Thanx Media

Thanx Media is a renowned software company which gives facilities of providing different modules and aspect of digital marketing and integrated with social media platform for boosting up the business performance.

The interface of the website is easy to navigate, and it provides all the detail of the services they offer. Thanx Media includes building media files, launching and hosting the services, provide a user end control API, giving a readable data analytical report, and much more.

It has a variety of system which integrate with a different module of the platform and give you a better output. It provides only basic services and does not offer any database solution. The interface of the web-based service is easy to use, and it provides a constructive and navigational graphical interaction function, so you do not face any issue navigating the platform.

The core functionality of the platform provides B2B and B2C integration and work on their basic versions. The contact support feature provides a virtual assistant and gives you a live agent for resolving your issue. It does not offer a trial version but comes with affordable plans. Thanx Media also includes core features such as easy strategy, commerce development, website development, creative designing, manage your WordPress hosting, and provide application support.


Thanx Media Alternatives

#1 Main Street Hub


Main Street Hub is a social media and email marketing service that provides tons of features and gives you a boost for your business. It is a website based solution that integrates with the social platform and manages your business requirement according to the market. It provides a CRM to integrate with the customer requirement, get leads, and get reports directly to the user.

The primary function of the system includes A/B targeting, app manager, hub-reputation, hub-social, hub-site, and offers many other functionalities that will boost the performance of the business by integrating with the strategies on different social platforms. Main Street Hub gets the analytics of online interaction with the consumer business category and gives you are social networking profile mock-up.

It will explain the user’s idea of Business, provide a wide approach for getting new customers, protect your reputation saving time, and much more. The interface program and the web portal service the website is providing is easy to use and gives a navigation feature with a constructive layout.

Main Street Hub gave industrial services quality of content work on social media platforms, and practice a great business plan model, provide 24/7 customer support, etc. The services of Main Street Hub start from $250 per month and so on.


#2 MultiView


MultiView is a marketing company which provides different services for your business and enhances the performance of your sales it will offer a wide variety of option to select which includes social media marketing digital marketing and other marketing tactics.

The primary purpose of the platform is to give you services of marketing only, but it is not limited to giving you the basic services but provide you different resources and agencies which follow up with your case and provide permanent feedback and give you a suggestion for improving the business.

The key aspects and features of MultiView include two categories that are, association and marketers. They both work in different ways and give a B2B digital publishing space. The platform is not only limited to social media integration but also gives you access to other platforms beyond the trending websites.

It is free to be a part of the system, but the services will cost separately. The layout and interface of the system is user-friendly. It offers many features like industry marketing, reviewing cases, providing a reporting session, 24/7 customer support, questionable action feedback, career opportunities, and much more. MultiView is not free and comes with the subscription plan.

#3 Disruptive Advertising


Disruptive Advertising is an advertising company that offers ads for your business, and it also gives you modules for listing your business for promotional sales on other websites and business. The primary function of the site is providing you solutions of tech enable agencies that help different companies to develop and execute a digital marketing growth strategy.

It provides you a solution for business growth and derives a campaign to get a proper customer reach for your business. Disruptive Advertising integrates with a social platform like Facebook and Instagram to directly interact with the consumer. The core features of the application include a web-based platform, digital access of various social platforms, reporting features, data representation, constructive layout, user-friendly interface, and much more.

It is a web-based service and provides an extensive list of solutions. It provides AdWords and Facebook ads, which give you a 32-point audit to identify campaign working and analytics. The service also includes site experience testing, provide a conversion rate by 50% for the client for six months.

It gives the best analytical reporting of Google ads analytics called tracking tag management, heat mapping, and CRM integration to measure the generated revenue for the business. Disruptive Advertising provides a subscription plan for different organizations.


#4 OpenMoves


OpenMoves is a digital marketing agency that has a different solution for your marketing requirement to boost up the business. It provides you campaigns and many other aspects and allows you to connect with the social accounts to get an organic customer reach. It integrated with different strategies and make a campaign for your business separately and work on it.

OpenMoves also provide you with our application programming interface so you can directly interact and reviews the analytical report the companies offer and working on. The core feature of the application includes email creation and testing, automatic campaign blocks, cooperative behavior triggers, list management, heat-map reporting, high-end deliverability, Watchdog predictive algorithm segmentation by behavior and demographics, and many other functionalities.

The software and data representation provides a constructive layout for great navigation purposes. The data representation of the service is in interference and provide an electrical report which is easy to understand. The service is available on Windows, Mac, and web-based platforms, and it is the best solution for small large and medium businesses. The security feature is highly encrypted and provides a fail-safe module. OpenMoves offered 30 days trial and gave a subscription module for the following services.

