Time Clock Wizard

Time Clock Wizard is a clock software that helps the business owners to schedule work for their employees individually. The software allows the business owners to organize the individual profiles by smart color-coding and keep track of payroll forecasts.

The software helps in assigning deadlines and keeps track of work progress in real-time. Time Clock Wizard manages the work schedules and can track employee location. Managers can send push notifications to employees, can change their work schedules, and inform them through emails and SMS.

Key features include Shift swapping, Schedule distribution, Vacation and leave tracking, and Payroll reporting. Employee time tracking helps the business review and export timesheets and view the absence and presence and the work hours of employees.

Small and large organizations use the platform and have both free and paid versions. It is supported by both platforms –Web and mobile devices. Training is provided online, while customer support is available online and during business hours.


Time Clock Wizard Alternatives

#1 Tahometer


Tahometer is a reporting and time tracking platform for companies to track the employee working time, track project budget, and automates reporting. The software makes it easy to track the working time of every employee and visualize the work progress of them from computers.

Tahometer allows the managers to keep the record of working hours of their employees to show them their efforts and reward them. It enables employers to convert all the recorded working hours of employees into payments.

Every page of the software has a filter feature that enables the managers to see the data displayed according to hours, days, and weekly. The filter itself is displaying two kinds of data, one that is complete data, and the other is the data selected by the user.

The detailed model of the software allows the managers to see the statistics of all projects and also enables the managers to see the statistics of the selected project, task, or employee. Tahometer comes with a free and paid version. Customer support is provided during business hours.


#2 Timeneye


Timeneye is a simple and intelligent time tracking software that enables companies to manage their projects, monitor the working of their teams, and increase the productivity of their business. It improves the profitability of the business by the combination of simple time tracking and powerful reporting.

The software provides effective time tracking through manual entries and an automated timer. It also helps the managers to stay aware of the time their teams are spending on different tasks and projects.

Timeneye enables the project managers to keep the real-time record of their project’s progress. It also enables the managing of billable hours and spending of time and resources effectively. Timeneye creates detailed reports on the project progress and allows the exporting of those reports to the employees and clients.

Some mostly used features of Timeneye are Billable hours management, Weekly calendar view, Budget notifications, and Overtime calculation. The software has a 14-day free trial and a paid version. Training is provided through documents, while customer support is available during business hours.

#3 Billings Pro


Billings Pro is a platform that tracks time and makes invoicing painless. The software makes it easy to manage multiple projects with multiple clients. The software allows the users to create estimates anywhere easily through the built-in templates. It also enables managers to track expenses, time, and mileage accurately.

Billings Pro offers the creation of accurate invoices with all the necessary information and comments. The software captures every second of billable time and allows the companies to set their own billing increments the way they want.

Billings Pro divides the time by project, clients, and team members and presents them in simpler reports. The procedure of invoicing is simple and can be easily sent from an iPhone or Mac. It also keeps a check on when to invoice the clients and when the invoice is past due.

The software provides great flexibility to the managers, and they can work from anywhere without any hurdle. Training is provided through a free course, and customer support is available during business hours. Billings Pro has a free trial and a paid version.


#4 HourGuard


HourGuard is a time tracking software that helps the remote employee and normal staff to keep track of how they spend their time during their working hours. It also enables employers to view how much they have accomplished at work.

The software has a user-friendly interface and offers offline time tracking, Timesheet management, and Employee database at a single place. The software allows the managers to view how much time is spending on a particular task. The software automatically starts timing when the computer becomes active.

The software enables employers to print and email timesheets and reports. Moreover, managers can organize time entries and can break projects and tasks into sub-tasks. It also has a feature that allows the managers to control tasks by marking them active or inactive. HouseGuard is compatible with web, windows, and Android mobile devices. It has both free and paid versions, while customer support is available during business hours and online.

#5 Bric


Bric is a time tracking and project management software for companies that helps keep track of everything in projects and tasks. The software allows managers to plan the project and create time and budget analysis using the built-in templates.

Bric supports multiple currencies and keeps the project managers aware when a team member is overscheduled. The software manages the budget with the tasks and does not let its overshoot. The dashboard of the software allows the managers to visualize tasks, and they can mark the tasks with different colors and flags. Through its machine learning feature, the platform generates more accurate project plans.

Some other features of Bric are Utilization and Capacity management, Resource and Portfolio management, Gantt charts, Time and Expense Tracking, and Employee database. The platform allows the managers to view the timesheets by person and project, and can even add comments on it. The software has a free trial and a paid version, while training is provided online and in-person. Customer support is available during business hours and online.

#6 Cashboard


Cashboard is a time tracking platform and online invoicing for small to large businesses. The software helps the managers to track the activities of the employees to pay them their required wage.

Key features include Project and Time Tracking, Billing and Invoicing, cost estimating, task management, and Payment processing. The software accepts online payments from clients and keeps the managers aware of who owes them the money. It also manages the employee timesheet and manages the workflow.

