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Trainz: A New Era

Trainz: A New Era is a Co-op, Single and Multiplayer Simulation developed by N3V Games and published by Deep Silver. The game takes place in the modern game world where the player can take on the role of a driver of the train who can explore multiple routes in order to complete his game objectives… read more
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4 Trainz: A New Era Alternatives & Similar Games for Android


1. Tiny Rails

Tiny Rails is an Adventure-based Single-player Simulation by Tiny Titan Studios. According to the story the player character’s grandfather handed down his train company, and it’s up to the player to expand. The key mission of the player is to manage his train company from the modest engine to multicar masterpiece in this excellent world. Customize and upgrade his own train while unlocking new stations trading supplies and delivering passengers to expand his game company. The game also allows the player to encounter rival train companies, meet new characters and snap iconic global landmarks. Explore the vast world map and unlock new stations. Deliver cargo and passengers around the world while upgrading and customizing his train cars. Tiny Rails also includes core features such as different outfit for his trains, travel across the world, lots of upgrades, beautiful pixel art combines and much more. The game offers immersive gameplay with great mechanics.


2. Trainz Driver 2016

Trainz Driver 2016 is a Single, and Multiplayer Train Simulation developed and published by N3V Games. Assume the role of a train driver and explore the hundreds of miles of the realistic rail network. The game allows the player to operate more than 30 different locomotives around four enormous routes including the mountainous Hinton Division route in West Virginia circa 1950 and full 393-mile London-Edinburg Mainline. The game offers realistic railroad experience with real drive, watch, couple and decouple wagons, interact with the singles and junctions, load and unload freight and passengers, etc. The game also allows the player to purchase additional locomotives and routes to broaden his experience. To make the game more enjoyable, it offers four different multiplayer sessions that allow the player to play cooperatively to enjoy the game together. Trainz Driver 2016 offer core features such as 200 different passenger cars, multiple locomotives, ten structured session, multiple modes and four different routes to explore, etc. With sunning gameplay, objective storyline and brilliant visual details. Trainz Driver 2016 is best Train Simulation as compared to the others


3. Trainz Trouble

Trainz Trouble developed and published by N3V Games. It is a challenging puzzle video game in which the ultimate task of the player avoids a trouble between the trains. Plan the routes, change the junctions, manage the speed of the trains and time to stops to stop trouble. The game offers dozens of puzzles to solves; each new level provides a new challenge and new gameplay features to make the game more enjoyable. Be careful if the two train crashes each other in that case the player will lose his life and the game reset puzzle again. The train is not the only thing to worry about after the progress of the game the player can make road traffic to avoid trouble between the trains. Multiple themes, unlock new levels, lots of upgrades, achievements and all quality puzzle to solve these are prominent features of the game. Trainz Trouble offer advances 3D graphics, simple controls, and enjoyable music tracks.


4. RailRoad Train Simulator 16

RailRoad Train Simulator 16 created and published by Seven Summits Studios. It is the detailed 3D Train Simulator that allows the player to switch tracks, including six unique vintage steam locomotive engines, compartments, more than six detailed vintage old passenger wagon, well-crafted cities and multiple stations. The game offers full freedom to their player to control anything which the player wants such as weather effects and trains skins. RailRoad Train Simulator 16 consists of thirty different missions that take place in day and night cycle. In each mission, the player aim is to reach the given destination in given amount of time to deliver cargo and passengers. Each complete mission provides rewards which the player can use to uncloak new stations, trains, and other items. There is multiple mode simples to expert. RailRoad Train Simulator 16 also offers core features such as multiple classes, functional signals, interactive rails tracks, transport good and much more. The game offers fantastic game mechanics and stunning visual details.

More About Trainz: A New Era

Trainz: A New Era is a Co-op, Single and Multiplayer Simulation developed by N3V Games and published by Deep Silver. The game takes place in the modern game world where the player can take on the role of a driver of the train who can explore multiple routes in order to complete his game objectives. In this game can operate all the popular locomotives to explore the fascinating routes and unleash his creative side designing and creating his own routes and drive sessions. It offers the massive range of tools to create his own creation and share it with the others. Just like the other similar game it also consists of the series of levels, and in each new level, the player can enjoy the more realistic experience as compared to the previous one. Trainz: A New Era offers stunning gameplay, objective storyline, and brilliant visual details.

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