The Whispered World


The Whispered World Alternatives for Mac OS

#1 Myst V: End of Ages


Myst V: End of Ages is an Adventure and Single-player video game developed by Cyan Worlds and published by Ubisoft for PC and Mac. The game takes you to a thrilling world where you have to complete a series of objectives to earn in-game points. It serves as the fifth installment in Myth’s series, and the primary gameplay focuses on the navigation of beautiful worlds known as Ages. The previous titles’ departure in the series brings the environment with a complex world rendered in 3D graphics.

It lets the player freely navigate the lands to complete objectives. In the game, the player can explore the land from a first-person viewpoint while trying to solve a series of puzzles. The player needs to gather clues by reading books or observing the environment to become the master. Myst V: End of Ages includes exciting features such as a 3D Environment, Superb Mechanics, Challenging Tasks to complete, FPS Navigation, and more.