Cashboard keeps the project and task aligned with the budget to avoid loss and keeps the company in profit. The software allows employers to have a flexible billing schedule and can generate professional invoices in a single click. It also allows the employers to keep an invoice history for later use; moreover, clients can also track time of projects. Cashboard offers free-trial and a paid version, while customer support is quick and available during business hours and online.

#7 SINC Time Clock


SINC Time Clock is a time, staff, and cost management software for companies to track time, achieve profitability and productivity. The software offers attendance management and reports and enables the companies to track staff hours.

The software provides managers real-time monitoring of employees to have a detailed picture of their workforce at every moment. The software helps the employers in assigning, scheduling, and shifting the tasks without any hassle. It allows the synchronization of the data and keeps it updated and accurate through its automation feature. SINC Time Clock allows the managers to track the employees’ activities accurately to pay them the right wage according to their work.

Key features of SINC Time Clock are Employee management, Overtime calculation, Payroll management, Work hour tracking, and Project and Job scheduling. The great feature of the software is that it provides free use to those companies that have fewer employees, near to five. The software has a free and a paid version, while training is offered through documents and webinars. Customer support is provided around the clock 24/7.

#8 Tick Time Tracker


Tick Time Tracker is a time tracking software that helps businesses to track time and reach the budget on time. The software integrates easily with the project management software and enables the companies to keep the workflow streamline.

This software keeps the companies move with their budget to remain profitable. Moreover, this platform allows the managers to automatically track the time of any project they want so that the employees can keep their focus on important work. Tick Time Tracker updates the project and budget in real-time and reports back to the employers; this feature helps saves the money and time before any wrong incident happens.

Tick Time Tracker works in a simple way; the manager just has to select the project and task, and with a single click, this software starts tracking it. The software provides consistent feedback on the budget to keep everyone on track. It has a free and a paid version, while training is provided through webinars and online, Customer support is available during business hours and online.

#9 DeskTime


DeskTime is real-time tracking software that enhances the productivity of employees and enables employers to monitor the employee’s activity on the computer. The platform allows the managers to monitor that their employees are making good use of the working hours to perform their tasks. It helps the managers to do all this monitoring with the help of a website and app tracker and an offline tracker.

The dashboard of DeskTime has various features, and managers can monitor absences and overtimes of the employees and their daily activities and other things. Moreover, it enables businesses to pinpoint inefficient habits that are affecting the progress of the business negatively and helps in increasing productivity. DeskTime enables the companies to see which the employees visit applications during their work hours.

Key features are Automatic Time Capture, Employee Database, Vacation Tracking, Reporting and Analytics, and Productivity analysis. DeskTime comes with a free and a paid version, while it is compatible with all the platforms. Training provided in-person and online, while support is available during business hours and online.

#10 Hubstaff


Hubstaff is a time tracking software for remote and field service teams. It allows the contractors to track the time of projects separately, and the monitoring feature of the software allows them to track the working hours of every employee.

This software is helpful for those companies who are handling projects in remote areas and can use it to track the accurate working hours of employees and pay them accordingly. It also has a reporting feature that provides insights and data from intelligent decision making.

The monitoring feature allows the managers to track which program is used by employees during the working hours, and even when they switch to another program, Hubstaff keeps the managers informed.

Key features include Task reporting, Productivity analysis, Employee and Status tracking, Payroll management, and Automatic time capture. It approves and reviews the weekly timesheets for each employee for streamline workflow.

Hubstaff has both free and paid versions and is compatible with all the platforms- web, windows, and mobile devices. Training is provided through documentation, and supports is available 24/7 and online.

#11 Screenshot Monitor


Screenshot Monitor is a time tracking software for employees that are working remotely. It monitors the images of the user’s computer desktop as he works and creates screenshots at regular intervals. Each captured screenshot is stored on the server, where they are compared to previous ones to check if any deviation from normal has occurred.

In case of such deviation, it can be sent to the administrator for further analysis. The program provides various statistical tools for assessing and monitoring employee productivity, e.g., an option to see how many days passed since the last login or when the last reboot took place. Moreover, there is a set of special productivity statistics which provide insights into your employee’s work process and allow you to adjust their tasks accordingly.

Finally, in case you have more than one administrator working with Screenshot Monitor, it allows you to create individual access permissions for each user and define their responsibilities and limits. In conclusion, the tool provides a comprehensive toolset for ensuring the maximum efficiency of your remote workforce. All in all, Screenshot Monitor is a great tool that you can consider among its alternatives.

#12 Journyx


Journyx is an expense and time tracking software for companies to manage projects and workforce. This online platform addresses the needs of multiple users to track projects, expenses, and time.

With this online platform, managers can track the employees’ progress, working hours, and task status. It also enables managers to automate the expense-related processes, update the projects, and pay employees accurately according to their working hours. Journyx allows companies to create and to maintain documentation regarding employees’ attendance, progress, etc. The resource management feature of Journyx gives the company the ability to forecast costs, revenues, and availability of resources.

Key features include project, expense, time, and activity, billing and invoicing, offline time tracking, and overtime calculation. It enables the managers to update the timesheets through mobile devices remotely. Journyx comes with a free trial and a paid version, while it is compatible with all platforms. Training is provided in-person and online, while customer support is available during business hours and online.