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VeriClocka is powerful and easy to use web-based timekeeping solution that can accurately record time and attendance for your company’s hourly employees who are working off-site. Your employees can clock in and out of the tool by phone or internet… read more

13 VeriClock Alternatives & Similar Software

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1. Freckle

Freckle is a leading time tracking management software that helps reduce the amount of effort that businesses have to spend completing tracking tasks. The software feature long-lasting sessions as well as mouse free time entry forms that make it easier for you to use the tool. There is no setup required when you use the solution; you can easily create new projects quickly without having you to configure anything.

It can also auto-detect import formats, so you don’t need to choose a format. Also, there is no need to configure anything to generate an invoice. You just need to click new invoice button and see from any group, project or report and the tools will create an invoice taking labels currency, addresses and data formats based from the previous invoice you used in the project.


2. Dovico

Dovico is a time tracking software designed for mid-size businesses and large enterprises. The application provides the tools for streamlining workflows and tracking project time and cost in real-time. It is design to underlines the usability and aesthetics of timesheet that integrate into your daily workflow.

The timesheets pack a massive range of features that help users to get the most out of their time. The software allows your team to enter and approve the timesheet anywhere anytime from any device. It’s also a large integrable platform that enables you to track expenses against the project, making it simple to recover all costs.


3. ServiceCore

ServiceCore is an all-in-one leading field service management software with features and capabilities that are specific to septic services, roll-off dumpster rentals, portable toilet rentals and much more. The software is developed and designed with the said businesses in mind. It comes with the plethora of customer management tools such as CRM, Job management, customer search and reporting and analytics etc.

With the help of this platform, managing customer information is a breeze. All your customer records are stored in a single place that you and your team can easily search and access whether you need to know a customer’s history, address, payment information and all the other general details.


4. ManWinWin

ManWinWin is a leading CMMS system specially designed to facilitate the work of professionals and businesses when managing the maintenance of inventory, asset and infrastructure. The solution is the preference of many maintenance professionals who need to stay vigilant of the matters related to asset and equipment management.

It is a comprehensive solution that allows businesses, vendors and technicians to collaborate on the aspects related to facilities management. Its usage is not limited to the single scale or size of business or the specific sector of the industry. Every organisation needs to integrate this software if they have deployed fixed assets or equipment.


5. Real Asset Management CMMS

Real Asset Management CMMS is a widely used property management software for all the large and medium-sized organizations; asset management is a big deal as it determines the expenses incurred over the period of time. It is a simple yet powerful tool that comes with all the primary functions and features.

Maintenance of fixed asset is necessary for the smooth functioning of business operations. Through Real Asset Management software, businesses can easily track, control and record the changes that occur in the asset’s lifespan that can be used to determine decisions related to forecasting and depreciation.


6. Producteev

Producteev is a web-based task management software that is implemented by thousands of businesses. It is an easy and very straightforward software that also combines project management, task management and collaboration in the single, very compact package. With the help of this, project managers can easily plan their entire projects, maps and organize files and categorize various elements.

Planning and delegating a task is also a breeze with this advanced platform. Users can quickly enter details of tasks and then open and label subtasks based on the dates, priority and activities. Producteev is known as a comprehensive task management solution that introduces some additional features and services to make it better than others.


7. Genius Project

Genius Project is a Project Management Software that helps more than 700 clients and 60, 000 users and ranging from mid-size to enterprise-class to manage their project. The vendor provides a flexible SaaS or On-premise option on installing on IBM’s Lotus Notes in English, Spanish and German.

It features enterprise-wide, real-time collaboration consisting among others of major modules such as project portfolio management, risk management, budget and cost management, demand management and planning etc. The SaaS option is intuitive and accessible via the cloud in any browser to assist you across the project phases from selection to execution.


8. ClickSoftware

ClickSoftware is a popular service management software that works all size of field services businesses to help drive incremental and complete transformation in serving customers. The software can also help users in decisions making, enhancing execution and maximizing the potential of the workforce with the help of artificial intelligence and mathematical optimization.

Its core feature includes job forecasting, shift management, scheduling, dispatch, performance measurement and mobile functionality. ClickSoftware optimizes the customer engagement experience for service organizations of all kinds.


9. DoctAssist

DoctAssist is a project management software designed for doctors who need a personal assistant. It is an excellent solution for a single doctor clinic where there is a need for a software application which deftly covers clinical documentation during consultation appointment management, queue management and billing.

The software can be deployed on various host computers in the facility with no limitation in terms of the number of clients. One computer act as the server and multiple other computers is a client. A zero-configuration clinical management system, DoctAssist provides your business with complete mobility.


10. ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project is an easy to use online project management solution designed to help businesses, organization and institutions in different industries and sectors. The program gives you total control over your projects, putting everything in the centralized location and providing you with all the details you need in a glance.

ProProfs Project is a comprehensive solution and fully loaded with all the advanced features such as a robust feature that helps you schedule your workload, deadlines and deliver all your tasks within your pre-set time frame. Collaboration with multiple teams is effortless and controlling tasks, and people is a breeze.


11. BQE Core

BQE Core is a billing and invoicing solution that also provides tools for accounting and project management of professional service firms. It is a comprehensive software that offers tools for always keeping in touch with business operations, automating steps in the workflow and for taking work to any place.

With this, firms have the means to effortlessly keep track of people, to monitor the project at all times and to have tighter control over their budgets. The program also bids them by pinpointing that projects are profitable or not; decision-makers are always equipped with information for quick and intelligent action.


12. RazorSync

RazorSync is a field service management system created for service businesses. This program is available to use on desktop and mobile devices and provide instant and effective communication between field workers and management teams. It is a complete field service solution that helps you bring about more efficiency to your business by taking care of all the primary operations such as billing, payment and lots of others.

It reduces wastage of time and keeps a close eye on your workforce. The software as introduced in 2010 with a very basic level and now it has 1000s of users around the world who can use it because of flexible pricing and features. With the help of this platform, you can keep a complete record of your customer services.


13. Workamajig

Workamajig is a multifunctional and fully-integrated project management software solution that is uniquely designed for creative teams to streamline project planning, organizing, and managing around your organization. It is a comprehensive cloud-based tool that provides an end to end solution for resource management, accounting, and CRM while focusing on an individual role with his or her own set of essential applications.

Its role-based approach gives all members of your business access to details they need right when they need it. The specific roles supported in Workamajig include salesperson, project manager, resource manager, accounting, and admin or manager. Meanwhile, the software also offers different solutions for agencies and in-house teams to cater to their needs accordingly.

More About VeriClock

VeriClocka is powerful and easy to use web-based timekeeping solution that can accurately record time and attendance for your company’s hourly employees who are working off-site. Your employees can clock in and out of the tool by phone or internet. Some of its verification techniques include voice authentication, GPS tagging and recording of IP addresses.

With the help of this all-in-one tool, you can eliminate the need for specialised hardware or software program and always do with the old-style manual timesheets. Your managers can view, verify as well as report on employee hours in real-time.

As compared to all the other timekeeping tools, it is more powerful and comes with additional tools that make it better than others. VeriClock key features include phone punch clock, job casting, easy to use, save time and money, reporting, customs data gathering and much more.