Ultimate Dice Wars: Reborn


Ultimate Dice Wars: Reborn Alternatives on Steam

#1 Age of History II


Age of History II is an Action-Adventure, Strategy, and Single-player video game introduced by Lukasz Jakowski. The wargame edition describes the storyline in which you play the role of commanding authority, gather different resources, and take charge of the world. Make a great army of the knights, let them train to battle against highly skilled warriors, and make strategies to be the emperor. You may start to conquer with the smallest possible towns and add more triumphs using the best of the war tactics.

During the gameplay, you have to manage multiple locations and maps having powerful and mighty bosses. Take charge to revolutionize the world and lead the world to a far and better future by conquering your enemies. It’s your choice to make them bow before your while battling or let them ruin in the destruction by finishing them. Special game features like historical-gameplay, time-lapses, creation of your own history, and a detailed world map to conquer are in line.