Viber Wonderball


Viber Wonderball Alternatives for Xbox One

#1 Peggle


Peggle is a Casual, Arcade, Puzzle, and Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed by Electronic Arts. It offers exciting gameplay and lets you immerse yourself in an arcade experience. It has several modes, but Adventure is the primary mode, and the game contains up to fifty-five levels. Each level comprises at least one hundred blue pegs positioned according to the background of the stage. The ultimate goal is to clear the board consists of twenty-five pegs that will change into orange at the start of each level.

During the gameplay, you need to aim using a ball launcher and shot other pegs to earn rewards and clear them. Upon receiving a hit, the colorful dots will light up and fall to the bottom of the screen. If the ball falls into the bucket, the game rewards you with extra points.


#2 Peggle 2


Peggle 2 is an Addictive, Puzzle, Single, and Multiplayer video game developed by PopCap Games and published by Electronic Arts. Another game in the Peggle series offers similar gameplay with some new twists, features, and upgrades. It is a magical bouncing ball video game in which the player’s ultimate task is to clear the pegs in the given amount of shots and time, just like previous games.

It offers five magical Peggle master show and lets the player get into the game world to complete his task. It has more than 120 unique levels with lots of bounce levels. It is an excellent game for all ages. The game includes core features such as enjoyable background music, extra shots, unlockable achievements, upgrades, enhanced game mechanics, simple controls, and beautiful visual details.