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VideoGrabby Alternatives

#1 YooDownload


YooDownload is an online video downloader and video converter that is intended to answer downloading the videos from the leading video sharing sites. YooDownload is the most straightforward approach to download videos in an online way from the main sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and many other video gushing and sharing sites. It is a free online video downloader that requires no expense by any stretch of the imagination.

The best about YooDownload is that this online video downloader works without Java or whatever other outsider modules establishment. This arrangement of YooDownload permits the clients to download the videos with every one of the qualities accessible, including the HD one.


#2 YoutubeMultiDownloader


Just like its name YouTube Multi Downloader, it is an online website for downloading the videos of downloading without using any video download and accelerator. YoutubeMultiDownloader is designed for those users who want to download their favorite videos from YouTube without using any download manager.

This platform will give them a chance to download their favorite videos by only providing the link to YouTube video and get the video downloaded in the system in return. Among a lot of features, the best one that makes the YoutubeMultiDownloader special one is downloading the video at fast speed.

#3 KeepVid


Keepvid is a service that lets you download videos on the web. The website is legal; however, you are required to make sure you are using it for legal activities. It is a multifunctional online video downloader backing for downloading the video and films from easy to driving video spilling and sharing sites.

The best aspect concerning the downloading arrangement of KeepVid is that it even backing for the downloading of videos from the leading online networking channels. Notwithstanding many components, the best element of KeepVid is that, as opposed to driving the clients to download the video in one print, it gives the number of conceivable copies to the customers.


#4 SaveFromNet


SaveFromNet is a site that works as a YouTube video downloader. In any case, the downloading segment of SaveFromNet is not limited to downloading YouTube videos as it were. It additionally bolsters for the tens of other video sharing and spilling sites.

You can even utilize it for downloading the videos from the online networking stages also. If you can’t download videos from your most loved sites by a method for download or need to appreciate downloading without introducing any downloader, then here is the that will empower you to download your most loved videos and motion pictures from YouTube.

#5 DownVids


DownVids is a video downloading platform. The online downloader of DownVids allows you to download unlimited videos on YouTube, Facebook, and all the other leading platforms. From a single video to downloading the whole playlist of YouTube, DownVids support the downloading of every last sort of video from any video gushing and sharing the stage.

It comes with a framework for downloading the video and supports dozens of tools to download content in both mp3 and video formats. That can be said for the MP3 transformation method of DownVids. Along these lines, the two fundamental highlighted components of DownVids are downloading and getting the sound from the video.

#6 VideoGrabber


Much the same as its name VideoGrabber is an online stage for snatching the videos from the video giving scenes. It is primarily intended for those web clients who need to download the videos without utilizing any download project and programming. Here is the VideoGrabber to download videos from their cherished video sharing sites.

The clients are just required to give the connection of the video to the search bar of the VideoGrabber and hit enter. It will naturally bring the accurate video record and will spare it in the arrangement of the client.

#7 DetURL


DetURL is a web-based right approach to download videos from YouTube. Like YouTube, the online downloader of this site can be even utilized for downloading videos from another top of the line video site too.

There is no necessity for the establishment of outsider modules or any programming, keeping in mind the end goal to download videos using online downloaders of the DetURL. It is prepared to utilize a video downloader that exclusive requires the URL of the video that you need to download.

#8 SaveMedia


SaveMedia is a free web-based video downloader and converter utilized with the end goal of downloading and changing over the videos, specifically from the video-sharing and video spilling sites. It is for those clients who need to download videos from any stage without utilizing and download the administrator and quickening agent.

SaveMedia is one of the best online quick and most straightforward approaches to get the videos from the main video giving sites. It is designed for those who want to download their favorite videos from their most loved sites by a method for download supervisors or need to appreciate downloading without introducing any downloader. SaveMedia will empower you to download your most loved videos and motion pictures from any video gushing and sharing site.

#9 TubeDigger


TubeDigger is a simple yet powerful video downloader that allows you to download unlimited videos from any platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, and all the others. It is a comprehensive software that will enable you to download and record online videos, live streams, and cams in HD quality.

The best thing about this software is that it offers a built-in converter and allows you to directly convert your videos in both audio and video formats without limit. As compared to all other similar software, TubeDigger is quite easy to use that allows you to enter or drag the link of the video to download your video.

#10 YouTube to Facebook


YouTube to Facebook is a platform that allows users to convert their YouTube videos into big and attractive Facebook thumbnails. The platform comes with a simple interface in which the box is given where users can place their YouTube link, and by clicking the convert button, it will be converted. After converting the video, users can easily copy-paste the link and place it on Facebook.

They can also directly share the link through the platform to their Facebook ID and allow their friends to see the video. This is an effective way to increase the videos’ views as people on Facebook would be aware of the video, and they can easily view it directly from there without going to YouTube.


