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Truecaller: Caller ID, Spam Blocking, and Call Record are free to use mobile application that finds mobile number details globally. You have to add the intended phone number to the app, and it will precisely tell you regarding every detail of the number that this application has in it… read more
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18 Truecaller Alternatives & Similar Apps

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1. Whitepages Caller ID

Whitepages Caller ID is an application for the smartphone that is used for the purpose knowing about the identity of the unknown callers. It is also applicable for those whose identity always shown as a private number on the screen of your smartphones.

By using Whitepages Caller ID, the smartphone users can quickly come to know about the identity of callers and assume either it is your friend, enemy, or spam. The best thing about Whitepages Caller ID app is that in addition to working as identity locater, Whitepages Caller ID also functions as spam and scam protection application as well. It enables its users to get their texts and calls filtered before getting them in their smartphone.


2. True Contact

True Contact is a special caller ID revealing app for those smartphone users who want to resolve their issue of unknown and unwanted calls. TrueContact app helps you in deciding whether to answer or reject the calls coming from private and anonymous numbers.

In addition to caller ID, True Contact also works as call and SMS blocker as well. The app brings a smart caller ID system for spam block and reverses phone system. It lets you know in advance who is calling before accepting the call and block the spam and unwanted calls permanently.


3. Mr. Number-Block Call Block

Mr. Number-Block Call Block is a productivity tool that intuitively blocks unwanted calls and SMS and helps you maintain secure connections. Mr. Number-Block Call Block is the best and comprehensive way to identify and stop spam calls, scam, and frauds. The best thing about Mr. Number-Block Call Block is that it supports for almost all those phone codes that are present in the globe.

Mr. Number-Block Call Block is said to be one of the best applications for block calls and SMSs. The Mr. Number-Block Call Block app can be used to stop the telemarketers and debt collectors who are continuously interrupting you by making the phone calls. The users can even filter out their contacts in the category of private and unknown numbers, and can send voice calls in response without any effort.


4. TrapCall

TrapCall is an application to get the caller IDs and unmask the blocked calls. It is a way for getting the identity of those numbers that always shown as private numbers or unknown calls. Using the TrapCall app, you can get the features of blocking and restricting the calls, caller ID calls, and monitoring who is exactly calling you.

It is an application, particularly for those people who are tired of getting the calls of telemarketers and spammers. By using this, they will be able to get the real identity of the callers who are calling. Apart from unmasking the blocked caller ID, TrapCall can be used for ensuring privacy and knowing about the real identity of the callers.


5. Drupe

Drupe is free to use and all-in-one mobile application that offers built-in call recorder, track and block spam calls, and theme gallery, etc. Drupe: Contacts, Phone Dialer, and Caller ID App offers all the major services with some new features such as the smart dialer, finds unknown numbers, and much more.

Along with its awesome searching and the tracking of call spammer, you can easily add them to the blacklist. The best thing about this application is that it offers unlimited personalization. You can add animated GIFs to your ongoing calls, add new widgets, etc.


6. ExDialer

ExDialer is a massively used caller ID app, developed and published by Modoohut for Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets. ExDialer – Dialer and Contacts is a contact management application that is specially made for those who want to manage their phone calls, set call reminder, block spam calls and get a free true caller right under one place.

ExDialer is a super easy to use application app that does not require any kind of registration or personal information. You just have to download it on your mobile device, active its products, and enjoy it all features without any limitations. It offers a personalization feature that allows you to change one of various theme, change contact icons, and add new widgets.


7. WhoWho

WhoWho is a caller ID and call blocking application that allows you to get to know who is calling or texting. The app brings the solution for identifying the caller ID, preventing the unwanted calls, managing the registered numbers, and identifying the spam calls before responding to the callers.

WhoWho will tell you which call is the real one and which are being made from the fake numbers. The app enables its users to choose to reject the useless scam, and spam calls. It never misses the genuine calls and those calls that are important.


8. Eyecon

Eyecon is a free to use mobile application that helps you to identify calls, see photos, name of unknown callers, and contacts in your phonebook. It is an all-in-one app that offers caller ID, spam calls, phone book, and contacts. One of the best features about this application is that it automatically syncs with Facebook to add photos to your phone dialer, contacts, and address book.

With this app, you can also check numbers of known callers and block all the unknown persons. Eyecon is a safe application that protects you from all the spam and anonymous phone calls.


9. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is a call recording application that helps you to save your phone calls and to record specific calls as well. You can add or keep your particular notes and share them with your friends and family members. Automatic Call recorder lets you save your phone calls on google drive. There is not any limitation with the application for how many calls you are saving

It is a paid software, but there is a trial available so you can check it before purchasing it. Automatic Call Recorder is a fast and easy solution for students to record their lectures. This software also provides the details summary of the calls with names and dates. Automatic Call Recorder may not be work on some devices, has no proper instruction files, has a reduce echo, and recording quality may be disturbed some time.


