Tiny Thief


Tiny Thief Alternatives for PS4



TOHU is an Adventure, Puzzle, Casual, and Single-player video game developed by Firearm Games and published by Irregular Corporation. The story plots the idea of having a puzzle adventure in which you will explore a new world of fish while being a protagonist girl. The main character is associated with a fish planet in which you may fight different monsters, solve various puzzles, and complete multiple challenges in order to move further.

During the playthrough, hundreds of intricate riddles including real mind-twisting solutions are available and you need to cover most of the gameplay in the fish-planet. The game features a point-and-click longplay with a variety of friendly fishes, handcrafted characters, dozens of adventures, and quests are in line. Other core qualities of this content are inclusive of High definition display along with mesmerizing animated music and sound effects, a mysterious storyline, and the possibility to uncover the little girl’s truth.