Top Eleven Football Manager


Top Eleven Football Manager Alternatives for Xbox 360

#1 NFL Head Coach 09


NFL Head Coach 09 is an Exciting Sports Management Simulation by EA Sports. The game is available for PlayStation and Xbox only, and in this game, the player takes the role of an NFL Head Coach and completes all the tasks that a normal Coach has to perform in real-life. These tasks include franchise management, team creation, team training, and proving himself as the best among other coaches. The game offers lots of real characters and you have to choose one of them to start gameplay.

It introduces a lot of new features and upgrades which makes the game interesting and enjoyable. Just like the previous installment, this one allows the player to upgrade his team and staff using skills points, and special skills. The game also offers an editor option that allows the player to create his own gameplay with multiple events and tournaments. NFL Head Coach 09 also includes few core features such as twenty-two playable teams, multiple stadiums in different locations, upgrades, and much more. Last but not least, this game offers enhanced game mechanics, improved visuals, and addictive gameplay.