Tekken 5


Tekken 5 Alternatives for Nintendo DS

#1 Jump Ultimate Stars


Jump Ultimate Stars is an Arcade, 2D, Fighting, Single and Multiplayer video game created by Ganbarion and published by Nintendo. The game features more than 305 playable characters; each one has its own moves and attacks. Choose one of them and get into the fast-paced battlefield. The gameplay of the game is based on using manage panels that represent characters to build a deck on the four by five grid. The panel comes in multiple shapes and size. It has three different kinds of panels which the player can use in the battle such as Battle, Support, and Help panels. In this game, the ultimate task of the player is hit the block to defeat all the non-player characters. It also offers a combination of different attack that defeats the opponent character in a single attack. Jump Ultimate Stars has lots of modes such as Story Mode, Battle mode, and Practice Mode etc. Each mode of the game consists of multiple levels. Jump Ultimate Stars includes core features such as powerful attacks, unlock new characters, different theme and unlockable panels etc. The game offers smooth controls, fantastic mechanics, and brilliant visual details.