Unholy Disaster


Unholy Disaster Alternatives for Xbox 360

#1 Super Meat Boy


Super Meat Boy is an Adventure-based, Puzzle-Platform and Single-player video game developed and published by Team Meat. In this game, the player can control the Meat boy a red cubed shaped character who starts his journey in the deadly game world against the antagonist Dr. Fetus in order to rescue his girlfriend. The gameplay of the game is characterized by the fine control and split-second timing as the player run and jump in the more than 300 challenging levels. Each level of the game is filled with massive obstacles which the player must avoid in order to progress. It allows the player to collect all the kinds of power-ups and shield that will help the player in during the gameplay. To make the game more challenging, it contains lots of boss levels in which the player can face a powerful enemy boss that contains various sharp obstacles. Super Meat Boy includes core features such as unlockable achievements, various modes, collect bandages items and much more. With quite impressive gameplay, well-written storyline and excellent graphics details. Super Meat Boy is a wonderful game to play and enjoy.