#5 Walker Sands


Walker Sands is a sophisticated digital marketing platform that allows being a part of a bigger platform for boosting up your business performance and sales promotion. The services it provides are excellent and consist of many exciting and deliverable results. The primary function of the platform is the B2B integration of the campaign.

The company excels in the B2B module, and they provide various options. It also offers a planning phase, delivery Phase, and quality integration. These three modules include assessments, need resource allocations, scope management, ERP module maintenance strategy integration with executive manufacturing system, and integration of product information management system.

The platform integrates with social platforms to boost up the sale and provide our reporting facility for the end-user. Walker Sands excels in creative services, demand generation, public relations, and Web Services. The platform can work with any department, whether it is a related or retail company.

The main feature that makes this platform stand out is the compact Storage for clients that offers daily screen time limit for balance technology use the artificial intelligence-powered recruiting board for value-oriented private equity firms. Walker Sands offer, on example, services, and it comes with a subscription plan.

#6 WebiMax


WebiMax is the renowned award-winning digital marketing agency which is working for over 11 years, and they have been excelling in every department and every aspect of the marketing platform. It provides a dedicated campaign manager that gives you a team of more than 50 marketing experts who custom-built marketing strategies and do not wave contract-based offers.

Additional feature includes reputation management, search engine optimization with the help of Google, online reviews, integrate with social media marketing, and give you comparison and offer local marketing for effective results.

WebiMax is led by lead generation campaigns, which also integrate with website design and follow the online public relations to integrated with the platform and give you a better result. It makes a social media campaign, and of additional marketing tools so you can easily interact with the system. It gives you an API module to directly change some aspects of the campaign as per your requirement.

The security and encryption module save your data from being hacked. The service provides a great interface and has a constructive layout for user navigation and offers a user-friendly GUI. The services of WebiMax are not cheap, but the results speak for themselves.

#7 Mayple


Mayple is one of the leading marketing agency which gave a perfect solution for your social media marketing and promotion requirement. The service excels in providing ad campaigns, marketing campaigns, getting lead generations, and much more. The feedback from the user has been great because this is the most prestigious marketing company which provides a 30 day trial period.

The core feature of the system includes integration of the platform on cloud-based, web-based, and also desktop-based devices. It gives you a full documentation online support and in-person help support for your business.

The marketing feature of the platform includes channel marketing, email marketing, lead management, multi campaign handling, event trigger action, making a contact database, digital marketing assessment include asset sharing reporting and analytics brand control, mobile application, file conversion, workflow management, and so on.

As it is a tool of the 21st century, they also provide an automation module for different aspects like dynamic content segmentation, search marketing, social marketing, lead scoring, content and blogging platform drip campaigns, and much more.

The reporting feature of Mayple is easy to use and provides a user-friendly data representation. The reporting is done in real-time. It also gives you forecast marketing reports, financial reports, drag and drop facility, data source connection, and much more. It comes with an optimizable dashboard. The interface is easy to use and constructive.

#8 Boostability Inc


Boostability Inc is one of the most appreciated and easy to use cooperative digital advertising solution which provides E-Commerce businesses solution and offers additional advertising services for your business improvements. It gives campaign features and digital marketing services options for integrating with other social platforms and email marketing services to boost up the business.

They provide a secure connection, and they give a variety of case studies before integrating with your business. The data representation and reporting is in real-time, and it provides easy readability of statistical and analytical reporting.

Boostability Inc provides ERP integration maintenance, executive presence, technological partnership, has excellent scope management, and offers technical expertise of customer support module, which solves the major problem on the web-based module. It is for B2B campaigns and gives you feedback on your consumers and leads.

The security aspect of Boostability Inc is integrated and encrypted in a way, and the data is not linked to other companies. The application programming interface gave easy usability, client privacy, customizable dashboard, and many other options under a single platform.

Boostability Inc also offers local search, web creation, and social media integration for large and medium-sized companies. The services are not cheap and come with an expensive subscription plan.

#9 Big Leap


Big Leap is one of the most prestigious media companies and providers of digital marketing tools and integration to offer a better solution for your business requirement. The main functionality of the service includes social media marketing, digital marketing on a local level, leads generation, providing analytical reporting, giving a separate application programming interface for the end-user to view the result of the campaign, and many other functionalities.

It does not have third party access but gives you a live support feature for any issue on the user-end. The services they provide are only web-based, but they are working on the desktop base version. The web service can be integrated into any cloud storage access server so you can easily access the information from any cloud services.

The data directly integrates with the cloud servers for easy reach and usability. The interface Big Leap offers a wide variety of customization so you can customize the dashboard according to your requirements. There are three main segments the platform planning, deliverability, and team quality that include technology partnership, vertical expertise, executive presence, changing and improvising in management skills, and so on.

