Tony Hawk’s Underground 2


Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 Alternatives for Nintendo 3DS

#1 Xtreme Sports


Xtreme Sports is a Sports, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by WayForward Technologies. The game offers similar gameplay to Xtreme Sports Arcade: Summer Edition, released in 1999. In the game, the player has to compete against AI-controlled characters on more than 20 tracks in sports, such as Surfing, skyboarding, Skateboarding, and more. As the game starts, the player has to choose between characters such as Fin and Guppi and embarks on a trip organized by the Xtreme by Cola Company. All sports athletes are invited to the tournament to compete against each other.

During the gameplay, the player discovers some people are the members of the Bone-Heads gang, who are the antagonists. The ultimate objective of the player is to reveal the mystery behind the scene; meanwhile win the tournament. Two different modes are available, such as Xtreme Island Adventure and Practice mode. There are more than fifteen challenges and three levels of difficulty. Xtreme Sports includes prominent features such as Playable Characters, Detailed Graphics, Superb Mechanics, Playable Game Modes, Challenges, and more.