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UserVoice is a product lifecycle management software that transforms the way businesses gather and analyze customer feedback and prioritize feature requests in order to drive strategic product decisions. It is an ideal tool for customer-focused personnel such as customer service representatives, support manager and product managers etc… read more
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7 UserVoice Alternatives & Similar Software for Android


1. is another live chat application that focuses on successful communication between businesses and their clients. As compared to the other similar platform, it is a modern and intuitive tool that was specially created to help you find an efficient way to bridge the communication gap but is nevertheless offered for free. With the help of this platform, you can easily communicate and monitor your beloved customers without hassle. It allows you to reach your customer directly from your website, mobile application or a customization page. Aside from its live chat service, the platform also offers lots of new features that allow you to customize your own page, easily start live chat with your customer and quickly send replies etc. It also introduces scheduler that attracts the more audience around the world. has millions of users around the world available free to use.


2. JivoChat

JivoChat is an all-in-one live chat platform that uses customizable and innovative mobile conversation wizards, helpful mostly for companies who are looking to streamline customer communication and to deliver a memorable experience which would motivate users to subscribe and read their content etc. The platform comes packed with outstanding features as for instance real-time visitor monitoring, hotkeys, chat logs and page view history etc. The platform is specially designed for both small businesses and large companies. It is a simple and easy to use app that means the least tech-savvy users in your team will grab hands around it in no time. The knowledge curve is almost non-existent, but the programmers still thought of keeping users satisfied with the variety of training materials and 24/7 live support to assists them while coming on board. At the same time, the platform also offers an affordable live chat platform you cloud purchase at an off-the-shelf price and manage their client without any limitations. Its powerful features allow you to automate support messages, monitor visitor behaviour, attract more audience and assign them to the most appropriate agent. Unlimited chat, hotkeys, page views, chat targeting, offline contact forms, chat logs and spell checker these are also features of the platform. All in all, JivoChat is a powerful live chat platform as compared to the others.


3. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a cloud-based desk solution with useful features and exceptional customer service. The platform is specially designed to meet demands of both small businesses and large companies. It offers a powerful streamline system that allows your all customers communicate in one place. Freshdesk has integrated phone, live chat, support and game mechanics as well as work with legacy productivity tools and your CRM when you need to pull out customer information. It works with popular help desk and multimedia applications such as Google apps, YouTube and Slide share etc. Freshdesk introduces an email features that give your inbox team-wide support by putting all your agents on board a single panel with status updates of each customer emails. With the help of this platform, you can also be able to easily collaborate with another team around the world in order to resolve issues and faster. The platform also includes core features such as multi-product, satisfaction surveys, leaderboard, communicate portal, multi-channel supports and automation etc. As compared to the others it is easy to set up and can add agent in the jiffy. Plus you can also set up your service level agreement in order to define ticket priorities and resolution time. The ticket can be categorized based on your SLA policy that helps you to save time and manage customer expectations.


4. Freshchat

Freshchat is a modern messaging platform built for teams who want to do more. It is also known as a proactive mobile messaging and engagement application designed for sales teams. According to its customers, it helps bring chatting experience to a more personalized level and adjust conversations to both yours and your customer experience. The platform lets you prepare and distribute contextual messages, capture leads and collect valuable customer intelligence directly from your users or third-party system. It provides a variety of channels to talk to your customers such as own websites, mobile application, in-products and social media profile. At the same time, you can set up in-app campaigns to onboard, educate new users and share interesting insights and announcement to keep them in the loop with recent developments. Basically, the platform is specially created to manage to respond to all customer’s need from the comfort of a single moderately priced platform. It is a simple and easy to use platform that has millions of users around the world who can use to communicate with their customers. Freshchat includes core feature such as unlimited contact, labels, FAQ feedbacks, BOT, groups and CRM Auto load etc. Overall, it is of the best platform as compared to the others.


5. Smartsupp Live Chat

Smartsupp Live Chat is a tool that offers visitor recording feature. It helps the companies to improve sales communications, boost customer loyalty and understand customer behaviour. The app is available to use in multiple languages such as English, Danish, Dutch, Italian, German and Spanish etc. The visitor recording feature allows you to see the behaviour and movement of visitors on your website and also view a video with every visitor’s mouse clicks and movement. Smartsupp is a simple but powerful tool that is used by more than 58000 leading companies including SkyPicker, Skoda, Microsoft and Conrad etc. The interesting thing about this platform is that it offers customization option that allows you to set position, texts, colours and picture of the Smartsupp box in order to match your company identity, you can also do advanced customization with the product’s API. It also includes lots of core features such as agent rating, desktop application, visitor notes, easy to use web dashboard, group agents, chat transcripts, block visitor and much more. Overall, Smartsupp Live Chat is one of the best recording tools for your website.


6. Chatango

Chatango is another live chat tool that is specially made for those who want to keep their community on their website. The tool introduces clean conversation with auto-moderation, community moderation and optional anonymity that attract more audience around the world. It is a bit different as compared to the other similar tools that allow you to find and talk people with similar interests. With the help of this powerful tool, you can easily search the directory of people online by interest, images, distance and other criteria. Chatango handles traffic spikes breaking live events. Administrators can set a message rate limit per user in order to keep large groups readable. It is completely free to use the tool and available to use on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac and MS Windows. Do try it out, if you really turn your site into the Social Hub.


7. Tidio Chat

If you are looking a live chat widget for your website? Here is the best option for you named as Tidio Chat. It is a modern live chat service that enables you to communicate with your customers easily. The tool is specially designed for those who want to interact their customer and deliver the same thing that they actually want. It is a simple and easy to use tool that has thousands of users, and you can access it anywhere in the world. It supports multiple devices such as desktop, smartphone and tablets. Once you install the Tidio Chat plugin, you will be ready to take advantage of service, no registration, no personal information required. It is not just a live chat widget, but it is also known as Messenger that enhance your communication experience. The tool offers core features such as easy to install and use, adjust the colour scheme, available in two different design, connect your customer with email, offline message and much more. All in all, Tidio Chat is the best live chat platform for your online portal.

More About UserVoice

UserVoice is a product lifecycle management software that transforms the way businesses gather and analyze customer feedback and prioritize feature requests in order to drive strategic product decisions. It is an ideal tool for customer-focused personnel such as customer service representatives, support manager and product managers etc. It is an all-in-one platform loaded with advanced features and functions that enable users to engage customer early, study customer trends and shifts as well as provide services and products that would centre on customer specifications. The ultimate objective of the platform is to help user satisfy their client with improve customer service and enhance the product. It uses all the latest technologies and services that make it stronger than others. The most prominent features include feedback analytics, domain aliasing, SSL encryption, instant answer, custom design and single sign-on etc. Overall, UserVoice is one of the best PLM solutions compared to the others.

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