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This advanced messaging application covers tracks of its clients. TigerText app permits the cell phone users to send messages to not live for eternity. Two fundamental points of interest in utilizing TigerText app include that the sender can set the content life expectancy, and the content lapsed or erased naturally from both clients’ cell phones… read more
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20 TigerText Alternatives & Similar Apps

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1. Confide

Confide app lets you communicate digitally with the ultimate level of privacy and security as the spoke world. The app brings plenty of valuable features for you to enjoy extreme level communication. The app brings end-to-end encryptions to keep your messages secure to ensure extreme safety.

Confide app brings encrypted, screen shot-proof, or self-destructing messaging support that provides its users with the comfort of knowing that your private communication will now truly stay that way. You can freely and super-securely discuss sensitive topics, brainstormed ideas, and give unfiltered opinions without feat of the internet’s permanent.


2. SnapChat

Snapchat is a visiting-based app that permits the users to take the snaps and impart them to their companions by concealing a message in snaps. It is an extremely exciting and engaging social media app that enables its global users to enjoy capturing and sharing pics in the best possible way. It is a self-destruct message sending app that deletes the messages after it once read.

It guarantees security and protection of your message because the message that you send, will be devastated consequently after some time. It is a fun and extremely secure app that allows you to pick a straightforward way to speak with your companions without any fear of being hacked. This app can be utilized for staying aware of friends, occasions, and substantially more consistently.


3. Burn Note

Burn Note is a continuous private messaging app through which you can have an ongoing private discussion with your companions or any individual using it. The private messaging administration of Burn Note will vanish from both apps and its online messaging management.

Burn Note is one of the best applications for those users who need to appreciate the ongoing private and secure discussion of all sorts (domestic or business). You can utilize this app for making notes too. These notes naturally self-destruct once read by the expected beneficiaries.


4. Bleep

Bleep is an insured and secure messaging application by the Bit Torrent that you can use for valuing private and safe communications. Bleep is the best one messaging app for getting full charge and control on your correspondence by constraining others not to punch into the security of your communication with others. Bleep brings extreme security as every discourse is among you and your colleagues.

There is no cloud system to hack since messages will never be secured in the cloud. If you are searching for an application that you would favor not to keep the record of your dialogs, then Bleep is an application passing on a similar limit. So install the app and visit like whispering with partners and watch messages vanish after they are scrutinized until the end of time.


5. StealthChat

StealthChat is a free messaging and talking app for scrambled calls and visits. Utilizing this application, you can appreciate the self-destructing messaging administrations as it erases delicate messages and photographs on both senders and the beneficiary’s telephone. Four fundamental highlighted elements and elements of StealthChat are encoded VOIP calls framework, scrambled gathering talking framework, self-destructing messaging, and private picture sharing.

Stealth Chat app ensures that all calls that you are making are encoded and will make it outlandish for spy on your discussion. You can create and enjoy private talks with a large gathering of individuals. StealthChat is additionally recorded among those applications that give the clients full summon and control on their messages’ lifetime.


6. Moolup Messenger

Using Moolup, you can send a text close by an optional picture to any mobile phone moreover set a few seconds to examine it. When you convey something particular using Moolup, it is first sent to the Moolup server against which somewhat, rapid stacking, one-time important site page is made and the recipient is sent an association with this site page as SMS substance, close by little rules.

Once the foreordained number of seconds to examine this message is over, the message gets the chance to be involved on the cell phone and meanwhile, eradicated from the Moolup server. The interface of Moolup Messenger is easy to understand, so you won’t confront any obstacles at all while utilizing it.


7. Sicher

Utilizing this application, you can appreciate both private and gathering talks in a profoundly encoded environment. The majority of your correspondence and discussion will remain scrambled. This app can be utilized for sharing records too, and that also keeps on being scrambled. Sicher is one of the best messaging apps that ensure every neighborhood data is encoded, and secret word secured.

