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21 Apps Like TAP

TAP – Chat Stories by Wattpad that allows watching as a story unfolds through text messages, phone calls and videos. It is the world’s largest storytelling community that allows you to read, write and share exciting stories. The app contains all kinds of stuff including love stories, fashion, health and lifestyle etc. TAP by Wattpad is an alternative to a Hooked community but offers lots new services and advanced features that make it better than others. It is a fast and straightforward mobile application available to use on Android and iOS platforms; you can access it anytime anywhere around the world. In order to read the stories, it offers two different options such as explore genres and place title the on the search bar. With the help of this platform, you can easily discover stories for any mood including horror, romance and nail-biting dramas etc. The app is also best for the writer that allows you to write your own chat stories and share it with the others. Follow your favourite publisher, communicate with other users, make new friends, mini writing contest, learn something new about writing, share own chat stories and user-friendly interface these are most prominent features of the app. Do try it out, TAP and enjoyable reading and writing the app.

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1. Wattpad

Android iOS Phone
Wattpad is an Application for readers and writer where you can discover new user-generated stories, spanning across different genres such as classics, general fiction, historical fiction, and poetry etc. The ultimate objective of this platform is to remove the traditional barriers between readers and writer by creating strong social communities around the stories. The app provides the writers with an opportunity to promote their work reach across the wide and…

2. Movellas

Android iOS
Discover the world with free access to thousands of exciting stories. Movellas is #1 social writing platform for teenagers who love to read, write and share creative stories. It gives you the opportunity to share stories with friends around the world on Movellas online, the social community that connects people over the world through personal novellas. With the help of this application, you can share your experience with other users,…

3. Hooked

Android iOS
Hooked is a Free Mobile Application that lets you read amazing chat stories on your smartphone. All the stories you read in this application are presented as though they were chatting conversations so the reading experience is very dynamic. The way hooked work is very easy, each time you need the tap on the screen and you’ll see a new line of text from the chat. After you have received…

4. Addicted

Addicted created and published by The AwesomeCompany. The app lets you read exciting scared chat stories free without pauses. Just like other scary story applications, every Addicted story is told as the bite-sized text conversation as if you were reading someone else’s chat history. The app not only contains scary chat stories, but you can also get lots of other categories including Adventure, Romance, Horror, and lifestyle etc. Addicted Application…

5. TapTap

Read, Write and Share addictive chat stories for free with TapTap. It is a free mobile application developed by James Keaney. The app allows you to hook on the fun and exciting stories that drop you right into the action as if you are watching someone else’s texts. TapTap is available to use on Android platform only, and you can access it anytime anywhere around the world even you do…

6. Chattales

Android iOS
Chattales is a Free Mobile Application that allows you to enjoy creepy, scary and horror chat stories. The app has a massive collection of professionally written stories which consists of multiple genres including love, romance, fiction, horror, mystery and scary etc. If you love to read the book and short stories than the platform are specially made for you that allows you just tab on the screen and read unlimited…

7. Lure

Lure: Read Chat Fiction features a massive collection of chat fiction, short stories told with text messages like if you were reading somebody else’s conversation history. It contains multiple types of stories including suspense fuelled thrillers and horror stories to hilarious group chat. The app delivers all the traditional stories in a gripping, attractive new way. You just need to tab to reveal the next message and read the story…


Android iOS
HOOKE – Scary Chat Stories – Hooked on Texts created by Touch Story. The app is specially made for those who love reading. It can get boring when stories are too long, but with the help of this platform, you can make your reading experience snappy, spooky and fun. Each story on the HOOKE is told as the short text message conversation that increases your reading interest. Every chat will…

9. Cliffhanger

Discover epic stories on Cliffhanger developed by Hype Bits. It is a free mobile application where you can read the chat stories. The app is specially made for those who are a true fan of short stories which allows the user to snoop on thrilling conversations as they unfold before your eyes. Cliffhanger has a massive collection of stories and also regularly update with new contents. It is not just…

