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TradeWars 2002

TradeWars 2002 is a Strategy, Actions, and Single-player video game developed by Epic Interactive Strategy. It requires the player to get into the role of a trader in a galaxy and come across a fixed set of other players. During the gameplay, the player seeks to take control of different resources, such as fuel, ore, food, equipment, and many more… read more

6 TradeWars 2002 Alternatives & Similar Games for Mac OS


1. Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online (STO) is a free to play MMORPG that takes place inside the Star Trek world. The game does a good job at capturing the universe of Star Trek and it has a great quantity of content for players to adventure. Star Trek Online will happen in the year 2409 and throws gamers into a galaxy at war. Throughout the video game followers of the Star Trek collection will understand most of the games places, heroes and ships which will help increases the immersion elements of the game. Gamers who aren’t aware of the Star Trek universe won’t feel left out though with sufficient story included in the game which you don’t have to be a Trekkie for the very best experience. Away from combat there are many other activities for players to participate in from crafting to exploration as well as team based targets like the fleet action missions that act in the same way to raid dungeons in additional games. If that isn’t sufficient players may also visit The Foundry to produce their own missions or play missions from some others.


2. FTL: Faster Than Light

FTL: Faster Than Light is a brilliant, Rough-like, Strategy, 2D, Space, Sci-fi, and Single-player Simulation developed by Subset Games. The game offers a combination of space, combat, and isometric elements and puts the player in control of the crew of a spacecraft.

The game consists of eight different sectors and allows the player to assist the ship over different areas. It takes place in the procedurally generated world and lets the player recruit new crew, upgrade his spaceship, face hostile and rebel forces, and more.


3. FTL: Advanced Edition

FTL: Advanced Edition is an Adventure-based, Strategy, Puzzle, Sci-Fi and Single-player Simulation by Subset Games. It is an advance pack of the original game of FTL: Faster Than Light that offers new gameplay system, various playable ships, weapons, alien force, and drones, etc. that makes the game more complex and enjoyable. The game also offers new sector with brand new events. According to the gameplay, the player can set his spaceship in the right area, place several new weapons and units. During the gameplay the powerful Alien force attack of his ship that will try to destroy his ship. It allows the player to use his strategy and defeat alien ship to progress. It is an exciting game that offers fast-paced gameplay to immerse himself deep the wonderful game world. FTL: Advanced Edition provides enhanced game mechanics, immersive and quite addictive gameplay and brilliant visual details.


4. Starflight 2: Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula

Starflight 2: Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula is an Action-Adventure, Strategy, Role-playing and Single-player video game developed and published by Electronic Arts. It is a standalone sequel to the original game of Starflight that allows the player to explore the massive space environment within the futuristic setting. In this competition, the player can control a unique spaceship and allows to explore more than one-fifty solar systems, interact with them, attack on the other ships, land on the planetary surface to collect clues. The game introduces lots of new systems such as trade-based, economy system, new alien races, exciting artifacts and amazing accessories of spacecraft, etc. that makes the game more interesting and enjoyable. In this game, the ultimate task of the player discovers the source of the advanced spacecraft technologies to increase and more powerful his military force. It offers a verity of missions, and each complete mission of the game offers huge rewards that will allow the player to upgrade his ship and expand his areas. It is an excellent game that provides an incredible action-packed gameplay to engage himself deep into the excellent game world. Starflight 2: Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula offers key features such as two different modes, advanced technologies, different map to explore and powerful enemy creatures, etc. The game offers superb game controls and setting, excellent game mechanics, and stunning visual details.


5. Zoombinis Island Odyssey

Zoombinis Island Odyssey is an Educational Puzzle video game created by TERC and published by Viva Media. It is another game in the series of Zoombinis that takes a player in the new Odyssey Island. According to the story of the game, the dastardly Bloats destroy the natural environment and then evacuated the wildlife and Zerbles struggling to survive. The game allows the player to join the force of the Zoombinis and start his adventure to rescue the world. The game offers lots of math puzzle and scientific thinks puzzle which the player must solve in order to progress. Complete his tutorial level and get into the game world to learn something new and save his family members. During the gameplay, the player can lead a group of Zoombinis and solve all the puzzle together. Before the each mission the game allows the player to customize his team of Zoombinis with different exciting things that make the game more interesting and enjoyable. The game includes core features such as lots of new locations, educational puzzle, new game world, and power-ups, etc. Zoombinis Island Odyssey offers enhanced game mechanics, 3D graphics, and quite impressive gameplay.


6. EVE Online: Apocrypha

EVE Online: Apocrypha is a Massively Multiplayer Online, Role-playing Space Simulation developed and published by CCP Games. It is an eleventh expansion pack to the most popular game of EVE Online which offers lots of news gameplay modes, new game world, features, and upgrades, etc. The game takes place in the Milky Way galaxy that brought humanity to the new Eden Star cluster. The aim of the player is same to create the empire in the space by using the verity of resources. The expansion pack introduces more than 2500 different star system with 30% original stars. EVE Online: Apocrypha offers most prominent features such as ship customization system, lots of upgrades, unique combat, new modes, various new technologies and multiple environments to explore, etc. The game offers quite stunning gameplay, brilliant graphic and dynamic background music.

More About TradeWars 2002

TradeWars 2002 is a Strategy, Actions, and Single-player video game developed by Epic Interactive Strategy. It requires the player to get into the role of a trader in a galaxy and come across a fixed set of other players. During the gameplay, the player seeks to take control of different resources, such as fuel, ore, food, equipment, and many more.

In the game, the player travels through several sectors of the galaxy and remains engaged in trading different objects for money and even undervalued resources. The game lets the player utilize his wealth to upgrade the entire spaceship.

It obliges the player to utilize numerous weapons and other defenses and try to fight for the control of multiple start bases and planets. While playing the game, the player is capable of utilizing plenty of objects, items, and other resources to complete numerous objectives. The player must dust off his coding skills and takedown different opposing players to gain various rewards.

In the game, the player tries to pick the part of the galaxy he wishes to travel, and each of them gets connected to other places. TradeWars 2002 involves some prominent features, such as Intense Combat, Customization Options, Superb Mechanics, Brilliant Graphics, Soundtrack, Excellent Controls, and more.

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