Sicher is especially for those clients who need to recover their protection. All media messages and instant messages are ensured with the point2point 2048-piece encryption arrangement of Sicher.


8. Yabb Messenger

Yabb Messenger app allows users to send content, pictures, voice messages, emoticons, developments, maps, stickers, and YouTube videos to any person who matters, whatever, wherever. You can use 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi frameworks to use this excellent app, without spending a penny.

Utilizing this application, the cell phone clients can even make an unfathomable number of talk rooms to relate and bestow substance to their companions logically. Each visit room has its specific name, image, and versatile establishment, each of which can be changed by its administrator in a matter of seconds.


9. Nxtty

Nxtty is a versatile messaging app that guarantees the safety and protection of messages and information sent to others and underpins dating visiting also. Nxtty app depends on the end to end encryption message. It is one of the best-scrambled detachments for cell phone clients. The encryption arrangement of Nxtty is advanced to the point that lone you and the beneficiary can read messages.

Nxtty supports self-destructing messages, so the message you sent will be devastated naturally after a slip by of time. For self-obliteration of the message, Nxtty bolster for both programmed and manual message erase choices. The best aspect regarding Nxtty is that it conveys the cell phone clients’ security and control over their messages.


10. One Krypto

One Krypto is an all in one messaging app enabling the cell phone clients to appreciate scrambled talking with self-destruct work. One Krypto is the name of comprehensive security and encoded correspondence app that makes you prepared to discuss in a mixed and self-destruct message environment. Despite the mixed message, you can likewise appreciate the encoded VoIP and mixed messages as well.

Encoded messages, auto-destruct limit, and stealth mode are the fundamental highlighted elements of utilizing this app. It sends the standard military certification and encryption structure, making the customers prepared to pass on secure from prying eyes.


11. Signal

Signal (also known as Open Whisper System) is an encoded voice calling and messaging app for iOS and Android smartphones. This messaging app sends a conclusion to end encryption framework to ensure all interchanges being made among Signal clients are sheltered and secure. This app can be used for sending and accepting a man to individual messages, gather messages, media messages, and connections.

The best thing about the Signal app is that it makes its users ready to confirm the character of their messages by looking at key fingerprints out of the band. Besides, the clients can check the respectability of the information channel by checking if two words coordinate on both finishes of the call.


12. Clipchat

Clipchat is an extraordinary and better way to deal with private sharing, five-second messaging, and secure social chatting. Take a video or a photo, select a couple of companions from the rundown, and tap send to get it done. Receivers have the ability to view it for five seconds, and after that, it’s gone until the end of time. After you’ve conveyed something particular, it is completely eradicated from your contraption.

After the beneficiary has seen the message, it is erased from their contraption and servers. The pixelated thumbnails are there to give your inbox some character, and can never be un-pixelated or expanded. They will be deleted when you log out. In no time, if you go to your Clipchat companions and gathering show, you can make another gathering and add companions to that gathering too.


13. Taptalk

Taptalk is a free to use mobile application developed and published by Wit Dot Media Inc. It is the only application that introduces the Tap an entirely new way to be in touch with friends and family anywhere in the world. You can precisely shot and send stuff to your desired persons in a straightforward action.

You don’t need to use filters or previews; Taps are a spontaneous, authentic, and fun application that allows you to share and save real moments from your daily life with people you feel closest to. Taptalk is a simple and easy to use app that is available to use on both Android and iOS platforms.


14. Casper

Casper is a free to use mobile app that you can use to make Snapchat more attractive and gain access to more exciting features. It lets you save images from other users without letting them know. Snapchat normally tells other users when you try to take a screenshot of their image, but you do not have that problem with this new app.

Another great part about this app is that it lets you forward stories to other Snapchat users with images, videos, and plan texts. It allows you to share other friend stories on your timeline. The app introduces a variety of unique stickers, filters, and other exciting content to make your story more interesting.