10. Scary Chat Stories

Read Scared Chat Stories on your smartphones? Here is the best platform for you named as Scary Chat Stories – Hooked on Texts. It is an enjoyable application for all the ages who read, write and share scared chat stories. These are scary, engrossing nail-biting horrors which will keep you reading through the day. On Scary Chat Stories you can read thousands of stories with friends all over the world.…

11. Yarn

Android iOS
Yarn – Chat Fiction is a Free Social Mobile Application for those who love read, write and share text stories. Every story on the Yarn is told as the short text conversation as if you were watching someone else’s text messages, whether it is hypothetical conversations between two of your favourite celebs or a group chat after accidentally linking an ex’s image on Instagram. The app always delivers enjoyable stuff…

12. Penned

Android iOS
Penned – Read and Write a Story created by Blurty. It is another social writing application that enables the best way to read, write and share stories of truth or fiction with your followers, friends and the world. It is completely free application and available to use on Android and iOS devices. It is an alternative app to Hooked and offers lots of similar services with some new features. Penned…

13. Inkvite

Inkvite is the best writing community that enables you to share your stories, collaborate with others and make new friends through fiction. It is a simple and powerful social way to write that helps you to learn something new about writing and discover new ideas. Inkvite also allows you to read all your favourite topics form Horror to FanFiction and Romance to Sic-Fi. It is a simple and easy to…

14. Sweek

Android iOS
Sweek.Free Books and Stories is a Mobile Application that helps you read, write and share stories all over the world. The app provides the opportunity to publish their stories and books, reach new fans, receive valuable opinions and feedback and get noticed. It is also best for readers that allows you to discover free stories and book from all over the world. Mystery, Romance, Fiction, Adventure, Classics Poetry you’ll get…

15. Book Breaks

Android iOS
Book Breaks developed by Harlequin Enterprises Limited. It is the perfect app for reading romance stories. It contains massive collection stories that fit your mood and also update with the new chapter in order to deliver and engaging content. The app is available to use on Android and iOS platforms, you can access it anytime anywhere around the world. The most interesting and enjoyable thing about this application is that…

16. Penana

Android iOS
Penana is a free social publication mobile application that is specially designed for aspiring writers who have thousands of creative ideas to convey through fictional stories in both serial and collaborative formats. With the help of this platform, you can read and explore stories and creative writings in various fiction and non-fiction genres writing by aspiring writers with intriguing ideas and perspective. It is an enjoyable platform for those who…

17. Shorti

Android iOS
Shorti – Short Stories developed by BrownBoxWorks. It is a short story writing platform that allows you express your imaginations, create and share short stories and poems of more than 1500 words. Whether it’s Action, Horror, or Romance. You can discover amazing stories from the rapidly growing community of writers. It is a free mobile application available to use in Android and iOS platform, and you can access it anytime…

18. Books & Writing Amino

Android iOS
Books & Writing Amino is a fast-growing reading and writing mobile community application created by Narvii Inc. The app is specially made for those who love to read, want to share their writing and get feedback and discuss he book. It allows you to meet new friends from all over the world who share your passion. Add your best books to your favourite collection in order to showcase your interests.…

19. Pocket Writers

Android iOS
Pocket Writers is another Social platform for those who want to enjoy reading and writing stories developed by It is a free application and available to use on Android and iOS platforms only. The app delivers something for everyone who enjoys reading from classic stories to your friend stories. As compared to others it offers simple user-interface and remembers your position within the story with its unique automatic bookmarking…

20. Mirakee

Android iOS
Mirakee is a free to use writing and blogging platform that is connecting a global community through the power of words. The app is also known as Social network platform where writers share their own ideas with each other. It allows you to showcase your quotes, stories, micro-tales, poems, blog, thoughts or any kind of writings and design them into visually stunning posts using creative designing tools. Miracle app is…

21. Medium

Android iOS
Medium is an Online Publishing Application where word matter. It is a network that enables people to make an impression on others. The app is specially made for those people who want to teach or learn something and connect emotionally. It is an alternative app like Hooked and offers lots of similar services with some new features. Medium also is known as the place where conversation pushes ideas forwards, and…

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