Big Leap also provides resource allocation, a great statement of work, and attachment. The GUI of the program is easy to use and has a constructive layout. The service does not know of a trial version but gives an affordable subscription plan.


0 is one of the most used platforms for content writer and content marketing. It is a platform for copywriters and freelance writers for hire, and they can do various projects under a single roof. The main functionality of the system includes blog posting, email newsletter, social media marketing, and creating website copies.

It has thousands of professional copywriters to increase your web traffic, and you can get a great result using this platform. The main feature of the application includes good Customer services and membership options, potential to have a permanent membership that helps you to manage your work, budget-friendly modules for new writers, and much more.

The other pro features of include high-quality writers for the web, free blogging ideas when integrating with the community, a 100% quality guarantee of the content, simple interface, analytical reporting, and various other models.

It has a web-based platform and does not provide any desktop-based services. focuses on the quality work and gives an article report for the end-user or the client after sending the work. The web platform emphasizes client privacy and the writer’s privacy, so there is no conflict between the two. It has easy interaction and navigation and requires you to pay a small onetime fee to be a part of Scripted.

#11 Integra Marketing Solutions


Integra Marketing Solutions is the best online marketing tool to increase your business on a social media platform, especially on email marketing campaigns and social marketing criteria. The web solution provides facilities of liking, sharing, commenting, tagging, and more. It majorly works on social media platforms and allows the campaign to increase your organic traffic towards your online business.

The core features of the application include data assessment, resource allocation, implementation, and decision-based practices. It also gives a qualified team that manages your improvising skills, technological partnership, understand the industry expertise, an API module for user end, and much more.

Other functionalities of the web-based platform include tons of analytical reporting, which is in real-time. It also gives security and privacy statements, easy integration and giving customization dashboard for enhancing the user experience, and a variety of other functionalities. Integra Marketing Solutions offers different models for startup businesses, and it excels in improving the business of medium size companies.

The interface of the platform is easy to use and user-friendly interaction. The layout of the system is constructive and give a navigation approach for user ease. It does not offer a trial version but previews customer reviews, which is satisfying. Integra Marketing Solutions presents an affordable redefine plan for your business, and it customizes according to your requirements.

#12 Ignite Digital


Ignite Digital is a social media marketing company with excels in providing integrated business modules for getting social media integration and email marketing through different channels. It increases your online revenue and generates lead of customer, which give you permanent feedback for business promotions.

The main functionality of the service includes the award-winning digital marketing module that provides for design and website development for custom businesses and government. Ignite Digital also provides content marketing, which allows you to integrate with your audience on a new level and understand the mission goals and value for your business.

The topmost selling feature of the system includes SEO integration with the business to improve the sale and revenue of the website. It provides ad campaigns and other marketing tactics to achieve a better goal. Other feature of the system includes professional custom web design, developing content to leverage organic traffic, generate business with community management, an expert in organic search, and PPC strategies and efficiency to provide affordable services.

Ignite Digital gives a comparative analytical report in real-time, and the data representation in the report has great readability. The interface is interactive and has our custom made the layout for easy customization, and the desktop options include frag and drop function so you can easily arrange them according to your usage. It does not offer a trial version and give a subscription plan.

#13 SmartBug Media


SmartBug Media is a great online marketing agency that provides you a solution for your business requirement, and it allows your business to integrate with different social and digital platforms for increasing your marketing requirement and getting lead generation from consumers. The main functionality of the system includes inbound marketing, which delivers excellent revenue growth and provides a data-driven strategy for great deliverability.

It also gives services to content marketing and enables you to interact with the platform directly. The platform introduces Cloud Velox that directly interacts with the system to digital marketing leads generation through paid search, growth-driven website design, and inbound marketing.

The digital marketing aspect allows you to interact with essential technical SEO checklist and give you a real-time data analytical report which is easily readable by the user. SmartBug Media also provides you functionalities for integrating with the API module. The security is high-end and offers a great encryption protocol, which saves the user’s data in cloud storage and provides a backup facility.

The interface of SmartBug Media is customizable, and it gives your drag and drop facility to arrange it according to your requirements. It also provides a special module for user navigation. It collaborates with many advertisement agencies and makes a custom campaign for your business. It does not offer a trial version but comes with an affordable subscription plan.

#14 360i


360i is a digital marketing company that provides a web-based module for increasing your business online and give easy to interact interface. The main functionality of the service includes a constructive layout with interactive design, which effortlessly navigates the user. 360i specializes in B2B services, and they also integrate your business with the social platform and email marketing to boost up the lead generation and get organic traffic for your business.

The best part of the system is that they provide a secure connection with information security and provide strong terms and conditions for integrating with the platform. They take special care of the user’s privacy and data. It combines it into a cloud platform so the user can easily access the data from the server.

