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#1 Wallhaven


Decorating the computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices is an art. Wallpapers, themes, artistic effects, and likewise other stuff are considered to be leading things for personalizing the screen of any device and operating system.

The world of internet is full of a lot of wallpapers and images. You can even take advantage of Google Images for searching for your favorite wallpaper in HD quality. But now there is a dedicated website named Wallhaven that offers the HD quality wallpapers for free in almost all categories.


#2 WallpapersWide


The first main thing that goes into favor of this website is its clean and user-friendly interface that makes it easy and simple for the computers and smartphone users. Right from the official website of WallpapersWide you will easily explore a vast database of the world’s best wallpapers, full pixel, dual monitors, and full-screen wallpapers.

WallpapersWide also has one of the largest selections of wallpapers and themed styled images for the smartphones and tablets devices as well. The website is shaking the internet because of its creative and amazing wallpapers.

#3 Desktop Nexus


This newly launched wallpapers and desktop images offering website is best over the internet because of providing the handpicked and hand-curated wallpapers. The wallpapers, images, and backgrounds provided by this stunning platform will make it easy for you to personalize your desktop as you want.

Desktop Nexus is specially designed by an expert team and comes with all the leading tools and features. Here you will always find the new, fresh, and high-quality wallpapers from standard size to the high resolution for most of the operating systems and devices.


#4 WallpaperFusion


For those who are looking for a specialized platform for enjoying multi-monitor supporting wallpapers will surely like this excellent service that is offering state of the art and awesome wallpaper for free. The best about WallpaperFusion is that it provides a vast amount of handpicked images and wallpapers that are available for almost every device and operating system.

It has one of the largest selections of wallpapers over the internet. Even most of the wallpapers are hard to find in Google Images as well. WallpaperFusion can be accessed in both free and pro mode.


1 is the provider of tons of HD and full pixels wallpapers. It doesn’t charge anything against the wallpapers, desktop images, and backgrounds that is offering to its users. One of the best things about Celwalls is that it always comes with the most beautiful, new, and HD quality wallpapers for almost all devices and operating systems.

Right from the platform of this website, you can even get the wallpapers for your smartphones, as well. For the information of the readers, only deals in the HD quality wallpapers, so most of the wallpapers will surely gain considerable space into your system.

#6 InterfaceLIFT


InterfaceLIFT is a state of the art wallpaper website for computers and smartphones. It is also offering several other services in the shape of themes and icons, as well. The wallpaper section of this website is full of stunning, creative, and amazing wallpapers that are offered for free in high resolution and HD quality. To move to the Google Images and separately searching for the desired wallpaper when InterfaceLIFT is offering a simple means for searching the dashing wallpapers over the internet.

One of the best things about InterfaceLIFT is that it even supports the bulk downloading of the wallpapers as well. Select the wallpapers that you want to download into your PC and download them in bulk for free. The filter criteria of this website allow the users to search for wallpapers according to device and resolution as well.


0 is probably one of the most significant sources of wallpapers of all types over the internet. This website is offering a wide range of wallpapers, desktop backgrounds, and even Facebook and Twitter cover photos and display photos as well.

One of the best things about is that the wallpapers being offered by this website are available in the high resolution that will surely give a new look to your system. If you are looking for a simple and best means for getting HD wallpapers for free, then is the best website for that purpose because it has a lot of stuff offer to its visitors.

#8 Digital Blasphemy


Digital Blasphemy is an independent wallpaper search engine offering high-resolution wallpapers and desktop backgrounds. The specialty of Digital Blasphemy is that it provides 3D rendered PC wallpapers of which most are free to use for both personal and commercial purposes. These can be even shared with others as well, without any modification.

Digital Blasphemy services are being offered in both free and premium mode. It provides both free and premium accounts and being a free member, and your access will be restricted to the selected parts of the website only. If you become a premium member of the site, you will get full access to all of its features and functions.


0 has a collection of best in the class and HD wallpapers and backgrounds for desktop PCs and smartphone devices. Each wallpaper available at this website can be access in any size that makes it easy for the users to set the preferences for both desktop screens and smartphone screens.

Millions of wallpapers and backgrounds have been downloaded so far from the official website of this platform. For the first time when you will move to the official website, you will find this website interesting because of its user-friendly interface.

