Unholy Disaster


Unholy Disaster Alternatives for Nintendo 3DS

#1 The Fall


The Fall is an Action-Adventure, Side-Scrolling, Platform and Single-player video game developed by Over the Moon Games and published by John Warner. According to the story of the game a spacecraft crash from space and fall into an unknown planet. In this game, the player can take on the role of a pilot named A.R.I.D who wear a unique combat suit. The ultimate task of the player explores the whole game world, collect the item, solve numbers of puzzles and find the way where he comes back to his homeland. Be careful the game world is full of powerful enemy creatures that will try eat the player. The player must use his weapons to eremite these create. In each level, the player has a limited amount of ammo to kill the creatures. If the weapon of the player ends before reach in the safe zone, in that case, the player will lose his life. The Fall includes core feature such as different kinds of enemies, lots of power-ups, upgrades and replayability, etc. The game offers well-written storyline, simple controls, and beautiful visual details.