0 is free to use an online converter that allows you to quickly convert YouTube videos to MP3 or MP4 with its YouTube Downloader. It is similar to other YouTube Downloader but offers a lot of new tools and features to make it better than others.

Simply you need to copy and paste your URL into its text area, choose format to convert, and hit the enter button. Within a second, your file is ready to save or download. One of the most exciting facts about this platform is that it offers all the trendy videos to convert and download without any limit quickly.

#12 PickVideo


PickVideo allows users to download videos from different websites and save them to their devices. Users can search the video through this solution, and then they have to select the site from which website they want to download the video. It covers various video websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LiveLeak, etc.

The solution comes with various features, and users can use it on Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, Ios, etc. It enables users to view videos anytime, as they can download them and save it in their system. Users just have to place the link which the service offers, and it will download the video for them. It was a free solution and is a hundred percent secure to use.

#13 YouTubNow Downloader


YouTubNow Downloader is a free web service that enables the users to download videos from YouTube to the computers. This platform saves users from downloading software to download these videos and also from paying charges for other such services. It offers high speed downloading options with limitless downloads.

The platform supports all the formats available on Youtube, and all browsers for downloading the videos. Its working is simple: the user just has to select the URL of the video from Youtube and place it in the download bar of the website. After analyzing it, the platform generates a download from where users can get the file.

#14 Clip Converter Io


Clip Converter Io is a free to use online application that helps you convert and download videos in both mp4 and mp3 formats. The site allows you to convert and download as many videos as you want, and you can access its service anywhere around the world. It supports almost all the leading video hosting platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and, VK, etc.

The best thing about this software is that it comes with an advanced search box where you need to enter the URL or type the video’s name. Within a second, it will show you all the similar results, and you can freely choose and convert each one without any limit. There is also an option to upload and convert video from your computer, making it a comprehensive solution.

#15 CatchVideo


CatchVideo is one of the best multi-purpose online video downloaders that can access from any of the internet programs. You can say CatchVideo as the video to sound converter also to get noise from the video. If you need to download your most loved videos from your most popular video sharing platform and online networking diverts in the best video quality, then CatchVideo is ideal for that reason.

It will give you an alternative to downloading your videos in the print range from 360P to 4K. In any case, remember that the video quality prints will be accessible just if these are upheld by the site from where you are getting the video.

#16 Share-Tube


Share-Tube is a multifunctional online downloader and converter. It gives its clients the arrangement of downloading videos from a large portion of the leading video giving sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, and different others.

The other best nature of Share-Tube is that before downloading the video, the clients of Share-Tube can alter their videos also. The video altering arrangement of Share-Tube fundamentally permits the clients to change the configuration of the videos to play the videos in the other advanced media players.

VideoGrabby Reviews

Milton Y.
written on July 29, 2020

The best site I have come across the downloading feature works remarkably, and it is very intuitive and gives the facility to download the file from any platform. I have used it once or twice, but then I switched to other third-party download managers because I need something that not juts downloads the media files but documents and other things too, like drivers, software, e-books, etc. Try it if you don’t believe me.

written on July 18, 2020

Considering the free part, I would like to suggest that this platform is not available for many users because it provides a constructive layout and a smart interface, which is easy to use. The site has a problem handling all the users coming on at once and downloading different types of videos regardless of their size. You can easily download any video from YouTube. Just place the link and hit the button.

Holly T.
written on June 30, 2020

My friend recommended me this platform, but it was not accessible, and I do not like to use a proxy because it is illegal, but I still have to use it because I wanted to download a video from a very private website which was not at the top of search result. I still get a 521 error from the website because it is not accessible to many users, and the best part is that all the videos you download are converted into an MP3 format that can run on all kinds of phones.

written on June 19, 2020

This website is not available in my region, or is it shut down because I get a 521 error on the platform. My connection is private and offers top security. If it is asking me to use the proxy, I and not going to use it, most of the download of the file is in MP3 format, so I will not bother using it, but at least make the site available for all users regardless of their location.

Gagnon Jake
written on May 25, 2020

You will appreciate this platform because it is smart intuitive and free. It has been using it to download many videos from different sites without installing additional plugins to go straight to downloading factors. On my recommendation, if you use it, it will not be a bad experiment.

written on May 24, 2020

I like this platform. It is very interesting and provides a ton of features that involve downloading MP3 videos easily from any device that you have access to. In my experience, this site never bothered me, but I have heard that it is not reachable in many countries. It’s a shameful thing, but it should be considered to make this site freely available for every user in the world. They are already running ads on the site, and what else they are afraid of?

written on May 10, 2020

Privacy is the main concern of this platform because it lets you download videos without having registered on the website. Show the fact that privacy remains intact. The interface is very smart, and it guides the user on how to use the platform. If you have a good internet connection, you can also download large files within an hour. The best part that I like about this platform is that it is free and does not offer purchase a feature.