10. Calls Blacklist PRO

Calls Blacklist PRO is amongst the most famous calls and SMSs blocker application that enables you to block those numbers who are continuously interrupting you anyway quickly. The app helps you avoid all the spammers who keeps on irritating you by sending SMSs or making product promotion calls.

The best fact about Calls Blacklist PRO is that it even used for blocking the spam messages and make the phone life of the users most comfortably. Calls Blacklist PRO provides the customizable features to the users through which they can simply add any number that they want to blacklist.


11. Number Checker All World

Number Checker. All World is an exclusive application for checking the identity of phone number according to state, country, city, region, operator, and much more. It is an application that allows you to determine both mobile and landline numbers across the globe by using the codes.

The identification system of Number Checker. All World is based on two modules that it contains in the identification section. In the identification, the two main modules are who called and how to call. The Who Called Section allows the users to enter the phone number and in response, they will get the complete details of the amount in the category of country, telephone company, region, area, city, state and other.


12. CallerSmart

CallerSmart is an application that is used for looking up mystery phone numbers for free. It is an application that acts as a medium for investigating annoying calls or SMS before you respond. The CallerSmart app lets you know about the unknown numbers and block the unwanted callers permanently.

You just have to download the CallerSmart app and turn up the caller ID to get the real number of those numbers that on the screen of smartphones appearing as unknown or private numbers. The highlighted features of CallerSmart includes monitoring of your own phone numbers, protect your children against spam numbers, and instant blocking of numbers, detect spam, and much more.


13. Call Bliss

Call Bliss is effective and easy to manage mobile phone application to get text alerts and unwanted callers details. It is an application for ensuring that you never miss important calls. The Don Not Disturb feature of Call Bliss allows the users to customize its features and settings according to their demand.

Call Bliss enables the users to allow or silence callers and groups of callers with just a single tap. You can also control the phone numbers automatically according to location, work, home, or anywhere else.


14. Number Guru

Number Guru is an application for smartphone users for reverse phone and caller lookup system. Number Guru is one of the biggest sources for getting the caller ID and reverse phone service that you will hardly encounter in most of those applications.

Number Guru is a magnificent tool that automatically blocks the numbers of those telemarketers who are continuously interrupting you during your work. The app never lets you get worried about the spammer and always keeps you updated with the information regarding whose calling.


15. Real Caller

Real Caller is an application for the smartphone users for grabbing the information regarding the telephone directory and caller IDs. Real Caller App makes it possible for the users to get the caller ID of the real people who are calling you while staying anonymous. Real Caller app is used to find caller name and reserve phone search.

Real Caller diligently works with almost all type of smartphones and provide the users with best features and functions. The highlighted features of Real Caller app includes caller identification, free phone number lookup, work in offline mode, real caller data, availability of phone book, and more. The app also avoids sending a message or calling to the wrong person.


16. Contactive

Contactive is a free caller identification application that provides users with the system to identify the number of millions of callers before attending them. Contactive app has one of the largest databases of the cell phone numbers and brings the right information to you whenever needed.

Contactive App provides users with the best information by using social media networks and provide the sources publicly available. It also utilizes the data of even Yelp and some other global directories as well for caller IDs.


17. Extreme Call Blocker

Extreme Call Blocker is an application that provides smartphones users with more command and controls as compared to the internal setting of their smartphones. Although in most of the smartphones there is the system for SMS and call blocking, sometimes it doesn’t work at their optimum position.

In a single application, Extreme Call Blocker provides the nine main options such as settings, block log, blacklist, whitelist, private messages, profiles, groups, back up and on and off system. All these systems that can be said as the features and functions of Extreme Call Blocker as well as provide the users best command and control over their smartphones. Like the on and off option allow the users to instantly on and off the Extreme Call Blocker.


18. WhosCall

WhosCall is one of the most comprehensive ways that help everyone for instantly knowing about the identity of the sources of SMSs and calls, even if the caller had hidden his identity. Being the database of almost 700 million phone and mobile numbers across the globe, WhosCall is based on the system of reverse number lookup and identification.

It is an application for knowing about those numbers whose identity always displayed on the mobile screen as a private number, unknown or based on two to three digits code words. You don’t have to worry regarding the anonymity if the caller is sending or calling you without revealing its identity.

More About Truecaller

Truecaller: Caller ID, Spam Blocking, and Call Record are free to use mobile application that finds mobile number details globally. You have to add the intended phone number to the app, and it will precisely tell you regarding every detail of the number that this application has in it. The app has an exciting Caller ID service to archive call-blocking functionality and social media integration.

It has more than 250 million users around the world who are using it to make their communication safe and efficient. Truecaller is developed and published by True Software Scandinavia AB. You can download it on almost all mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.

It is an effective and secure communication application which allows you to send and receive unlimited messages to your friends and family around the world. The app automatically identifies every unknown SMS, block spam messages, and other things. One of the most exciting features about this application is that it offers a built-in call recording feature that automatically records your calls.

Some of the core features of the Truecaller app includes Caller ID, Block Spam, see the name of unknown numbers, flash messaging backup call history, and much more. Unlike most of the applications, it is also available to use in Premium version that comes with lots of new tools and features.