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UC Browser Mini is the small edition of the UC browser that is best for downloading videos with a high-speed. It works in the same way as a normal browser, but many other features are included in it that makes UC browser mini a different browser… read more
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6 UC Browser Mini Alternatives & Similar Apps for iOS


1. Yandex Browser for Android

Yandex Browser for Android is a fast and easy to use a mobile web browser for the Android smartphone devices developed and designed by the Yandex Browser. The best about Yandex Browser for Android is that it offers Android smartphone users a quick browsing experience that is being backed by its wide range of advanced features and functions.

The unique thing about Yandex Browser for Android is judging the behavior of the users. One of the best things about Yandex Browser for Android is its extension system that allows the users to extend the features and functions of the Yandex Browser for Android by using the multiple extensions.


2. Firefox Browser fast & private

Firefox Browser – Fast & Private is a mobile web browser developed in the market by Mozilla Firefox Inc. It offers a fast and intelligent search system and makes them protected all the time from all kinds of trackers. Firefox Browser Fast and Private App allows users to get back full command and control on their web experience.

The user interface of Firefox Browser fast & private is very simple and user-friendly and features a fast browsing speed. The app carries an intelligent search system and allows users to get the faster-downloading speed.


3. MX5 Browser

MX5 Browser is also known as Maxthon Browser is a fast, smart, secure, and easy to use web browser for Android smartphone users offering amazing and premium web experience to its users. What makes Maxthon Browser special one is that it is backed by those searching technology that widely supports the HTML5.

If you are worried about the slow searching and downloading speed of the browser you are using, then right here is the Maxthon Browser that is amongst the best web browsers for smartphone users.


4. Opera Mini

Opera Mini is one of the leading web browsers for smartphone users. It is similar to that of the Opera web browser for the desktop device. The best about Opera Mini is that it works with almost all smartphones and tablets. It gives its users the chance to save up to 90% of their mobile data.

The current version of Opera Mini is now offering several additional features in the shape of ad-blocker and privacy maintainer. With the usage of Opera Mini, the users can go into the private mode as well to protect their privacy and location.


5. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open-sources web-browser created by Mozilla Foundation in 2002. It is available to use on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android, etc. The platform uses the Gecko layout engine to render web-pages that implement current and anticipated web standards.

Mozilla Firefox is created under the codename Phoenix by the Mozilla community member who desired a standalone browser, rather than the Mozilla Application Suite bundle. It is one of the best alternatives to Google Chrome and offers lots of similar services with some new features.


6. Alwaysonpc

Alwaysonpc – Firefox with Flash Player and Office on a Virtual PC for iPad is a commercial mobile app that gives you a complete virtual computer pre-loaded with more than 40 apps that you can access and use from any iOS or Android devices.

Its Cloud PC is hosted on your powerful cloud servers with the full desktop version of all the major programs such as OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Dropbox, Word docs, and much more. After completing the registration processes, you can get your virtual computer that is complete with your private file storage, applications, and personal desktop.

More About UC Browser Mini

UC Browser Mini is the small edition of the UC browser that is best for downloading videos with a high-speed. It works in the same way as a normal browser, but many other features are included in it that makes UC browser mini a different browser. This application contains all-in-one videos, and you can enjoy TV shows, the latest movies, cartoons, and songs.

It also provides you the most updated news about the various industries. You can also follow multiple channels through this platform, and the UC Browser Mini will show you the latest videos related to that channel. A photo editor also comes in this application in which you can swap your face with your favorite celebrity.

If you get irritated by the pop-up ads, so don’t need to worry now because a powerful ad blocker is available in this application that will block every unnecessary advertisement. Through the incognito mode, you can perform private browsing. One of the most interesting facts about this platform is that it comes with a complete bookmark solution that makes it better than others.