The King of Fighters All-Star


The King of Fighters All-Star Alternatives for PC

#1 Killer Instinct Season 2


Killer Instinct is an Action, Arcade, Fighting, Single-player and Multiplayer video game created by Double Helix Games set to be played while fighting in the streets. This is the alternative to a street fighter sequel in which you will play the role of any character you want to. There are almost a dozen characters over here and you will pick up one and be done with its objectives. There are several challenges in this game in terms of stronger enemies. You will also be able to play different modes of this game.

Follow the story-driven levels and have more excitement by playing this sports genre and you will make your skills sharper while facing the hard levels. The PvP game features several characters, audible sound effects, and soundtracks. You can take your lead in the leaderboard by winning every battle. Fight at many outdoor and indoor locations added to it. Participate in tournaments to get more powers, skills, and points during the gameplay of this video genre.