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TheTake is a free to use fashion app that gives you instant access to products and locations from your favorite celebs that you see on movies as well as TV shows. It is one of the best alternatives to Worn On TV and offers all the similar services with some enhanced features… read more
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14 TheTake Alternatives & Similar Software for iOS


1. Farfetch

Farfetch: Shop Designer Fashion & Spring Style is a superb app for you to shop for your desired things, developed and published by Frefetch UK Limited. It is a shopping app that helps you to shop for luxury spring and summer fashion right from your cell phones or tablets. Farfetch is a free to use app that is available on Android and iOS platforms, and you can access it anywhere in the world.

It is also known as the shopping app that allows you to shop your favorite designer’s clothes from luxury brands carefully and safely. The contains some most popular brands that include Gucci, Valentino, Givenchy, and various others to explore top designers.



ROMWE – Women’s Fashion is your online fashion lookbook that features a bunch of trendy styles and over more than 200 new arrivals for your daily outfit inspiration. It is one of the most iconic online fashion destinations that offer all the high-quality products at the lowest prices.

The products include T-shirts, dresses, rompers, bags, beauty products, and home living, etc. It also allows you to discover the latest fashion trends, and you can also save it to your wish list to buy them later. The app also allows you to directly purchase any of your desired stuff without any limitation or extra charges.


3. Bershka

Bershka – Fashion and Trends Online is an excellent shopping app created and published by Inditex. It is an addictive app that helps you enjoy always wearing the latest trends, with fashion-forward clothes, accessories, shoes, and others.

Bershka is a free to download app that discovers a new way of shopping for fashion items for everyday wear and see new season’s trends for him and her. It also allows you to find the stores new near you and place directly place an order on the app.


4. PULL and BEAR

PULL, and BEAR is an awesome app that helps you to browse and check new collections more easily and comfortably. The app comes with lots of new features that you can never see before any other platform such as tap and hold, pull to refresh, zoom filter, and regular update.

It is an official PULL and BEAR shop and application that allows you to see all the latest trendy outfits and purchase at a low price. The app delivers complete details about each product, such as stuff type, size, and color, to provide all the best products.


5. Zara

Zara is a superb tool that brings the latest trends in clothing for women, men, and kids. Zara is a fashion app developed and published by Inditex. Find new arrivals, fashion catalogs, collections, and lookbooks every week. The app is specially made for those who want to get an update on treading fashion and improve their style.

The app has a massive collection of unique outfits that consists of various categories, such as the latest trending, street style, and casual, etc. Each category also has multiple options to deliver the things that you want.



WEAR – Fashion Lookbook is one of the world’s most leading fashion lookbook platforms that offers endless style inspiration to shop your desired wearables. The app has more than 10 million users from all around the world who are accessing it whenever they want. It has the world’s largest fashion community, where all the users help each other to enhance their lifestyle.

It is a simple and easy to use app that requires registration with an email address and other required things about completing the registration, and you can easily access all its features. You can easily discover the world’s best brand outfits, follow favorite brands, and directly buy anything you want at low prices.


7. Smart Closet

Smart Closet – Your Fashion Style is a clean, smart, and easy to use tool that helps you manage your closet and daily look. It is developed by RKK, available to use on Android and iOS platforms. The app lets you select clothing from thousands of world’s best brands or retailers, save fashion, and share them with others.

The most exciting thing about this app is that it allows you to add your clothes from images or to take photos, remove background, edit details, create different looks by combining your clothes, and get lots of random looks.


8. Chicisimo

Outfit ideas 2018 is an elegantly designed app for shopping for your desired stuff, developed and published by Chicisimo. It is your outfit planner that helps you plan your outfits in an effortless way. It is one of the best fashion apps in Europe and the US that offers a massive collection of unique outfits that consists of multiple brands.

Each brand has its own unique products that enhance your living style with real class. Just like the other similar apps, it also allows you to discover new outfit ideas, save and organize ideas, join the community, and much more.


9. ShopTrends

ShopTrends is a massively used shopping app that allows you to discover and purchase celebrity wearables and designer’s fashion from all around the world. It is a simple and easy to use app that helps you discover and shop outfits from designer brands in retailer stores and boutiques.

You can share outfits on your profile as well as with your friends and join the first social fashion network anytime you want. The app carries outfits inspirations for several niche fashion categories that include Yoga, Sports, Hiking, and Athleisure, etc.


10. Looklive

Looklive is an app that makes pop culture shoppable. It offers plenty of excellent features along with some new deals and sales. The app allows you to browse celebrity closets, discover actual and affordable products, receive a stock update, and much more.

It has a massive collection of coolest outfits for those who want to be trendy and adopt fashion instantly. All the products on the app are presented in multiple categories, and each category has lots of options to deliver all the things that you are looking for.


11. Stylebook

Stylebook is a powerful fashion app that has plenty of exciting features to help you curate your secret and get more out of what you own. It is a commercial mobile app available to use on Android and iOS devices. The app allows you to import your desired clothes, create magazine-style outfits, plan what you wear, create a packing list, and also allows you to learn more about trending fashion.

It is a highly customizable mobile app that allows you to create custom fashion clothes to try virtual trending fashion and more. Style Book app is an expert clothing organization and closet management platform created by a fashion industry insider who got her start as an intern in Vogue.


12. Pureple Outfit Planner

Pureple Outfit Planner is a #1 outfit planner and closet organizer for Android and iOS devices. It is a free and unlimited fashion app that suggests your outfits from your own wardrobe. The app comes as the alternatives to Stylebook and offers lots of exciting features that make it more interesting.

It provides the easiest way to create your virtual closet with multiple items, add from the web directly, and edit multiple items at the time. As the virtual stylist, the application also suggests your outfits from your wardrobe by learning your style.


13. Closet+

Closet+ is a free to use fashion app that helps you to plan and create outfits for events and day to day life. It is a complete and easy to use app specially made for those who want to get up-to-date with the latest trend.

It allows you to use the calendar to keep track of what, when, and where you want your desired stuff. Unlike Stylebook and all the other similar fashion app, it also allows you to prepare a list for your next trip from anywhere and share your outfits with friends before heading out to prevent double vision.


14. Cool Guy

Cool Guy – Fashion Closet And Style Shopping App For Men developed and published by Loveseat Inc. It is your ultimate style planner and shopping assistant that revolves around the clothes in your closet and the clothes you want.

The app has millions of users who can use to plan their outfits, get updates about the latest fashion, and import their outfits. All the features on this platform are consists of multiple sections, and in each section, you can get different options that are regular update with new stuff.

More About TheTake

TheTake is a free to use fashion app that gives you instant access to products and locations from your favorite celebs that you see on movies as well as TV shows. It is one of the best alternatives to Worn On TV and offers all the similar services with some enhanced features.

With the help of this app, you can discover what products are trending or watch movie trailers to see your favorite product in action. It is a completely free to use app that is available on Android and iOS platforms.

You can precisely browse its extensive library, explore products and locations, watch movie trailers, discover filming locations, and save products to view later, etc.

TheTake app introduces an advanced filter feature that allows you to filter by men’s fashion, women’s fashion, cars, and restaurants. It also keeps on updating its collection and lets you explore and buy all the trendy stuff with simple clicks.

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