operating system. With this solution, you can restrict users’ access to certain processes, services, schedule tasks and more in order to ensure that only those with proper skills and authorization can control and modify them. It enables you to make certain that your every component of your corporate network is in top working condition. Also, you can make perfect use of your existing tool with the System Frontier. That is because you can store PowerShell and other scripts in the web-based toolbox for you to use them with ease. System Frontier offers a powerful dashboard where you can access it all tools, services, and features that help you easily create any size of the application without any limitation. All the action on this platform is stored in the software’s database that lets you create accurate reports, especially for compliance needs. Also, you can use these to ensure that user deployed actions that are within the bounds of appropriate movements. Access limitation, manageable objects dashboard, computer management console, audit and compliance reporting these are the core features of the solution. Do try it out, System Frontier is an excellent IT management solution as compared to the others.