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Trimble Connect

Trimble Connect is a collaboration tool specially designed for Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals such as architect, sub-contractors and project owners. It is a powerful tool that creates a collaborative environment and makes project information traceable and accessible to help users to create better… read more

10 Trimble Connect Alternatives & Similar Software


1. EcoDomus

EcoDomus is an all-in-one Building Information Management (BIM) software solution that offers lots of building improvement tools for real estate owners and tenants. It is one of the best alternatives to Allplan Architecture and offers almost all the major services with some advanced features that make it better than others. The solution has a Common Data Environment that helps you to work with any type of data, generate information and analyze intuitively building performance. It is a scalable software that can adapt to support the Internet of Things and Big Data solutions. As such you can enhance your data collection from the broader range of information sources. EcoDomus is a simple and easy to understand solution that is also best for beginners. This BIM includes core features such as 3D modelling, 3D data tracking, laser scanning, product documentation, report generation and online navigation etc. Try it out; it is best for all the architectures.


2. midas Gen

midas Gen is an intuitive and powerful building design and analysis solution that provides practising engineers with the capability to conveniently perform structural design and analysis of building and general structures. The solution allows you to do their task accurately, gain practical results and enhance their performance, wither you design and analyze conventional or complex structures. The best thing about this platform is that it comes with a graphical user interface which enables engineers to dynamically visualize the models of structures, easily access input and output functions, calculate properties of section shapes and manipulate files and data. Its powerful modelling capabilities make it easy to generate models of conventional buildings that have complex structures and several elements. In order to streamline the modelling of structures, it lets you utilize its structure wizards that allows them to generate models by simply defining parameters quickly. It also allow you to perform various structural analyses including stage, floor vibration, time history and nonlinear analysis. In addition, it is built with a powerful post-processor which permit engineers to generate load combinations, so you can analyze and evaluate reactions. midas Gen also makes it possible to apply different kinds of materials and sections to your models and offers more than 37 different section shapes that user can choose from the implement on their structural elements. It helps them to quickly calculate measurement associated with the properties of material and sections. midas Gen also has lots of amazing things that make it better than others.


3. AECOsim Building Designer

AECOsim Building Designer is a building design software that allows you to create, analyze and visualize structures of multiple size, form and complexity. The technology provides tools to properly communicate an envisioned design and connect walls between building disciplines and geographically distributed teams. The solution makes the BIM solution more advance and allows users to rollout building projects more rapidly. The user can be more at ease due to confidence in their design, capabilities, deliverables and workflow. AECOsim Building Designer is multi-discipline that means it boosts collaboration among architects, electrical, mechanical and structural engineers using the shared set of features and tasks. Users can also enjoy an unrestrictive design environment as AECOsim Building Designer provides tools to model anything with complete freedom from simple structures to complete buildings with complex geometry and designs. It has a list of tools that help you to develop and design buildings of any size. Just like all the other similar platforms it also as a list of core features that make it better than others. AECOsim Building Designer is a commercial platform and available to use on Windows and macOS.


4. Design for Fabrication

Design for Fabrication is a leading BIM (Business Information Management) software system designed by Dassault Systems. It is also known as a collaboration tool that creates an initiative collaborative and fully integrated BIM environment for all the industry professionals. The solution creates a unified source of truth for all AEC project while seamlessly connecting data from the design stage into the shop drawings. It permits all participants to interact in parallel on the inimitable3D digital referential creating modification and share ideal in real-time to eliminate errors that project at risk. The solution has a list of built-in tools that save lots of time and improve overall project. Each user has its own dashboard where they access it all features without any limitations. Design for Fabrication includes key features such as automatic change propagation, costing simulation, improve collaboration and social networking etc. Try it out; it is best Building Information Management.


5. Vectorworks Architect

Vectorworks Architect is a powerful architecture software developed with BIM. It has modelling drafting and documentation capabilities to enable you and your teams to perform all related tasks in a single window. The solution also provides you with tools that augment your creative workflow from conceptualization to the actual building process. With this powerful suction, there is no limit to what you can create with its superior 3D modelling platform. It also allows you to collaborate with your team members seamlessly and even with all the other external associates in order to unify your workflow and enhance your design. As compared to all the other similar solutions, it offers you the best modelling tools that increase your experience and refine your creative process. Vectorworks Architect has a simple dashboard where you can access it all features without any limitation. It also includes core features such as file import and export, project sharing, schedule and construction documents, advanced BIM modelling and much more. Try it out; it is also best for beginners.