15. Yubo

Yubo (Yellow) is a Social Media Mobile Application developed and published by Twelve Apps for Android and iOS platforms. The app allows you to meet new friends and have fun with them, just like Facebook, Snapcat, and all other similar apps. It makes the friendship on the next level and makes a party and meeting with cool people.

Yubo app has a swipe feature that allows you to meet new friends from all over the world by swiping right, swipe left to pass. There are more than 15 million users around the world, which means you have enough amount of options to meet new people.


16. GhostCodes

GhostCodes brings a simple, fast, and fun way to discover new people around the world on Snapchat. The app is specially created for those who can use it to increase their friend’s circle and meet new strangers around the world. Users can browse by category or search by name, after placing a name or category, you can get lots of options. It allows you to choose the best options and start a conversation without any limitations.

Through this, you can easily save snap codes to your camera roll, and batch follows people by using Snapchat’s add by Snapcode feature. It is also best for those who want to connect like-minded people. Ghost Codes app introduces a new ranking system called kudos, and everyone is ranked in their respective categories by its ranking system.


17. Privnote

Privnote is a web-based application that allows you to send notes that will self-destruct after being read. It is a completely free to use solution that enables you to create notes and send them to your desired people without any limitations. You need to complete some simple steps such as write your notes in the text area, encrypt it, and enjoy.

Send the link to whom you want to read the note. All its notes will self-destruct after being read by the receiver. The best thing about this solution is that it offers rich security features and saves your notes from all kinds of threats.


18. CipherBoard

CipherBoard is a keyboard that enables users to perform end-to-end encryption within the app. This keyboard comes with almost all kinds of features like word prediction, emojis, and auto-correction. The significant and additional feature that this keyboard has is writing and sending encrypted messages.

This keyboard is of great use when it comes to sending personal emails or while social networking, and it keeps everything secure. CipherBoard has such a reliable system that not even the messaging companies can trace back the message. Moreover, it is the first encrypted keyboard that can be used on any platform.


19. Legend

Legend is an application that allows users to animate their text in video and GIF. Users just have to enter the text in this app and can make it animate with different types of features. Users can post these animated texts on their Instagram profile or can send it to their friends via text. The app enables users to add a photo, video, or any background behind the text.

Moreover, users can change the color of the text as the app provides them with a huge collection of colors. Users can even change the color of each word in their text. After writing the text and choosing the background, users can select the type of animation that they want for their text. Lastly, after creating the text animations, users can share it with their contact via WhatsApp or can save it in their gallery.


20. Wickr

Wickr is a safe and private messaging app that makes the cell phone clients ready to set a self-destruction time for their scrambled message, and the message will be naturally erased after some time. That element of Wickr goes for those business people who would prefer not to make the record of their correspondence and would prefer not to permit others to jab nose into the security of the business.

Likewise, of the Wickr app for cell phones, it can not be accessed from desktop PCs and tablets too. Presently the clients of Wickr can appreciate the synchronization over all gadgets. The method for working with Wickr is fundamental. All discussions on this application are encoded locally on every device with another key created for every message.

More About TigerText

This advanced messaging application covers tracks of its clients. TigerText app permits the cell phone users to send messages to not live for eternity. Two fundamental points of interest in utilizing TigerText app include that the sender can set the content life expectancy, and the content lapsed or erased naturally from both clients’ cell phones.

It is a free-to-use app for both iOS and Android cell phone clients. TigerText messages are scrambled and agree to industry directions like Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA. TigerText permits its clients to set message life expectancy to guarantee secret messages don’t live until the end of time.

You can incorporate TigerText into your basic correspondence ways, and experience proficiency and efficiency pick up as the nature of care rises. From counsels to requests to moves of care, TigerText conveys enhanced care coordination and essentially impacts all that matters. The clients of TigerText can likewise make bunches and send mass messages too. In group messaging, TigerText permits seeing who has perused the message.