USSR Air Force Rocket Flight


USSR Air Force Rocket Flight Alternatives for Xbox One

#1 Tacoma


Tacoma is an Action-Adventure, Sci-Fi, Exploration, Space, and Single-player video game by Fullbright. It is an enjoyable narrative adventure game in the high-tech space station in the futuristic year of 2008. As the player goes about his mission, the player will explore every detail of how the station’s people lived and worked, finding the clues that add to the gripping story of trust, fear, and resolve in the face of disaster. The player explores the echoes of these captured moments surrounding the player.

The gameplay consists of several missions, and in each one, the player can complete different objectives to progress. Six crew members live and work on the space station, and the game allows the player to interact with members to face crises together. It also allows the player to use the abilities to rewind, forward, and move through the physical space. Tacoma includes core features such as a deeply interactive game world, multi-path story system, the vision of the future, compact narrative game, superb game setting, smooth controls, and beautiful visual details.