Tiny Thief


Tiny Thief Alternatives for PC

#1 Mr. Pumpkin Adventure


My Pumpkin Adventure is a Puzzle, Point-and-click, Adventure, and Single-player video game owned by Cotton Games. The indie version plots the storyline in which you help Mr. Pumpkin to solve different puzzles and move forward while on adventures. Help him get his memories back, Solve the puzzles, get rewards, and move to the next ones to get more rewards, unlock new levels and stages each with tricky solutions.

Get through all the levels and reach the evil, uncover its evil plot and get more and more points while enjoying the puzzle story. The game features sketched cartoonish characters like starfish, flying pony, Bringle-man, strawberry girl, and snack-boy, 2-dimensional perspective view, and a colorful world with 50 scenes to explore during the quest. Other core features like simple controls, and amazing sound quality, and background music are an awesome addition to this edition.