Ultimate Dice Wars: Reborn


Ultimate Dice Wars: Reborn Alternatives for iOS

#1 UniWar


UniWar is an Action, Strategy, Turn-based, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game owned by Spooky House Studios. In this wargame, you build a society, make its customs and rites, and manage all the activities of this civilization while being an emperor of your town. Create a stronger bond between you people and lets them join the army to control the unhealthy raids from multiple enemies. There are a number of mighty bosses to take over your club and your job is not only to defend your walls but also raid them to add more war-power to your kingdom.

Attack nearly enemies, loot them, gather their resources, and add their weaponry to yours. Find out the best strategies, command a large army, make alliances, and charge the heavyweights of the world. The game has amazing traits including 3 kinds of opponents with up to 10 greater and skilled units, solo mode that lets you finish about 30 missions, regularly updated challenges, turn-based fast and free gameplay, and PvP and multiplayer modes are also scattered in the menu.