Tom and Jerry in House Trap


Tom and Jerry in House Trap Alternatives for PS Vita

#1 Qbert Rebooted


Qbert Rebooted is an Arcade, Action, Puzzle and Single-player video game by Sideline Amusement. Qbert is one of the most popular classic game in the 1980s, and the developer of the game is decided to create a new re-imagined version with some new features. The game offers a 3D game world where the player can control a Qbert character and try to reach the top of the platform in order to progress in the match. It offers an isometric view and allows the player to jump around the cube pyramid, convert each block of the match and avoid all the enemies that will try to kill the player. It offers various levels, and each level of the game offers more complex gameplay of the last one. Qbert Rebooted offers key features such a more than 30 challenging levels, different enemies, two game modes and enjoyable background music. The game offers enhanced game mechanics, improved visuals, and objective storyline.