The core feature of the system includes delivering a pay-for-performance, demand generation, services for software and technology companies, and give a market survey and list building module. The API provides a great constructive layout, deliver the project update, and meet the deadline regularly.

360i does not consist of an ERP module but gives a CRM light interface for user interaction. The service is not free and does not give a trial version. All the information for the business is on the website. The cost is a bit pricey, but the services are remarkable.

#15 Allison+Partners


Allison+Partners is one of the most renowned digital marketing and business-enhancing web services that provide custom and predefined modules to boost your business performance. The main aspect of the system includes lead generations, getting the analytical report in real-time, integrating the system with the social platform, giving a CRM module for end-user, and other functionalities.

It grows fast global communication where you can lead with the defining creativity of the platform. The core features of the system include data assessment and prioritizing project tasks according to user requirements, giving technical expertise, contact support features, and much more. Allison+Partners also provide a qualified team which ensures executive presence and vertical expertise, and much more.

The interface provides an easy navigation module, and the GUI gives a constructive layout of the program. The reporting feature of a system is easy to understand, and it integrates with other social platforms.

Allison+Partners give a user-specified API module so the user can interact easily and see the result of the business generated revenue. The program comes with a predefined plan, but you can also get a custom service plan. It gives you a customizable campaign management system and integrates a drag and drop facility for user’s ease.

#16 NewmanPR


NewmanPR is a great social media marketing platform and gives you a solution for setting up your business. It also integrates with email marketing, which is a sort of digital marketing, and it provides all aspects of digital marketing, which you do not here regularly.

The core functionality of the system includes providing a campaign like a module for giving your business the required boost, and it offers a great readable analytical reporting of your campaign, which provides you with an overview of the work the company has been doing on your platform.

The core services the company provides public relations, media placement, social media integration, crisis communication, event managing, and multimedia managing. It offered a first navigation module and gave a specific API module for the end-user. The interface of the system is easy to use, and it easily integrates with the social media platform and provides you direct link and control from the dashboard.

On any issue, you can contact the support of the NewmanPR provider, and they will guide you through every step, and if it is not much help, they will also provide you with a live service agent who will take care of the problem. The service does not offer a trial version, but the subscription plan is quite affordable.

#17 Siege Media


Siege Media is one of the most utilized digital marketing platforms which integrate with social media account and email marketing platforms to give your business a boost. It especially focuses on SEO and content marketing, which lies in the category of website designing and content integration. The best part of the platform is that it is low cost and provides tons of facilities for everyone, even for a startup company.

The core feature of the system includes integrating with Google SEO policies and content creation giving link building modules, and providing a graphic design facility. They integrate with different brands to provide a unique layout for your business. Siege Media focuses on developing a strong result for an amazing brand and provide a great lineup for SEO based content marketing.

It also includes email marketing, video production, infographic designing, integrating with social accounts, contact support feature, security and privacy of user’s data, and much more. They only provide a web service but do not give a desktop application.

The interface of Siege Media is easy to use and provides a full navigation protocol that integrates with the API provided for the end-user. It works in a more sophisticated way and does not offer a trial version, but the subscription plan of the platform is affordable, and they gave you constant feedback in the form of reporting.

#18 HSM


HSM is a digital marketing and lead generation platform with an intuitive interface and provides services for every size of the industry. It has an excellent interface, and all the information is given on the homepage of the platform. The service providing platform extends in services in digital marketing by providing website development and online marketing services for getting more leads.

They have a team of experienced Web Designer, developers, digital marketing solutions consultants, and Enterprise handling fashioners who will guide you through every step and get you more customers with their online marketing campaigns.

The platform works around web design and development phases. It also gives you an intimate boost by using Google, Bing, and various other search engines. HSM offers local SEO, and reviews from multiple users provide you with reputation management, which shows the results in real-time and gives you analytical reviews of your business campaign.

HSM also works around link building to get you on the right path in the digital era. The core features of the company work around digital marketing services, social media services, and PPC management.

#19 Ogilvy & Mather


Ogilvy & Mather is a leading integrated creative network that provides you a comprehensive range of marketing services that makes the brand grow productively. The software surfaces advanced functions that pave the way for effective marketing according to the need of the organization, and its services are always up to the mark in creating experiences, design, and communication. Ogilvy & Mather has a significant role in bringing customer attraction towards the product listing that allows the brand to go ahead with the meaningful services.

The marketing platform is benefiting many sectors that include public relations and affairs, shopper and retail marketing, healthcare communications, digital, and promotion. There are various result breaking features offered by Ogilvy that follow productive designs, low cost, advanced promotions, in-depth optimization, and much more to add. The software is highlighting detailed resources that promote understanding about the primary use of the marketing software.