6. SmartBIM Platform

SmartBIM Platform is an all-in-one Building Information Management software that enables building product manufacturers to manage, edit and distribute building related content with ease. It is a reliable software that offers all the major BIM information by communicating with engineers, contractors and architects. It is a simple platform, and best for both experts and beginners as well as no require any additional installation. SmartBIM Platform delivers the power of BIM into the hands of building product manufacturers and allows them to distribute content directly to their audience looking for. It also known as the powerful AEC solution that unifies information needed by AEC professionals in the one place, puts all the BIM information on hand and provides a library of reliable tools to simplify the design process. Just like AllPlan Architecture, it also offers lots of unique tools that enable to create attractive building designs and share it with the others. Workload reduction, in-brand experience, actionable leads, direct connectivity and easy to understand these are core features of the platform. SmartBIM Platform is a commercial solution and available to use in different plans.


7. Allplan Architecture

Allplan Architecture is an ultimate building information modelling solution that gives architects, engineering and architectural firms to full control over their projects and ability to produce unique building designs as well as construction drawings with creativity, freedom and flexibility. It is a simple yet powerful BIM solution that allows users to apply different approaches when it comes to generating designs and drawings which includes 2D and object-oriented 3D modelling. The solution provides 3D modelling capabilities that are improved by its integration with the Parasolid modelling Kernel from Siemens, a PLM or product lifecycle management software that uses advanced and versatile 3D modelling techniques. It also has the ability to produce renderings that help users visualize their designs and models more realistically. The great fact about this application is that it offers data export and information management features that allow users to share their data with their partners easily and other stakeholders as well as also enable to exchange data across other BIM projects. Allplan Architecture also includes core features such an intuitive user-interface, design freedom, simplified and optimized collaboration, reliable quantity take off, smooth data exchange and much more. Overall, Allplan Architecture is one of the best BIM compared to the others.



ARCHICAD is an industry leading BIM (Building Information Modeling) solution, specially designed for urban planners, designers, interior designers and architectures. It is also known as a powerful CAD tool that is tailored to handle the demands of modern architecture 2D/3D design and BIM functions right from the planning through project implementation to facilities management. ARCHICAD is a cloud-based system and works well on Windows, Mac and Mobile devices. This powerful modelling platform provides a clean workspace where only widely used functions are displayed. Its overall performance improvements focus on the smooth and highly responsive 2D zooming and planning experience for all the projects regardless of complexity. The great thing is that it allows you to leverage local expression in order to create new stuff and values based on the parameters of the element. It automates workflows, boosts the information and licenses you to compute a rule as the property value of the consistent element and update it without the error-prone and time consuming manual data entry. ARCHICAD also has lots of exciting tools and features that make it better than others. It is a commercial solution, and you can access it on Windows, Mac and Mobile devices.


9. Tekla BIMsight

Tekla BIMsight is a leading Windows-based construction collaboration tool for construction industry professionals. It is a powerful tool that offers convenient BIM environment where construction experts can combine 3D models, check for clashes and share information. Tekla BIMsight is free to use the system and allow project participants to pinpoint and cure problems in the design stage before construction. The system streamlines the whole construction cycle by enabling the project manager to resolve conflicts using the automated clash detection tool. It also provides the entire construction industry with a no-cost solution for the modern and model-based coordination. As compared to the other modelling tools it is quite easy to learn and use, and best for all the newbies, students and all the elevational institution. Another great fact is that it provides a comprehensive and fully functional model review and collaboration system without requiring the user to play for it. 3D navigation, BCF support, support for SketchUp, creating and share notes and save model view these are core features of the system. Do try it out, Tekla BIMsight is wonderful windows-based BIM for all the newbies.


10. Hevacomp

Hevacomp is a Building Information Modeling software for creating energy efficient building through predicting accurate real-world performance. It is an alternative to Allplan Articheture and offers all the similar services with some new features that make it stronger than others. With the help of this modelling tool, the user can conduct building energy analysis using the EnergyPlus. One can also implement vital compliance checking and documentation specifically required for creating multi-discipline plants and factories. It is complete modelling that contains almost all the major tools to create and plan and design complete structure. Its building electrical design system allows users to easily design and analyze building electrical system and share it with their team members. Just like all the other BIM solution it also has a collaboration system that allows users to easily communicate with their partners, create a design and share information. Hevacomp is included core features such as analyzes whole building energy, calculation building heating and cooling, a user-friendly interface and much more. Try it out; it is one of the best BIM for creating energy buildings.

More About Trimble Connect

Trimble Connect is a collaboration tool specially designed for Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals such as architect, sub-contractors and project owners. It is a powerful tool that creates a collaborative environment and makes project information traceable and accessible to help users to create better. The solution keeps everyone right from the ground level to the top level, whether onsite or offsite updated on the project progress and make them know the next courses of action. Trimble Connect is a cross-platform solution that means you access it any device in order to share, view and access construction project data anywhere, anytime. The solution leverages mixed-reality technology to expedite workflows take 3D content off the screen and into the real world in order to deliver an enriched 3D design review, coordination, collaboration and project management. With Trimble Connect, you can easily communicate and collaborate between remote and local stakeholders to minimize project errors. This collaboration tool also has some modern system that allows you to manage users and groups, create and manage folders as well as create complete projects etc. Overall, it is one of the best collaboration solutions for architects.