Time Lapse Assembler Alternatives

Time Lapse Assembler

Time Lapse Assembler is a program for the Mac and Windows operating systems users to create dashing movies from a sequence of images. The process of doing so starts from showing the path of your folder that contains the images usually in JPEG format and then it will produce a QuickTime compatible movie file for use in iMovie or other editing software… read more
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7 Time Lapse Assembler Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Panolapse

Panolapse is a dedicated tool for adding the additional stunning and realistic panoramas and time lapses to simple images. Panolapse is available for Mac and Windows operating systems users. The users of both operating systems can enjoy the functionalities and tools of creating real type rotational panning via their entire scene, can zoom the deflicker, can blend RAW metadata and can create videos from images and much more. The auto exposure system of Panolapse make the works of the users even more systemized and organized in a better way as it saves their time by allowing them to focus more on the important parts of the setting. The main highlighted features of Panolapse that you will surely enjoy in the Panolapse are availability of almost all those tools that will assist you in creating time-lapse videos, panning system to simulate rotational panning with perspective correction, zooming, blend frames with RAW Blend, deflicker to deal with extra brightness, auto exposure to get perfect exposure regardless of the camera settings, combine the JPG images into a video, animate stitched panoramas, cool and dashing effects and much more.


2. MakeAVI

MakeAVI is simple yet powerful and capable image to video assembler that will make you able to assemble a series of JPG based images or images of other formats into a video based on the format of AVI file. For the same reason, its name is MakeAVI that means converting the images of almost any format into AVI video file. The highly technical features of MakeAVI provide the various editing and sequence options to the users in a shape of providing them the system for sorting their videos, dealing with images of almost all formats, create stop motion animations, create time-lapse movies and videos and perform various other functions and features. However, one feature is still missing in the MakeAVI, and that is no support for the GIF files. SO, if you want to transform your GIF based images into video sequence, then MakeAVI is not perfect for this as there is no support for GIF images at all. However, you can use it for other image formats without any further requirement and formality.


3. Images to video

Images to video is a very capable image to video converter or modifier that enable the Windows users to transform their simple JPG based images or other format photos into stunning video in a go. It features the support for almost all popular video formats like flash, mpeg4, QuickTime, VP8 and many others. The current version of Images to video is very supportive and featured rich as compared to the previous version of Images to video. A lot of features and functions are the part of the Images to video that are in shape of support for almost all type of video formats, software and hardware scaling system, easy to use interface, simple management, the features of crop and video rotate, advanced filtering technologies, system for controlling via command line for performing scheduled tasks, and a lot of others. The best about Images to video is that in addition to simply working as image to video converter, it provides the basic editing features as well.


4. Chronolapse

Chronolapse is an image sequence maker that contains the solutions and features for creating the still images from the web came or desktop based cameras. It provides the users with the best possible features for dealing with rotation, scaling, PIP and much more. It basically works on the system of first taking the screenshots or the webcam captured images, and they enable the users to schedule them for process and combine them further into timelapse videos and in last share their work with other users as well. Chronolapse is the fully features house of almost all those tools and instruments that a user need for automatically capturing of still images from the camera of their webcam or desktop and process them a bit and after combining them with each other get the timelapse videos. The other great features and functions of Chronolapse are add audio into the completed videos, encode videos, post process captured images, easily deal with screenshots and webcams and perform various other basic editing functions as well.


5. iTimeLapse Pro

iTimeLapse Pro is for the Mac OS X users for developing the stop-motion and time lapse videos from the images. It is entirely different from the other type of image to video converters as its method for doing so is very different from other traditional images to converter programs. By using this application, first the Mac users can create stunning stop motion videos and secondly they can share the videos created via iTimeLapse Pro as well by simply sync the iTimeLapse Pro with other devices and operating systems. It provides the users with the best possible features and functions in a shape of flash mode button, resolution setting, Wi-Fi transfer mode for sharing the videos, frames viewer, preview player, orientation lock button, custom resolution setting for videos, better FPS choosing system, a button to set video length and dozens of others. iTimeLapse Pro is the best one option for the Mac and iPhone users for dealing with stop motion video.


6. PhotoLapse

PhotoLapse is a free to use application for creating avi format movies from the JPG image sequence. Just provide the path to the folder where you have stored the PhotoLapse will automatically perform the images and rest of the task. It is a freeware program for creating image sequencer. You can also called it the image to video converter because it works on the system of converting by allowing the users to convert their JPG based images into stunning videos and making the best timelapse movies of the large sequence of JPG images. In addition to all these features and functions, the other great thing about PhotoLapse is that it is a portable application that requires no kind of installation. That means you can carry it all the time with you in USB and can start working anytime and anywhere. If you are looking for a program to create the videos similar to the satellite animations, then PhotoLapse will be surely a great tool for you that will make this possible for you. In addition to all these, you can use it as a video enhancer as well by choosing the rate of fast, normal and slow to make the sequence according to the neutrality.


7. LRTimelapse

LRTimelapse is the comprehensive solution provider of the time-lapse editing, rendering, grading and key framing. It is expert in all these mentioned areas and provides the best time lapse video editing solution to the users by offering them a wide variety of features and functions regardless of the operating systems and devices they are using. LRTimelapse can be easily operated from the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. The main advantage of using LRTimelapse is that it has no issue with any king of the camera. That features of LRTimelapse make it a universal program because it gets compatible with all kind of cameras. In all cases, it will make it possible for you to take time lapse result to the highest level. Here you will enjoy the stunning features and functions of grading, key framing, working with RAW based file for a smooth workflow, availability of most of the features of Adobe Lightroom, creating of day to night and night to day time lapse transition, support for almost all formats and best for multimedia artists, filmmakers and still photographers.

More About Time Lapse Assembler

Time Lapse Assembler is a program for the Mac and Windows operating systems users to create dashing movies from a sequence of images. The process of doing so starts from showing the path of your folder that contains the images usually in JPEG format and then it will produce a QuickTime compatible movie file for use in iMovie or other editing software. Key features of Time Lapse Assembler are exports MPEG, H.264, Photo-JPEG, and RAW movies, select between 0.1 and 60fps, allows resizing of finished movies and much more. The best about Time Lapse Assembler is that it is not a simple image to movie sequence creator only. It provides the best editing and finishing tools to the users in shape of setting and selecting for the codec, frame rate, dimensions in form of resizing and scale proportionally, and quality in term of maximum, high, normal and low. You can use it for creating stunning movies from simple photos.