Taffy is a fantastic dating app that enables you to meet new people with physical attraction in a funny way. This mobile app helps its users to find and meet new people right on their mobile phones. It allows you to make friendship with new people for love, advice, and whatever you want.

People can browse photos that appears blurry with catchy headlines unless you start a conversation with someone. You can receive requests and start conversations with new people, and then your profile picture automatically becomes clear.

Users can generate clever headlines rather than profiles so that they can have posts for different purposes. People can create new jobs by selecting their media, add hashtags they like, write an impressive headline, and see where it goes.

Taffy – Meet, Chat, and Date mobile app enable its users to meet with new people, get to know about them, and enjoy doing this. This fantastic mobile app has so much fun where people can reveal information about others by dating. Users can enjoy and experience this social platform to make new friends right on their mobile devices.


Taffy Alternatives

#1 Stud or Dud


Stud or Dud is an amazing mobile application that allows users to check the background of new people within seconds right on their mobile devices. Amber Higgins introduced this application to make online dating safe and secure by analyzing the histories of people. You can check people’s experiences before dating them using their names and mobile numbers.

This application helps you access publicly available information to find details about people around you. Stud or Dud mobile application enables you to find the background information of people you meet every day, including their property ownership, criminal records, contact information, court records, professional licenses, bankruptcies, and many other details.

It is one of the most confidential apps that provide transparency and safety to users online on their mobile phones. You can enjoy dating new people after analyzing their information using online dating sites such as stud or Dud to make sure that someone is who they say they are or not.


#2 Yubo


Yubo (Yellow) is a Social Media Mobile Application developed and published by Twelve Apps for Android and iOS platforms. The app allows you to meet new friends and have fun with them, just like Facebook, Snapcat, and all other similar apps. It makes the friendship on the next level and makes a party and meeting with cool people.

Yubo app has a swipe feature that allows you to meet new friends from all over the world by swiping right, swipe left to pass. There are more than 15 million users around the world, which means you have enough amount of options to meet new people.

It also offers a one-on-one chat option with your new friends in private conversations. During the conversation, you can send unlimited messages, images, videos, and all the other media stuff. Just like Facebook, it also has a GO Live system that allows you to go live with more than 10 people at the same time.

Livestreams are public can be seen as an unlimited amount of watchers. Viewers can interact with streamers through the live chat. Yubo app also includes lots of prominent features such as free to use, make unlimited friends, fast conversation, live streaming, group chat, and more.

#3 Aste


Aste is a learning application that allows its users to maximize their learning skills in the field of technical education. This application enables its users to get access to technology, technology integration and connectivity to information resources.

The Alaska Society for Technology in Education (ASTE) mobile app helps its users to explore education in technology using Aste resources. It lets you share and exchange ideas, materials, techniques, advice, and procedures for the use of education of technology.

You can explore, capture, connect, and reflect a selfie captured from your mobile phone to share with friends. This application allows its users to engage with The Alaska Society for their carriers, exploring new businesses, sharing new ideas, and other educational stuff.

Users can experience Aste mobile app features in the field of education and technology. It also helps you to save files and links, check meeting schedules, and create polls. Aste users can increase their learning experience and explore new ideas generating techniques by accessing Aste technology and information.


#4 Nearify


Nearify is a free mobile app that allows you to discover all the events that you love the most and on the topic you like. It covers almost all the events happening near to you and had already covered more than 20 million events from all around the world till now.

It has a massive community of users over the world who can discover, find, and share amazing events on Nearify. With the help of this platform, you can easily find which events your friends are liking as well as attending when their favorite artists, musicians, singers, and comedians came.

Just like the other similar applications, Nearify app also offers a secure and effective chatting options to allow its users to chat with members to discuss events. After finding your event, you can also share it with friends through social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.

Nearify app offers lots of prominent features such as daily updates with new events, join a community, simple and easy to use, find events based on your location, and invite friends. Nearify is one of the best places for those to join events and meet new peoples.

#5 Bumble Date


Bumble Date is one of the best dating and career-building apps that enables its users to start building valuable relationships and empowering connections. This mobile application allows its users to foster more than just the romantic relation.

Bumble Date is an industry-leading app that helps its users to make valuable and potential relations across different modes. Users can expand their friendship circle on new places or cities through its Bumble BFF feature.

This mobile application has lots of features like Bumble Date, Bumble Bizz, and Bumble BFF, which people are enjoying across the world. Female users can make the first move to start a meaningful relationship with the opposite sex by sending a connection proposal. The proposal will expire after 24 hours automatically if there is no response.

People can use the feature Bumble Bizz for their business, networks, finding mentors, and creating new career opportunities. People from all over the world are using this app due to its unique features, for example, building new relations on respect standards, career opportunities, and more.