#10 Simple Desktops


Simple Desktops is a website specialized in delivering wallpapers that don’t insert any interruption on the main screen of the device at all. It is the provider of HD quality wallpapers in full pixels.

The wallpapers offered by this website will surely beautify the main screen of your system and will even personalize it for free as well. One of the best things about Simple Desktops is that it has wallpapers for almost all devices and operating systems, including smartphones and tablets, as well.

#11 WallpapersMania


WallpapersMania is one of the largest platforms over the internet for getting quality wallpapers only. The best about WallpapersMania is that daily it comes with brand new wallpapers in almost every category. For the first time when you will move to this website, you will see that the wallpapers are arranged in categories.

It is one of the largest and the independent sources over the internet for getting wallpapers in a lot of categories like the hotel, marriage life, space, book, technology, computers, aircraft, and much more. Each category has its wallpapers that you can easily choose without any limitation. Right from the official website of WallpapersMania you can also get the free wallpapers of your favorite celebrities as well.

#12 Wallpapers Now


Wallpapers Now is a specialized website from where you can get the HD wallpaper for free. This free wallpaper offering website has one of the finest selections of the handpicked wallpapers over the internet.

The wallpapers and desktop backgrounds being offered by this platform will ensure that your operating system has got a new shape. All the wallpapers, images, and backgrounds are designed, keeping in view the requirement of the desktop PCs and smartphone devices so that you don’t feel any interruption at all while dealing with your essential works.



Finding the websites specialized in offering wallpapers is a complicated task because no much development has been made in this category as well. The involvement of Google Images has demotivated the independent designers and artists to create specialized websites for wallpapers.

But now there is a website named that contains the most significant section of desktop and smartphones based wallpapers for its users. It is covering a lot of categories like animals, fantasy, space, cartoons, celebrities, and much more.

#14 Picky Wallpapers


Picky Wallpapers is an excellent website that has the selection of HD quality wallpapers. The wallpapers and images being offered by Picky Wallpapers are designed for almost all kinds of devices and operating systems.

It also offers wallpapers and themes for smartphones and tablets, as well. Here you can get the wallpapers and themes for the simple mobile phones as well. For the information of the readers, Picky Wallpapers is the independent community of the general users, designers, and artists who come here to showcase their skills.

#15 Wallpoper


Wallpoper is a website dedicated to searchable wallpapers only. It has one of the largest databases of high-quality wallpapers over the internet. The interface of this platform is so simple and user-friendly that you will not face any issue at all while searching for your favorite wallpaper.

It has an advanced filter and search system that will let you search for the wallpaper according to resolution, color, and keyword. The search system of Wallpoper ensures that the person is getting only that wallpaper for which he was looking.

#16 Desktoppr


Desktoppr has one of the longest histories of desktop-based wallpapers, images, and background offering services over the internet. The wallpapers provided by the Desktoppr are specially designed for the Windows operating systems and can be applied easily on any computers.

It will offer you the high resolution and widescreen wallpapers only so that you can always get the best wallpapers around. This is what makes this website merely the best above all. Recently Desktoppr has added another excellent service, and that is integration with Dropbox.

The Paper Wall Reviews

Oliver Smokes
written on June 6, 2020

I often use this platform because it provides many exciting features and consists of many wallpapers that are made by tons of professional designers and offer of stunning images. The images are free and up for purchase. There is a list of categories that ha variety of your favorite wallpapers and the database is full of them. If you want HD wallpaper that fulfills your color theme, use this site.

Nancy Freddy
written on May 8, 2020

The Paper Wall is a weird kind of name for a wallpaper offering website. I agreed they have much beautiful wallpaper and background for your mobile and desktop, but that does not consist of an intuitive interface. If they are going to be our designer website which provides different types of images for our background. At least they can do is improve the interface and put some more responsive designs.

Larry M.
written on October 4, 2019

My experience has been very good with sites. I do not need to sign up, but I did it anyway because I can get emails about new wallpaper being updated and I won’t get the latest wallpaper of my favorite cars. Besides getting the wallpapers, the site interface is excellent and innovative, and I can navigate it easily. I also like the factor that they provide in the filter option that if you want to download the wallpaper in a specific size according to your PC screen on your mobile screen. I use this platform, and I think others should also use it.