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universeOS is a social web based operating system that connect the friends with friends and team with other team members. The features of universeOS are: encrypt data & communication, stay in touch with others, organize and save personal data, sharing with others, etc… read more
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7 universeOS Alternatives & Similar Software


1. ZeroPC Cloud Navigator

ZeroPC Cloud Navigator is a desktop management dashboard in the cloud. It is one of the best personal content navigators in the air that allows the users to manage all their personal cloud storage services in the cloud. It is available for PC, web, and smartphones. The other name of ZeroPC Cloud Navigator is Personal Cloud OS. The intuitive features of ZeroPC Cloud Navigator are file sharing, webmail, cloud content navigator, instant messenger, sticky note, audio player, video player and various MS Office productivity applications. It enables the users to aggregates content in order to easily access it, transfer and share whatever content they want, using any internet browser from anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Moreover, the meta-cloud layer of ZeroPC Cloud Navigator supports almost all cloud storage and social networking services including Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, OneDrive, 4Shared, Google Drive, Evernote, Picasa, Flick, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Photobucket.


2. Qubes OS

Qubes OS is a security-focused based operating system for accessing, managing and sharing information across the group members in order to enhance the communication and collaboration. It is for personal computers. Qubes OS is an open source operating system for laptop computers. It is also a security-oriented operating system. Qubes OS uses the virtualization to implement security by compartmentalization and supports both Windows and Linux virtual environment. The latest version of Qubes OS also induces the Hypervisor Abstraction Layer (HAL) which renders Qubes OS independent of its underlying virtualization system.

Virtualization in Qubes OS is performed by Xen and user environment can be based on other operating systems including Fedora, Debian, Whonix, and Windows operating systems. It implements a ‘Security by Isolation’ approach. Qubes OS is entirely different from other VMs in VMWare or Virtual Box. The system like VMWare Workstation or Fusion, or Virtual Box are examples of type II hypervisors that means they run inside a normal OS such as Windows as ordinary processes.


3. Doky

Doky is an open source cloud computing operating system that enables the users to manage all their desktops and group members from a centralized place. Doky is one of the best cloud-based applications that is specially built for the developers and programmers. Doky is to customize the personalize development environment of users by choosing from a very selection of open-source and native application. Doky enables the software developers to access to all the critical apps for software. It also provides a unique platform to access effectively and efficiently all their favorite development apps in the cloud. There is no need to adaptation and no chances of compromise in selection and quality as well.

Doky provides a complete control, privacy, and security to the users over their work. The other features of Doky are end-to-end multi-device platform, a true continuity framework, simultaneous and sequential real-time interactions, clear data definitions, end-to-end encryption, anonymization done right, ecosystem management & control, etc.


4. CloudMe

CloudMe is synchronization and storage that can be used in case of storing data, managing and sharing with team members. CloudMe can be used from anywhere and access from anywhere as well. It is for maintaining all your record in the cloud. CloudMe is regarded as one of the best cloud storage, file synchronization and client software that features a blue folder that appears on all devices in the same content and all files are synchronized between devices. The others best advantage of using CloudMe are it provides client software for MS Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Google TV, Samsung Smart TV, WD TV, Windows Storage Server for NAS and web browsers.

The is also a cloud storage and synchronization solution in CloudMe that lets the users store, access and share their content both with each other and with people not in the net of the group. Moreover, it lets the users share data by email, text messaging and by using other social media platforms as well.


5. CloudTop

CloudTop is an online cloud web desktop. It is like your personal online computer that will let you save you documents and files and then access them from anywhere and anytime without any geographical restriction and limitations. CloudTop is your own personal computer in the cloud where you can access your documents and files from wherever you are. CloudTop is a cloud web desktop that is considered as one of the best virtual desktop and online computer. It uses the cloud storage service CloudMe as the hard drive and authentication engine. All CloudTop applications run within the browser in HTML5 and store data on CloudMe.

CloudTop is based on top of XIOS/3 that is a licensed patent pending technology. Just create an account and start using the services of CloudTop and develop your own personal independent computer in the cloud and start storing, accessing and sharing the data.


6. Glide OS

Glide OS is a professional, comprehensive and cross-platform cloud-based desktop that is compatible with MS Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and almost all mobile operating systems. The best about Glide OS is that it is also compatible with all popular web browsers that are currently being used globally. Glide OS is notable for operating on both desktop operating systems (including MS Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X) and mobile operating systems (including iOS, Android, Honeycomb, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry Tablet OS, webOS, Symbian and Windows Mobile) Moreover, Glide OS is compatible with a variety if web browsers including MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome.

The intuitive features of Glide OS are the availability of a desktop-like interface that displays the desktop, Glide HD, and web portal. Moreover, is also includes several web-based application included an integrated office suite, media players webmail, address book and much more.


7. eyeOS

eyeOS is a web and desktop based operating system that is based on the concept of cloud computing and enable the communication and collaboration among users for mutual tasks and projects. It is written in three languages that are JavaScript, XML, and PHP. Because of its distinguish user interface, it is also called a cloud desktop. eyeOS delivers a whole desktop from the cloud and integrated with various advanced tools like file management, personal management information tools, collaborative tools and with various other client’s applications are also integrated into eyeOS.

The first version of that operating system was released on 1st August 2005. Since its launch, many worldwide developers have been taking part in the project and are improving it by translating, testing and developing it further. eyeOS is a web virtual desktop that is capable in serving in a unique way any Windows and Linux application in a browser.

More About universeOS

universeOS is a social web based operating system that connect the friends with friends and team with other team members. The features of universeOS are: encrypt data & communication, stay in touch with others, organize and save personal data, sharing with others, etc. universeOS is regarded as the first ever social web operating system. The functions and features of using universeOS are encrypting your data & communication, present yourself & stay in touch with your buddies, save, organize & share the files with others, use public files and make the files accessible anytime, anywhere, etc. universeOS lets the users store, manage and share the user files, group files, audio, image, software, text, video, leaks, politics, random and much more. There is also a big data and machine learning system in universeOS. Just make a simple account and get an access the first social web operating system.

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