That Dragon, Cancer


That Dragon, Cancer Alternatives for PSP

#1 Clock Tower: The First Fear


Clock Tower: The First Fear is an Adventure-based, Horror, Survival, Point and Click, Puzzle and Single-player video game developed and published by Human Entertainment. It is an updated version of the original game of Clock Tower that offers similar storyline with enhanced gameplay. The story of the game follows a girl named as Jennifer Simpson, she is adopted by the Barrow family along with the other girls. With the start of Scissorman, the game’s antagonist, one of the other girls is killed. In this game, the player plays as Jennifer who must explore the arrows Mansion in order to find a way to go back. Just like the main title it offers simple point and click interface and allows the player to use his cursor to control the Jennifer directly. During the gameplay, the player explores the different rooms of the massive Mansion, and in each room, the player must collect all the information and objects that will help the player to progress. Clock Tower: The First Fear feature enhanced game mechanics, smooth controls and improved visual details. If you really like Horror, Survival Point and Click games than do try it out.