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The Forest

The Forest is a Horror-Survival game with intense Action-Adventure, First-person Perspective, Sandbox, Co-op, Single, and Multiplayer Shooting video game by Endnight Games Ltd. The game offers an exciting story, in which you can find yourself in the mysterious forest after the jet crashed… read more
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4 The Forest Alternatives & Similar Games for Android


1. World War Z

World War Z is an Arcade, Action-Adventure, First-person Shooter, Horror-Survival, and Single-player video game developed and published by Paramount Digital Entertainment. The game takes place in the fictional world that is full of bloodthirsty zombies where the only aim of the player is to survive.

It offers more than 28 visceral levels, and each level of the game offers more complex gameplay than the last one. According to the gameplay, the player can freely move across the game world to solve several puzzles, use weapons, and kill all the zombie creatures to progress.


2. Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger is a free to play, Horror, Survival, First-person Shooter and Single-player video game by MadFinger Games. The game takes place in the post-Apocalyptic world that is full of bloodthirsty zombies, and only a few people of the world have survived. In this game, the player can assume the role of a protagonist who starts his adventure to rescue the other survivor and eliminate all the zombie creatures before it too late. The game offers a huge range of weapons choose his best weapon and get into the game world, explore the indoor and outdoor environment, collect resources and kill all the enemy creatures before they eat his brain. The game offers full 3D character with the environment and high-quality soundtrack which makes the game more interesting. Dead Trigger includes core features such as unlimited random missions, powerful enemies, high realistic weapons, free updates and unlocks new weapons, etc. Do try it out, you’ll surely enjoy it.


3. Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival is created and published by Kefir. It is an Action-Adventure, Exploration, Survival, Crafting, and Single-player video game. The game takes place in the futuristic post-apocalyptic world, where an outbreak of an unknown infection destroyed almost all the human race.

Due to disease, all people have turned into zombie-like creatures, and only a few survivors hardly survived. In the ruined world, the remaining survivals are looking for a way to a safe place. The game puts the player into the role of a survivor whose main task is to survive by collecting valuable resources, crafting weapons, and defeating all the zombie creatures.


4. Radiation Island

Radiation Island is an Action-Adventure, Horror, Puzzle and Single-player video game created and published by Atypical Games. It is an addictive survival game where the player crafts his own destiny in the massive open-world environment. In this game, the player play as the part of the Philadelphia Experiment, the player has become stranded in the parallel. The aim is to discover the new and mysterious world, collect items, solver series of puzzles and try to survive in this challenging world. There are multiple maps available in the game such as dark forest, caves, Snowy Mountain and much more. Each area of the game consists of multiple levels and in each level the player face variety of dangers and deadly puzzles which the player must solve to progress through the storyline. The game offers crafting system that allows the player to gather useful items and craft different kinds of weapons and tools that will help the player to progress. Radiation Island includes core features such as hunt animals, resources, deadly puzzle, achievements, day and night cycle and much more. The game offers an excellent game setting and brilliant visual details.


More About The Forest

The Forest is a Horror-Survival game with intense Action-Adventure, First-person Perspective, Sandbox, Co-op, Single, and Multiplayer Shooting video game by Endnight Games Ltd. The game offers an exciting story, in which you can find yourself in the mysterious forest after the jet crashed.

The wood is full of deadly mutants, and your main task is to survive as long as possible to escape from the forest alive. There are no missions and quests, the game offers non-linear gameplay, in which the player must make his own decisions for survival.

To survive, you must find shelter, create weapons, and other surviving items. You must maintain your health, collect resources, explore the massive Island, Interact with Objects, Fight against Zombies, and manage food, water, and other necessary things. Weather, Day, and Night system are featured in the game to make it more entertaining.

The game offers various types of modes and exciting features that you’ll enjoy. Use different sorts of weapons, face deadly creatures, feel horror, fight for your life, and prove yourself as the bravest survivor.

The Forest Reviews

Supherry Thygon
written on July 15, 2020

The Forest is an Action-Adventure and shooting video game that introduces an exciting story. At the start, I find myself in the mysterious forest after a jet crashed. The entire forest is full of deadly mutants, and I need to survive as long as possible. Throughout the game, I try to escape from the forest alive. It introduces non-linear gameplay and allows me to make numerous decisions for survival. I have to find a shelter, gather lots of weapons, and even other surviving items. I have to maintain my health and attempt to collect various resources by exploring the massive Island.

Kaiverry Ulbian
written on July 4, 2020

The Forest is a superb video game that takes place within a remote environment of the densely forested peninsula. I have to take control of an Epic Lablanc and jump into the non-linear gameplay. I need to go to an open world and start roaming freely without any aim or quests. During my journey, I must make lots of decisions for my survival. I have to execute different real-life actions to survive in the forest-themed world after a severe plane crash. I must remain engaged in building a good shelter, gather numerous equipment, weapons, and even other vital tools. Try it out because it is the best place to kill your spare time.

written on June 18, 2020

The Forest is a fantastic video game that offers different weather conditions, including day and night cycle, and allows me to create shelter and trap to survive. I need to hunt lots of wild animals and try to gather multiple supplies during the day. I must come across the large number of objects and NPCs, fight against numerous zombies, and attempt to manage water, food, and other necessary items. Such a game proposes several kinds of modes and requires me to select one from them. Throughout my journey, I have to make use of different weapons, face lots of deadly creatures, feel horror, fight to protect my life, and prove myself as a great survivor.

written on June 3, 2020

The Forest is a Role-playing and Adventure-based video game that permits me to take part in a classic book adventure. I have to get into the adventurous place in a Darkwood Forest on my device. It presents an auto-updated experience and a brilliant realistic physics-based dice rolling for a battle. Such a game allows me to make a book hard or easy as I like to have. During my journey, I need to turn on a special cheat mode and read the old school. The new Auto-Mapping system is available that prevents me get lost in the Darkwood Forest. By including some key features, including excellent new cover artwork, and multiple achievements

written on January 11, 2020

It permits me to get into a forested peninsula and execute different real-life actions. I must inhabit the island and come across various woodland creatures. These creatures, including nocturnal and cannibalistic mutants, are not necessarily always hostile to me, but their behavior is aggressive during the night. I need to advance through the beautiful island and attempt to navigate several caves underneath the surface of a forest. I have to encounter numerous bizarre mutations, including vicious mutants and deformed babies with many extra appendages.