VideoPeel Alternatives for Android


0 is a best-in-class platform that offers video feedback content for brands, market search agencies, technology providers, and health care providers. It integrates with multiple apps like Zoom and allows you to conduct virtually by importing Zoom cloud recordings. You can easily capture video feedback content from multiple surveys and use them to make better business decisions. The dynamic capture tools exclusively help you for uploading existing or new video content smoothly and swiftly. allows you to instantly creation of impactful and attractive data reports and showreels. All the reports and showreels exclusively help to humanize feedback strategy according to customer will. It provides powerful machine-learning tools and AI for diving into the depth of video content. The modern platform offers plug-and-play APIs integration by which you can even capture from the existing technology stack. Apart from all the above, the next-level video content analysis instantly extracts meaningful insights from video content that help you focus on what really matters.


#2 Mindswarms


Mindswarms is an innovative platform that comes with the solution of qualitative research and feedback of customers through video analysis. It provides all the video answers to survey questions in a maximum time that is less than twenty-four hours. All the videos have the highest visual and audio quality that helps to understand more comfortably. You can easily achieve all the meaningful and essential insights from the customers’ videos without any hassle. The online user service is always active for guidance and dealing with all your problems or queries.

Mindswarms offers you to capture customer interactions from all of your provided website design, messages, or videos. You can ask the customer for any product suggestion with exclusive features. It also helps you in collecting customers’ thinking or review on services, brands, products, environment, communications, and so forth. The initiative and the easy-to-use platform provide a skilled research team for collecting unexpected insights that help you make better business decisions.